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Disclaimer: This guide is intended to be exactly that, a guide. A helping hand if you are having trouble getting started or getting something down on paper. Every GM will have their own ways of putting down their thoughts and plans and you shouldn't feel that you need to restrict yourself to just the methods we suggest.

Title of Reddit Post:

[Prop] Title of Job

Example: [Prop] John Does Shadowrun


This should be a rough summary of what the job is. This shouldn't be more than a few sentences or it may indicate that you don't have a clear vision for what you want from this run.


This should include some targets of legwork and some of the stuff that can be found. My recommendation is to have general information in a tiered system that can be provided through a number of different avenues.

You may also want to divide it into three main categories. Contacts, Matrix and Physical. Matrix should further be divided into T1, T3, T6 categories for bits of information that may be found depending on the depth of the search.

Another way of outlining the legwork can be to have instead of hit based searches/contacts just have bullet points of important details on the locations the runners can visit or the important NPCs they encounter, this can also help you set the scene when the players enter.


This is the idea for how you predict the run to proceed and the major scenes that will appear. It is helpful for gauging threat level to include what security devices, host ratings/arrays and dice pools of the opposing force(OPFOR) that the team are likely to encounter.

Another way of describing the run itself would be going through the run scene by scene, things you would want to include would be the location of the scene, important NPCs, professional ratings of NPCs, how the scene advances the plot and what responses the players actions will cause.


Try to consider the multiple avenues of success or failure as well as payment for the players. Contacts are always appreciated by the players but street cred can also be an excellent reward. I would recommend listing them out as clearly as possible with the conditions that lead to those results.

When considering the rewards for the run, make sure to base it on the GMP outlines for that threat level. 2,000 nuyen and 1 karma are equivalent to 1 GMP. For a low threat run the GMP rewards are 8 to 11, medium threat 10 to 15, high threat 14 to 19, and prime runs are 19+.

  • Contacts (GMP value = connection + loyalty - 2, AKA number of connection and loyalty points above 1)
  • Equipment (value of equipment should be subtracted from GMP rewards at the usual 2000¥ = 1 GMP rate although discounted prices can be a bonus reward don't go overboard)
  • Paper money/corp scrip/gold bars (GMP = equal amount in nuyen. Runners can convert this to nuyen without a check at an appropriate time.)

State the effect to the larger hub community and the degree of effect it will have. Another option you may consider is to to include how NPC may view the runners once the run is completed depending on their actions.

Try to put down as many angles as you think could come of the run. This can be as simple as what happens to the runners succeed/fail to how each of the NPCs plans have been affected from the runners actions and such.


In here you could include any possible runs that may spawn from the different endings of the run that yourself or other GM’s could use as run ideas.

You could also include notes on NPCs that the players will encounter and their mindsets. This is also an excellent place to include the details on contacts that the runners could acquire during the run.

This area is also perfect for any information that you think isn’t suitable anywhere else.

Game Statistics:

You will want to include how long your expect the run to take, how many runners and what team composition, the level of meta impact(how much it affects the greater world), what the expected threat you feel the run is based on the difficulty of it and the intent behind you running this game.

Many of the fields within game statistics are your best estimate however you will not be punished for either exceeding or falling under these estimations.

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#####Game Statistics:
Expected Time:
Expected Runners:
Meta Impact:

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