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NewPlayers / Orientation

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Runnerhub Quickstart Orientation

This page is designed to give you all the information you need to jump into playing games on the Runnerhub right away.


For all of our communication in our community, both in and out of games, we use Discord for communication. You need this in order to play on the Runnerhub; there is no getting around it. You will need to make an account, and we would also recommend that you download the desktop app (while the web version works, the desktop app is a lot better, for voice chat in particular). A link to join our community Discord server can be found here.

We get that a lot of sites advertise their social media presence to no end just so they can boast about their user numbers, but I cannot repeat enough times that Discord is critical to the Runnerhub experience. Throughout this guide, we will continuously make reference to Discord, so please, when we recommend that you join our Discord server do yourself a favour and just do it.

Getting the Books

In order to play Shadowrun, you will need to have access to any rulebook that you intend to use for your character. You only really need the 5th Edition Core Rulebook, but it can be very helpful to have access to the supplemental texts depending on the character you choose to create. We do not care how you access the books (PDF, physical books, HeroLab, etc.) as long as you have access to the rules text for any rule you intend to make use of. You can easily purchase access to an official copy of the Shadowrun books as a digital PDF via DriveThruRPG.

Note: We are not affiliated with Catalyst Games, the company that owns Shadowrun, in any way. We make our best effort to respect Catalyst Games's rights as owners of the Shadowrun copyright so that our community can continue to operate without causing Catalyst Games trouble. Any mention of illegal downloading, copying, or redistribution of copyrighted content will not be tolerated. You have been warned.

Making a Character

In order to play on the Runnerhub, you must make a character and have them approved for play by our staff. You can make a character by following the instructions in the Core Rulebook, but all characters on the Runnerhub must be thematically appropriate to the Shadowrun setting and also abide by our House Rules. To help out with creating a character, a Gear Guide has been made - this is not an end all be all, but a good starting point for making your first character. If you are not sure if something is thematically appropriate, rules appropriate, or simply want a bit more personal assistance, we encourage you to ask on Discord, and someone will most certainly know the answer to your question.

On the Runnerhub, all characters must be created using one of two character creation softwares: Chummer or HeroLab. Chummer is completely free (open source), and HeroLab is a paid alternative. If you don't know which you'd prefer, we'd recommend that you download and use Chummer for your first character. HeroLab contains all the direct rules text from the books within the program, but forces you to pay for it and for each supplement book individually. Chummer does not contain any rules text within it (so you will need to get the books separately), but most players on the Runnerhub are familiar with and use Chummer for their characters.

Since all of our sheet checkers are volunteers and HeroLab costs money, we have fewer active HeroLab sheet checkers than Chummer sheet checkers, so it may take longer for your character to be reviewed if you choose to use HeroLab over Chummer.

Once you have finished creating your character, you can upload the finished files to some form of cloud storage and submit them for approval to the /r/hubchargen subreddit by following the instructions in the sidebar there. If you have any questions or concerns of any kind whatsoever about making your character, please feel free to drop your questions or even drop your character-sheet-in-progress into the chargen-discussion Discord chat and someone will be able to help you out.

Always remember to make backups of your character sheet files. If you lose your character sheet files, you will have to retire your character and make a new one. Don't do that to yourself!

Applying to Runs

All runs on the Runnerhub are posted to the /r/Runnerhub subreddit by the GM who is hosting the run on their table. Once you have gotten your character approved, you are free to apply them to any run listed as Help Wanted. Different GMs will require different information of their players, so make sure to fully read any job posting before applying to it so that you know what information the GM wants from you. While the specifics of what you post may vary on a GM-to-GM basis, all GMs will need a link to your approved character sheet in your application post for any run application.

Please be courteous and remember that you are not the only person at the table. Don't apply for runs that you will be late for or might not show up for. As with any tabletop game, by signing up for a run you are making a commitment of your time stating that you for sure will be at your desk and ready to hop on voice chat to play Shadowrun with the other players and the GM at the time of the run.


All games on the Runnerhub are played via virtual tabletop on Roll20. In order to play on the Runnerhub, you will need to make an account on Roll20, which is completely free. While Roll20 may look to be a very complicated tool, don't be overwhelmed! Most GMs on the Runnerhub don't use it for much more than having their players roll dice, which is very simple and can be easily explained to you at the table. If you have any questions about any specific Roll20 functionality, please feel free to ask the GM of the game you're playing in and they should be able to help you figure it out.


If you have gone through and followed all the instructions on this page, you should be fully ready to start playing on the Runnerhub. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns of any kind at any point, feel free to ask them on Discord and someone is sure to have an answer for you.

Welcome to the shadows!

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