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On the RunnerHub, we have a relatively large staff to handle all the various aspects of running the community on a day-to-day basis. Due to the wide variety of concerns that our staff handle, we have included all the relevant information to contact any specific division of our staff to handle any specific concern or request.

General Concerns

  • Most general questions and concerns may be directed to the /r/RunnerHub modmail.
  • For site-related concerns, the webmaster of this wiki may be contacted directly at neon (at) neosynth (dot) net.

Specific Divisions

The RunnerHub staff is split into six primary divisions, all of which may be contacted via Reddit mail.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board handles issues in which an outside body needs to discuss matters that require a voice to represent the RunnerHub as a whole, such as inter-community relations.

They may be contacted via their division-specific Reddit modmail

Upkeep Division

Upkeep Division (UD) may be contacted with concerns relating to issues with this wiki and other RunnerHub-related services including but not limited to our subreddit configuration and our Discord server.

Interpersonal Division

Interpersonal Division (ID) may be contacted regarding concerns about player conduct on RunnerHub and interpersonal issues between players.

Character Creation Division

Chracter Creation Division (CCD) may be contacted regarding concerns regarding character approvals and character creation questions.

Rules Division

Rules Division (RD) may be contacted with concerns regarding the RunnerHub House Rules or issues with other general Shadowrun rulebooks or products in-use on the RunnerHub.

Thematics Division

Thematics Division (TD) may be contacted with concerns about the in-game world of the RunnerHub or about Game Masters (GMs) on the RunnerHub. If you are looking for specific information of how to become a GM on the RunnerHub, please read this page before contacting Thematics Division.

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