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Archetype Powers

This is the central repository of Archetype powers, which are special powers available to any contact - both Runnerhub and Player-created - which is of the appropriate Archetype.

Contacts may possess multiple powers that are allocated to their Archetype, but Contacts can only have one Archetype. Some Archetypes also have inherent Traits, which are special rules for how those Archetypes function.

Armed Medical Response Provider

DocWagon. CrashCart. MediCarro. QuetzalCare. BlueSix. What they all have in common is they get paid ridiculous amounts of money to come and save someone's hoop, regardless of the danger (if their subscriber tier is high enough). Even runners can get service with them, and the one thing better than paying for service is a contact who works there.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Armed Medical Response Provider (Trait)

When creating an AMRP Contact, their corporate affiliation and augmentation specialty must be specified. Corporate affiliations may be any Armed Medical Response provider that exists in official Shadowrun lore, such as DocWagon, CrashCart, Medicarro, QuetzalCare, or BlueSix. The augmentation specialty must be a single type of augmentation; valid specialties are Cyberware, Bioware, Geneware, or Nanoware

Enhanced Medical Services

When an AMRP Contact is acquired, they provide - as part of their purchase cost - an R1 SIN for their corporate affiliation, and matching R1 license on the same SIN for any gear bought through the contact. Additionally, the SIN grants a discount on a subscription to the corporation's medical services according to the following table:


The granted SIN may be upgraded at a cost of one chip per level, to a maximum of 4, and not more than once per run. If the SIN is lost, for any reason, the contact which provided it is also lost, as are any associated benefits.

New Old Stock

Contacts with the AMRP Archetype gain the following Specializations at creation:

  • A High specialization in non-medical gear (weapons, armor, etc.) used by the medical response teams of their affiliated corporation.
  • A High specialization in acquiring augmentations which match their specialty.
  • A Medium specialization in other augmentations and medical gear.


AMRP corporations have waiting lists which can get their subscribers almost any item. Instead of rolling for Availability, characters with an AMRP Contact may choose to roll a Connection test and add the net hits to their entry on the waitlist. This power has the following limitations:

  • Characters may only be Waitlisted for one item at a time, and only for a type of gear that their AMRP Contact specializes in. This includes upgrades to existing 'ware.
  • Connection rolls may only be made once per real-time week, and Edge may not be used on the test.
  • Items are paid for in full when characters become Waitlisted, and are delivered once the delivery time has elapsed or the total number of hits on the Connection test exceeds the item's Availability by at least 1, whichever comes last.


Whenever you need to get somewhere, and for some reason can't use your own vehicle, a Cabbie contact is useful to have on call. They might be anything from your average guy with a car to a seasoned Road Warrior, but they'll all get you where you're going.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading.

Where To, Bud?

This contact willingly acts as the character's chauffeur service, driving them around and getting to locations on time. The vehicle type and area the Cabbie is willing to drive into depend on Connection and Loyalty, respectively. At creation, a type of vehicle which the contact uses must be specified: Air, Ground, or Water.

Vehicle Type and Extra Services

At Connection 1, the Cabbie is a simple taxi driver with a standard cab. Cabbies with Connection 2 are skilled drivers with modified vehicles, while Connection 3 Cabbies are veteran road warrior with modified, armored vehicles and a Control Rig of rating equal to Connection/2.

At Connection 2 or above, Cabbie contacts will act as getaway drivers for a fee determined upon arrival. Generally, a hot extract from a location is a favor which costs 1 chip, but Cabbies may charge an additional chip if they're shot at, and a third if their vehicle is significantly damaged.

All Cabbie contacts roll Connection + 12 for their driving tests.

Service Area

At Loyalty 1, Cabbies will only venture to B zones or better. At Loyalty 2, Cabbies will drive into C and D zones, while Cabbies at Loyalty 3 will go anywhere in Seattle. At Loyalty 4, the Cabbie will risk a car chase to get the character out of a location; at Loyalty 5, the Cabbie's willingness to brave dangerous locations is left to GM discretion. However, even at their most loyal, there are places no driver will go.

Cat Burglar

Whenever a city has shadows, there are those who live in them, but aren't runners themselves. One of these lower-tier crooks is the Cat Burglar, a specialist in theft of small, valuable items from unsuspecting victims.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading.

Hey, Can I Borrow This?

For the cost of one chip, a player may request the loan of B&E gear worth less than ¥5,000 for the duration of a run. Delivery time is a flat 30 minutes. If the gear is not returned in good condition, the player must pay 2 additional chips.

Professional Knowledge

All contacts with this archetype have High Proficiency in B&E Gear, and Medium Proficiency in Building Security Plans.

Set 'Em Up

Once per run, a Cat Burglar can provide information on a key weak point in a given security system, such as a camera that's slightly askew, or a "lost" keycard. Roll a High Proficiency test against the highest Profession Rating of on-site security to determine how useful the weak point is - more net hits is better.


Specialists in cleaning up bloody messes that the fuzz absolutely do not need to know about. For a fee, this kind of Archetype will remove bloodstains, bullet holes, and bystanders from a scene.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Cleanup On Site

Cleaners vary their fee based on the scale of the mess to be cleaned, and costs double if they need to also remove astral signatures. They will also refuse service to a location which poses an active threat or has law enforcement onsite.

It costs ¥500 or 1 chip, base, to clean up a fistfight - little to no blood spatter, some minor property damage like broken chairs, and a few unconscious hostiles.

Cleanup of a sword fight costs ¥1,500 or 2 chips, base. This level of mess is essentially the same as a fistfight, save for more blood/fluid spatter or pools, and possibly a corpse.

Cleaning a gun fight costs ¥2,500 or 3 chips, base. Lots of blood, possibly a sucking chest wound, some bullet holes, shattered glass, etc. Keep in mind that Cleaners can't repair large-scale property damage, like craters or missing walls.

A ¥500 "rapid service" charge can be added to the base costs listed above, while each witness adds the cost of a dose of Laes. Corpses cost ¥500 per for removal.

Dress The Part

For ¥2,000 per person, characters may pick up disguises from this contact in one of the following styles:

  • Maintenance
  • Sewer Worker
  • Landscaper
  • Housekeeping

Mark down which style is being acquired as a note on the gear entry. These disguises come as Ares Victory (Industrious) armor with a built-in Concealable Holster, and the Electrochromatic modification. Disguises provide a circumstance bonus to any Disguise tests where they would be relevant.

For an additional ¥500 per disguise, the armor can provide an additional circumstance bonus via the Lightly Worn modifier, which represents grease stains, tears, chemical smells, etc.


Specialists in moving items or sensitive information around a city, Couriers are highly useful to the enterprising shadowrunner who needs a piece of gear today, or needs to ensure delivery of a message that can't be trusted to Matrix security.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

On Time, Or Your Money Back

With access to this Contact, a runner team may get an item at a faster delivery time once per run as a Low Risk favor payable in chips or nuyen. Items may be bundled into a single delivery, so long as the items fit the following criteria:

  • The intent to bundle items must declared prior to making the Availability roll,
  • The item(s) must be small enough for a single human on a bicycle to reasonably carry.
  • The item(s) must be in Seattle, and reasonably be available from a single source.

This Contact's Connection and Loyalty ratings are not required to be used in Availability rolls. Items that are successfully acquired can be moved down one delivery time stage, EG from "days" to "hours".

Don't Shoot The Messenger

This contact can, if the character has enough information on a recipient, deliver a datalocked message. To hire the contact for this service, the following information is required:

  • Name of recipient
  • General physical description of the recipient
  • Place and time of delivery
  • Tracking code, if the recipient is expecting the message
  • The digital information that should be delivered
  • A SIN to be used as sender identification. Any SIN will work, and is not checked for legality.

The cost of this service depends on the security zone where the recipient is located, as detailed in the table below.


This contact will not go into unlisted zones, and will not engage in combat.


A Coyote is never a bad contact to have, with their specialty in getting goods - or people - where they might not otherwise be able to go. A good Coyote is able to get runners in and out of places like Tir Tairngire or the SSC without even a whisper of difficulty.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading.

Coyote (Trait)

When creating a contact of this Archetype, the creator of the contact must choose a transport type for the Coyote to specialize in: Air, Ground, or Water. The contact will then use that method of transport for their powers.

Coyotes can smuggle runners - or other people - using their medium of choice. Prices can be calculated using the table on Coyotes pg8.

One In Every Port

A character's contacts are available to them outside of Seattle as a result of this power. Likewise, any Contacts based outside Seattle are available to the character when in Seattle. However, getting things through contacts who aren't in the same locale takes longer, and is more expensive due to transport costs.

Delivery of physical goods requires extra time based on the mode of transport:

  • Items transported via a Coyote (Water) take a minimum of 3 days to arrive, and are limited to areas with a port, but have no size limit.
  • Items transported via a Coyote (Ground) take a minimum of 2 days to arrive, can only be delivered to locations which are linked by road or rail to Seattle, and are limited to what can reasonably be fitted inside the average step van.
  • Items transported via a Coyote (Air) take a minimum of 1 day to arrive, and are limited in size to a large duffel bag, but can be delivered almost anywhere in the world with enough clear space for a small plane to land.

Shipping costs are 10% of the item base cost, and double if the item is Forbidden.

Supply Lines

Once per run, characters who have this contact may attach a +2 dice bonus to another contact when making physical purchases or rolls that benefit from smuggling through that contact. This bonus only lasts for the length of the run in which it is used, and cannot be applied to purchases made during downtime.

Drug Cook

This isn't your average street dealer - the Drug Cook has the knowledge, skills and resources to manufacture that perfect chemical cocktail to put the finishing touches on a job well done. Or to help you dig your way out when it hits the fan.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading.

Pick Your Poison

When creating a Cook contact, a specialty must be chosen, either Toxins or Drugs.

A Toxin Specialist can deliver two doses of any toxin(Naga Venom not to exceed Rating 12) by drone in 30 minutes anywhere in Seattle, without an availability roll. For 1 Chip, this can be increased to 10 doses. Normal costs apply.

A Drug Specialist can deliver pharma grade drugs at 75% cost (1.5x base cost).

Choosing a specialty does not prevent a Cook from rolling normally for either toxins or drugs, though it may affect their proficiency(GM Fiat applies).

Big Pharma Is Your Friend

Drug Cooks with connection 4 or higher are eligible to roll for designer drugs. These drugs use the RAW rules for designer drugs. Note that this requires the contact to have a sample of your DNA to tailor the drugs.


Facemakers are not only able to grant you a new SIN, but provide a full-service suite of options to remake yourself in a new body, without all those pesky things like DNA, astral signatures, and so on to link you back to old crimes. Valuable and often hard to acquire, a good Facemaker is worth their weight in gold. Or a fifth of that in oricalchum.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

A New Face

As a Rating 3 Favor, this contact can offer their biosculpting abilities to turn the requester, or one of their friends, into someone else. They have, for all intents and purposes, been physically transformed into a new person.

This service offers any combination of the Ethnicity/Sex Change, Metatype Modification, or Minor Biosculpting bioware.

The duration and recovery time of the surgery depends on how severe the modifications are. One surgery can be done in 3 days, two in a week, or all three in a month.

NOTE: This process is permanent. If the character undergoing surgery wants to be changed back, they must go back under the knife.

Better Off Dead

As a Rating 5 Favor, this contact can provide the requester with an entirely new identity. The process consumes one month of downtime. If the requester chooses to owe this contact, they may not spend chips on (or otherwise improve) other contacts until their debt to this contact is paid off. Failure to follow this rule will result in the requester's new identity being leaked to their enemies.

The character making use of this Archetype power is granted Severe Biosculpting, Print Removal geneware, and Reprint geneware at no cost. They may also elect to take either or both the Ethnicity Change and Sex Change biosculpts. Additionally, they must choose a new runner handle and their Street Cred is halved, while both Notoriety and Public Awareness are set to 0. Any qualities that would increase Notoriety or Public Awareness then take effect. Almost any group which might seek the character's old identity cannot find them. Those which might still be able to find them are significantly slowed. Lastly, the character must choose a SIN to sacrifice - this SIN becomes R1, as it no longer matches ther new face, but the character also gains, at no cost, a new SIN of a rating equivalent to the former rating of the sacrificed SIN.

Dependents and other backstory relationships may be kept if the character spends one additional chip each to give them a similar treatment. Otherwise they are lost, as it is assumed the character's enemies are watching them and they may no longer safely be interacted with.

For three active months after gaining the new identity, calling up an underworld Contact results in them making a Loyalty + Loyalty (3) test. For each hit below the threshold, the Contact in question must be paid or owed a chip, else they will refuse to assist the character for the remainder of the run. Aboveboard Contacts make a Connection + Loyalty (3) test instead, with the same stakes. The threshold goes down by 1 each month that the character goes on a Runnerhub job or a solo run, and the test need not be made when the threshold is reduced to 0.


[Description TBA]

Jack of All Trades

Fixers have medium proficiency to do just about anything.

I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy

Fixers pick up contacts like a Lone Star cop picks up bribes. As such they can usually get you in contact with the right kind of people.

Fixers may roll at high proficiency to put you in contact with someone (a mafia lieutenant from a certain family, an exec at a particular corp). The Threshold is equal to whatever connection the GM determines the contacted person would have. Your fixer just gets you in contact with them, its up to you to impress/negotiate with them

These contacts are not kept past the end of the run you met them on unless you buy them for the normal contact price (provided the GM allows you to).


Gunrunners buy, sell, and most importantly transport weapons - legal or otherwise - around the shadows of the world. As such, they make for an indispensable commcode to have when you need firepower and lots of it.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:


Once per run, this contact can provide up to fifty rounds of any kind of small arms ammunition, except Depleted Uranium. Capsule rounds can be pre-filled, for the cost of the contents.

The character making use of this power may spend a chip to acquire 500 rounds. In either case, no Availability roll is required, and the ammunition is instantly delivered via drone.


Infobrokers buy and sell paydata, making them a useful friend to have when doing legwork on a run. Some may trade in any information they can get their hands on, while others only deal in specific kinds of data.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading.

Dig Deep

This contact can complete any one Matrix Search with hits equal to their Connection x 1.5 rounded up for the cost of 1 chip. The time taken is as per a standard matrix search and reduced by additional hits as per a standard matrix search.

I Need Everything You Know, Now!

At the cost of ¥2000 and a chip, this contact can obtain the results of any single T6 Matrix Search in 15 minutes. This ability may only be used once per run, regardless of how many Infobroker Contacts are available to a given team of characters.

Please, Just a Hint?

Characters may spend 1 chip to learn the name of an informant who can answer questions on a specific topic. For an additional chip, a valid commcode or the last known location of the informant can be provided. GMs may deny the usage of this power at their discretion.


Muckrakers, paparazzi, and even respected news anchors fall under this Archetype. While not what most would call trustworthy, it never hurts to have someone to call to help muddle the truth - or to get it out there.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Backstage Pass

For 2 chips, a Journalist can smuggle one person around disguised as a member of their crew, though only to places where a member of the press could reasonably be found. That person can bring with them one concealable weapon (pistols, SMGs, shortened shotgun, shock gloves, etc.) and some small electronics.

They will insist that the person posing as part of their crew doesn't carry the weapon on their person, and that they dress the part so as not to give away the ruse. That said, there is no obligation to defend anyone if a fight breaks out.

If a player draws legal attention to their contact, they will lose loyalty, or lose the contact altogether. It takes a lot of resources to bail a Journalist out of jail.

Eye in the Sky

Journalists have several methods of gathering information via surveillance. They can be asked to assist in scoping out a target, typically via remote-controlled FlySpies not slaved to an RCC. These drones are given a predetermined flight path through a location, with instructions to record specific targets of interest, and subsequently land at a dead drop to deliver the information. This security protocol helps to protect the journalist, but does delay the delivery somewhat.

If there is a high risk of losing drones, the player may be asked to pay a chip.


A Journalist's appetite for information means they have a loose interpretation of what counts as paydata. They'll purchase news-oriented information, like video of a city official entering a place he has no business being, as though it were valuable paydata.


Be honest with yourself: You're a professional criminal. A good lawyer is your best friend for the day when - not if - you get nabbed, or can just protect your good rep if someone decides to come at you that way. A bad lawyer will do neither of those, and should be fired (at) immediately.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Bail You Out

If a character gets caught on minor to moderate charges (most things not involving dead people), a lawyer can pull some strings at the courthouse and KE to make the charges disappear. For a price.

  • Minor Crimes such as trespassing, petty theft, unlicensed minor contraband: 1 chip or ¥1,000.
  • Moderate crime such as Assault, Fraud, or Extortion: 2 chips or ¥5,000.
  • Severe crimes such as Manslaughter or Kidnapping: 4 chips or ¥10,000

Even the best lawyer can't save their client from charges for intentional murder, and they have no power on ET grounds.

If a character gets caught again within their next two runs (or leaves identifying evidence during those runs) decrease their lawyer’s Loyalty by one. If this reduces Loyalty to zero, they lose the contact.

Defamation Suit

Heat too high for you? Tabloids posting horrid things about you? For a price, a lawyer can help with your PR problems. For 5,000 Nuyen per point (or 3 chips) they will drop a character's Notoriety or PA by one.

This power recharges when rent is paid, and may not be used again before that.

Player should note on their sheet how many times they use this power.


Whatever your software needs may be, a good Programmer can fulfill them and often at better quality than the coked-up decker on your team.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Walled Garden

Characters who use a SIN, real or fake, that matches this contact's employer when purchasing a skillsoft network subscription receive a 25% discount to the nuyen cost of said subscription, so long as the character maintains a lifestyle of Medium or better.

If the character loses access to, or burns, the SIN associated with the discounted skillsoft network subscription(s), the subscription(s) bought using this power are immediately terminated with no refunds.

Wrote These Myself

Characters who have this contact may purchase custom-written Activesofts, Knowsofts, and Linguasofts from this contact. Characters must, of course, prossess the appropriate 'ware to make use of the purchased software. Purchasing these custom programs does not require an Availability test, and costs are as follows:

  • Activesofts: ¥2,500 * Rating
  • Knowsofts: ¥1,000 * Rating
  • Linguasofts: ¥500 * Rating
  • Autosofts: ¥250 * Rating


Judo masters, MMA champions, fifth-dan owners of a Karate dojo, take your pick: They're all masters of something, and if you have one, you have a teacher beyond compare.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:



This contact reduces the cost of increasing the Skill, Skill Group, or Martial Art they train by 1 Karma, to a minimum of 1. This ability does not stack with other reductions. Additionally, characters with this contact may apply for a Solo Run that reduces the cost of the next rank of the Skill or Skill Group by half, or the cost of one martial art style or technique to zero. Solo Runs of this nature may only be completed once per month, and are subject to TD approval. TD approval means you need to contact TD about it and get approval.

SIN Forger

The authoritative source of identity in the shadows, the SIN Forger can be your ticket out of trouble, or to a new life without undergoing drastic surgeries and cutting off everyone you've ever known.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Everyone Is Upgrading

SIN Forgers are able to improve the rating of faked SINs and Licenses. Characters who own this contact may make a standard Connection Test at Medium Proficiency against the Availability of the new rating of the fake SIN or License. On success, the fake SIN or License is upgraded to the new rating for the difference in cost.

Just Needs To Look Good

Contacts with this Archetype can provide self-destructing SINs at 10% of the normal cost. Licenses can be attached to these SINs for 10% of their normal cost, as well. SINs, and attached Licenses, issued via use of this power last for a number of days equal to the number of hits on a standard Connection Test at High Proficiency, with a minimum of one day.

Let Me Borrow That For A Moment

SIN Forgers excel at digital impersonation; bring them someone else's SIN, and they can make it so the SIN appears to match a completely different person. The quality of the digital impersonation depends on how much information is provided: A name alone is enough to make an R1 fake, while providing photos can bump the rating to R2. A dossier and biometric data samples can be used for SINs up to and including R5, depending on quality, while kidnapping the person to be posed as and providing actual DNA samples would be good enough for an R6 SIN.

However, these faked SINs are time-limited, lasting a maximum of 18 hours. Each rating level beyond 1 reduces the lifespan of the SIN by 1 hour, and each time the SIN is scanned, its lifespan also decreases by one hour. GMs may, at their discretion, allow or deny the creation of additional fake SINs using the same original after the first fake expires.

This power only provides the credentials necessary for a convincing impersonation - the actual act of impersonation is up to the runner doing it.

SINs created by use of this power cost 20% of their normal market rate.

Social Media Activist

Whether they merely post in support of activist groups, or use social media to organize protests, a Social Media Activist can be just the right person to give a call when you need there to be a lot of people somewhere you and your team aren't.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:


This contact may set up a demonstration, protest, march, or advertising campaign as a distraction lasting at least an hour at a cost of ¥2000, with every additional ¥1000 adding another hour. It takes 24 hours to set up, though if the contact is paid double their rate, this can be as short as 12 hours. Payment is accepted in anonymous nuyen donations or in chips, though chips cannot be used if this contact is owed chips by the character making the request.

The distraction involves a number of people equal to a roll of 12 + Connection multiplied by 20.

Using this power counts as a Low Risk Favor, worth up to ¥5000.

Street Doc

No contract with an AMRP corp? Live in the Barrens where you can't get to a reputable doctor? No problem! The Street Doc will come to you and...well, he might not fix you, but he'll help you feel less like a bag of hammered crap, and maybe get you somewhere to get put back together.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Fix That Right Up

When visiting a Street Doc, they can heal up a number of boxes of damage equal to a 2 + High Proficiency test. Each box healed takes 10 minutes, and costs either ¥100 or 1 chip per box. Choose which track - Stun or Physical - to heal, before the Street Doc makes their roll, and remember that they cannot heal damage from Drain, Fade, or any other source which can only be cured by resting.

Characters may roll once per track, per run.

We Still Make House Calls

Street Docs are often available to make house calls, traveling to the patient's location - assuming it is safe for them to do so. The Street Doc can heal up a number of boxes of damage equal to a 2 boxes plus their hits on a Medium Proficiency test. Each box healed takes 10 minutes, and costs ¥500 base in addition to either ¥200 or 2 chips per box. Choose which track - Stun or Physical - to heal, before the Street Doc makes their roll, and remember that they cannot heal damage from Drain, Fade, or any other source which can only be cured by resting.

Characters may roll once per track, per run.

Street Priest

Sometimes, all a runner needs is the comfort of religion. Street Priests, whether ordained or not, fill this role in ways someone of higher station may not. They offer a wise word in a time of need, or a shoulder to lean on in tough times.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

A Simple Blessing

"Though I know not what trials you face, my child, know that I have faith in your ability to overcome them."

Once per run, as a Low Risk favor payable in chips, the contact can meet with the requesting character in a safe, private location for a brief chat and give them a much-needed word of encouragement. As a result, the character may reroll a single future Composure, Addiction, Drain, Fading, or other sort of mental resistance test which they would normally not be able to reroll, keeping the highest result. This rerolled test must occur during the same run in which this power is used.

Clean Living

This contact's experience helping people though a cold-turkey quit of their favorite addiction happens to also work in the favor of any character who has them as a contact. Through a series of weekly meetings during their Withdrawal period, both the Addiction Threshold in Withdrawal tests and the penalties of failed Withdrawal tests are reduced by 1 for Moderate Addictions, and by 2 for Severe or Burnout Addictions, to a minimum of 1.

Additionally, if the character commits to spending their entire Withdrawal period in the contact's direct care - except for work - the Karma cost of buying off each Addiction being treated is reduced by 2. Character Advancements that have a Karma cost are not available while in the direct care of the contact.


This contact can, for a price no greater than one chip, provide safe haven to an NPC that may not otherwise be able to support themselves - for example, a joygirl rescued from the clutches of the Yakuza.

The price of using this service will vary according to GM discretion, depending on the amount of support the NPC will need, how long they will be staying in the contact's care, and how much benefit the NPC provides to the contact.


Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:


Tailors always have High proficiency for all armor, clothing, and related modifications. They have the following powers:

Make Some Alterations

Contacts with this power will re-tailor Custom Fit clothing for no cost, allowing characters with a Tailor contact to ignore the cost of refitting clothes after a physical attribute increase.

Rental Tux

Contacts with this power will rent out any High-Fashion Armor Clothing for 10% their base price. These clothes come with Electrochromatic Coating and AR Fashion but no additional customizations. Can be branded appropriately for any megacorp, serving as the basis for a disguise. Branding for other organizations may be available at GM discretion (possibly requiring a Connection roll). The clothes must be returned after a number of days equal to hits on a Loyalty test. Thorough cleaning is provided so it’s fine to return them dirty, but significant damage or loss of the clothes mean the runner must pay at least half their value (exact details left to GM and may be influenced by Contact loyalty). The clothes are delivered quickly by drone or courier, but biometric data (or a visit to the tailor) must be provided if runners want to benefit from Custom Fit bonuses.

Lightly Worn

As per p59, Run & Gun.


Every good mage needs a way to get their hands on rare, magical, or just plain weird bits of niche kit. That's where Talismongers come in. Talismongers can take many forms, from the stereotypical cluttered hut in the woods to the shining, modern storefront.

Contacts with this Archetype have access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Focus Your Mind

Talismongers ignore availability rolls when acquiring foci with force less than or equal to their connection or loyalty, whichever is lowest.

30 Minute Guarantee

Talismongers can deliver up to ¥2,500 worth of reagents by drone anywhere in the city in 30 minutes or less, once per run. They can do this with no availability roll.

Vehicle Dealer

Whether they sell planes, boats, or automobiles, contacts with this Archetype are a runner's best friend if they need a fast ride, or to ditch a hot pair of wheels.

Contacts with this Archetype have the trait and access to all of the powers listed under this heading. The following Runnerhub Contacts have this Archetype:

Vehicle Dealer (Trait)

At creation, Contacts with this Archetype must be assigned a vehicle type which they will have access to: Air, Ground, or Water

25 Mile Guarantee

This contact sells "disposable" vehicles at 15% to 25% of market cost. These vehicles are delivered with the keys in and engines running, and with the statline adjustments listed in the Genuine High-Quality Recertified Vehicles power, with Gremlins 2 to 4 (GM discretion). A critical glitch on the Gremlins test renders the vehicle permanently unusable.

If shut off, starting vehicles purchased through this power requires a successful Pilot test.

On the plus side, all of these vehicles come with Spoof Chips, Morphing License Plates, and GridGuide Override at no extra cost - just ask!

These vehicles must be disposed of by the end of the run.

Genuine High-Quality Recertified Vehicles

This contact sells their type of vehicle for half cost (discounts from Black Market Pipeline and Dealer Connection apply). These vehicles come with an altered stat-line:

  • -2 armor, -2 body
  • -1 to all vehicle stats besides armor and body
  • Manual Operation Only - No AR, VR, or Rigging Driving and no ability to connect to GridGuide
  • The vehicle's exterior is bare metal and cannot receive paint or any exterior coatings.

(All vehicle stats are minimum 1, except armor, which can be 0)

Repairs can be done on these aspects. The materials and effort/work will bring it up to the cost of a new vehicle. Repairs may be done in any order, and each feature repaired costs 20%, 15%, 10%, and then 5% of the vehicle's base cost (discounts from Black Market Pipeline and Dealer Connection apply).

Vehicle mods that would be affected by these deficiencies will not function until the respective aspect is repaired.

Some Like It Hot

This contact will buy and dispose of vehicles, no questions asked. However, if the vehicle is "hot" - currently being sought after by the authorities - the money which would normally go the the character selling it instead pay to keep the vehicle from being found.

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