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Armand da Costa

Armand da Costa
Quick Notes
AffiliationsSeattle Shadow Community, Seattle High Society
Game Rules
Personal Details
AgeMiddle Aged
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 5 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Armand immigrated to the UCAS with nothing but a dream and a singular talent. In the aftermath of Crash 2.0, he took advantage of the new SIN program to start his life anew. Armand was taught the tailor's trade by his father, and has used this talent first to keep his family clothed, then fed, then housed as he carved his niche in high fashion tailoring and personal armoring. Now, he provides his services to an elite clientele made of anyone who can afford them.


  • High: High Fashion, Armor Acquisition
  • Medium: High Society, Corporate Culture
  • Low: Martial Arts (Bartitsu)


Tailors always have High proficiency for all armor, clothing, and related modifications. They have the following powers:

Make Some Alterations

Contacts with this power will re-tailor Custom Fit clothing for no cost, allowing characters with a Tailor contact to ignore the cost of refitting clothes after a physical attribute increase.

Rental Tux

Contacts with this power will rent out any High-Fashion Armor Clothing for 10% their base price. These clothes come with Electrochromatic Coating and AR Fashion but no additional customizations. Can be branded appropriately for any megacorp, serving as the basis for a disguise. Branding for other organizations may be available at GM discretion (possibly requiring a Connection roll). The clothes must be returned after a number of days equal to hits on a Loyalty test. Thorough cleaning is provided so it’s fine to return them dirty, but significant damage or loss of the clothes mean the runner must pay at least half their value (exact details left to GM and may be influenced by Contact loyalty). The clothes are delivered quickly by drone or courier, but biometric data (or a visit to the tailor) must be provided if runners want to benefit from Custom Fit bonuses.

Lightly Worn

As per p59, Run & Gun.

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