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Sometimes, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

Characters on Runnerhub can purchase the contact details of an NPC with special abilities and a connection directly to the Living World of Runnerhub. These contacts provide a variety of services, and sometimes even serve as Johnsons (or targets) of runs.

Contacts listed here are always available, though players should keep in mind that Runnerhub is a Living World and the status of a given contact can change. Bad Things sometimes happen - Contacts have been kidnapped, wounded, or even killed outright.

Acquisition Rules


Each contact has a "point" cost associated. One point is equivalent to 1 Karma or 2,000 Nuyen, in any combination. All Hub contacts can be taken a chargen like any other contact, by using the free points from chargen to buy up their Connection/Loyalty rating. Keep in mind that the normal rules on chargen contacts still apply - 'Hub contacts cost their full Connection + Loyalty when purchased at gen - and contacts with a combined C/L rating greater than 7 are not available at chargen.


If that contact is new, there is probably a Reddit thread with their info. Add the name of the character purchasing the contact to the Reddit thread and note down how much karma/nuyen they are using to buy the contact. Since Reddit threads automatically get archived after a few months, adding new comments may no longer be possible. In this case, simply inform a GM before, during, or after a run that you are buying the contact and pay the point cost.

Contacts Listing

We try to keep this page up to date with all recent changes to contact information, within one week of posting. If you notice discrepancies here or on the Contacts' wiki pages, please contact Upkeep Division immediately. Thanks!

Runnerhub Contacts Listing
Remilia AuburnAnneArchy231Social Media Activist
Armand da CostaWeaver of Dreams552High Fashion Tailor
Big Bobof Big Bob's Used Autos341Vehicle Dealer (Ground)
Bruce KincaidTarget Master442Gunrunner
ButchCoach Cassidy222Sensei (Unarmed Combat)
Christian Clarkson SmithThe Facemaker341Facemaker
DelaraThe Forgotten542Laesa
Dr. James ThorntonM.D.532Psychiatry
Dr. Phillis GuedA Shoulder to Cry On441Drugs, Listening
Dr. Shean FordRepeating History5*21Historian
Edward ChaminskiThe Chameleon231Programmer
Falling TimberWho Makes No Sound442N/A
Father Mercyof Helping Hands Outreach3*31*Street Priest
Freddy XSpeed Demon231Courier
Honda DaisukeThe Mad Dog542Yakuza
InqueSpeaker of Truth3*30*Journalist
JulietteDamsel of Distress7*61Magic, Trinkets
KolfinaA Shard of the Crystal521Tarot Reader
Kyoko HayashiMaker of Men552SIN Forger
Lanky JackFeeding the Hungry332None
La QuartetChanging with the Seasons4*32Fashionistas
La RocaUn Hacha para Moler6*31Melee Combat
Madam SoapKeeping Her Hands Clean432Clean Up
Margaret PyeWhisper on the Wind0*23Infiltration, Kleptomania
Marty ShermanImpossible to Please532Acting and Theater
Matthew VannaughLawyer to the Shadows531Lawyer, PR
Pierre la DelangeThe Nose Knows543Favors
ProximalThe Street Doc422Non-DocWagon Medical
RainierCalming the Beast532*Martial Arts
Romeo PachouteMana Forger / Haitian541Talismonger
Ross RobertsonA Horse of a Different Color432Tattoo Artist
Roy HinkleyProfessor4*31College
Officer Maxwell SamuelThe Fat Green Line531Lonestar Security Consultants
Sepia Crossthe Hardboiled532Private Detecting
TopShopBest in the World752Security Expert
TwoTrapped in the Well834Matrix
Vadim AksenovThe Sleeping Bear542Vory
Vinny the FishBreaker of Legs542Mafia
Virginia WesleyThe Librarian642Hermetic Magic
Waltford StatlerStill Got It7*51Hacking
William KingstonDoctor Kingston662Armed Medical Response Provider (DocWagon; None)

Retired Contacts

These are retired contacts which still have an entry and haven't been permanently removed yet. They will eventually be removed from the wiki.

Retired 'Hub Contacts
BottlesNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Brutus JulianusNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
CitizenNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Cornelius McNeilNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Danielle KrokerNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Dr. Alexandria HubbartNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Ettu JulianusNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Ikaela CreaNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
JackNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Johnny CabNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Kesuke MoritaNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Mister CytoNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Mori ChauNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Steel WatersNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available
Topher GunnerNot AvailableN/AN/AN/ANot Available

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