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Caelia La Quartet
Quick Notes
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StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 3 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Welcome to La Quartet, your luxury all-in-one spa, boutique, beauty clinic, and getaway right next door. EVO is happy to welcome all comers to enjoy the soothing, all-season indoor pool with a full AR suite, letting you enjoy a summer in the Mediterranean or a spring morning in Osaka according to your own preferences. We are also equipped with a wide variety of secluded corners for quiet, personal meetings with coworkers, family, or loved ones.

La Quartet is run by a dryad named Caelia, who uses her glamour power to match her skin, hair, and general features to match the seasons. She was a relatively small time spa owner until she managed to earn a contract with EVO for funding and advertising support.


  • High: Spa Treatments, High Fashion, Upper-Class Gossip
  • Medium: Corporate Culture (EVO)
  • Low: Pharmaceuticals (Legal), Parabotany

Contact Powers

Spa Day

La Quartet offers a wide range of services. Characters may spend an entire day at the spa, once per run, and purchase any combination of the following benefits:

  • For ¥500 or 1 chip, Caelia will make a High Proficiency roll, which increases the character's Social limit by the number of hits for an equal number of days.
  • For ¥500 or 1 chip, Caelia will provide the character with a wardrobe makeover in a specific style, giving +2 to Etiquette rolls where appropriate.
  • For ¥1,000 or 2 chips, Caelia will roll Edge + Loyalty, using the character's Edge pool. The character may restore their spent Edge by the number of hits on Caelia's roll.
  • For ¥1,500 or 3 chips, the character may purchase an all-in-one packages providing all of the benefits listed above.

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