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Runnerhub Charter

The Runnerhub Charter is an outline of divisional duties, powers, and balances. While specific procedure changes may be handled inside a division, any action that requires a change to the Runnerhub Charter necessitates a vote of all Division Heads and the Advisory Board. A vote of ¾ is required to pass changes to the Runnerhub Charter. This vote will be moderated by the Advisory Board. All individual divisional charters must be linked on this document.

General Structural Rules

  1. Internal structure of all divisions besides Advisory Board may be determined by the acting Division Head.
  2. Division Heads may serve terms for no more than 1 year consecutively.
  3. Divisional Heads may award GMP for division member contributions, including their own. Division Heads are required to track these awards in case of audit.
  4. The Runnerhub Charter may only be edited on a 3/4 majority vote of all acting Division Heads and Advisory Board.
  5. All Staff members and players of the RunnerHub must be at least 18 years of age. Current minors who were community members before December 1, 2021 must ModMail AB to be grandfathered in.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Elections

  • To be held every 6 months (June and December), and overseen by the Upkeep Division. The mechanics by which the Advisory Board election is run can be found in the Upkeep Division charter.
  • Members may serve multiple consecutive terms.

Advisory Board Duties

  • To be the public face of Runnerhub when dealing with other communities or non-Runnerhub parties.
  • To moderate interdivisional conflicts.
  • To advise other Division Heads and coordinate interdivisional projects.

Advisory Board Powers

  • May eject any Division Head and replace them with anyone else on Runnerhub staff, requiring a 2/3 majority vote.
  • May ban a member of from the Runnerhub for up to a year, requiring a 2/3 majority vote.
  • May permanently ban a member from Runnerhub, requiring a 2/3 majority vote.
    • Permanent bans from the RunnerHub cannot be overturned except in cases where they have not been enacted in accordance with these protocols, which will be subject to AB review. Invalid bans can be overturned by AB upon review.
  • May suggest courses of action to other Division Heads. These may not be directly enforced by Advisory Board, but should be strongly considered.

Advisory Board Balance

  • The collective Division Heads may overturn an Advisory Board ejection or ban decision with a unanimous vote.
  • The collective Division Heads may with unanimity vote to remove members from Advisory Board, to be replaced by the next runner up in the previous Advisory Board election.
  • In the event of no remaining runners up from a previous election, an emergency election following all the normal election rules will be issued, but the term will simply be for the remainder of the current term.

Advisory Board Requirements

  • Must contain exactly three (3) members at all times.
  • Members must have ShadowSea access.
  • Members may not be in Interpersonal Division.
  • Members may not be Division Heads. If a Division Head is elected, they must suspend their duties as a Division Head for the remainder of their term on Advisory Board.
    • If a member of Advisory Board resigns during their term, the next runner-up from the previous Advisory Board election is invited to take their place.

Advisory Board Resources

Rules Division

Rules Division Duties

  • Analyze, interpret, and codify text from rulebooks, sourcebooks, and splatbooks, with the goal of finding Rules As Intended (RAI).
  • Implement house rules for use on the hub.
  • Approve rulebooks, sourcebooks, and splatbooks for use on Runnerhub.
  • Review official and unofficial rules clarification/errata.
  • Change already existing house rules, due to a change in usage, rules clarification/errata, or a consensus disagreement with the original ruling.

Rules Division Powers

  • May create, modify, and discontinue Runnerhub house rules.
  • May approve newly released material for usage on Runnerhub.
  • May allow or disallow optional rules as presented in official material.

Rules Division Balance

  • Thematics Division may approach Rules Division or Advisory Board in the case of Rules Division overreach into an area outlined in the Thematics Division charter.

Rules Division Membership

  • Members may not be members of Thematics Division.
  • Members must maintain an active hub status.

Rules Division Resources

Thematics Division

Thematics Division Duties

  • Create and distribute metaplot material to Gamemasters (GMs) and facilitate the running of metaplots.
  • Interview and approve new GMs.
  • Enforce GM adherence to the guidelines and requirements listed in the GMing on the Hub document.
  • Provide feedback and advice to GMs currently in runs via the GM Advice Discord channel, and After Action Reports (AARs).
  • Moderate the IC channel(s) for lore inconsistencies and/or metagaming.

Thematics Division Powers

  • May alter narrative in-world events for the Runnerhub Shadowrun living-world setting.
  • Create in game effects to players/GMs in response to run outcomes.
  • Punitive measures for GMs that do not follow the GMing on the Hub requirements and guidelines.

Thematics Division Balance

  • Rules Division may approach Thematics Division or Advisory Board in the case of Thematics Division overreach into an area outlined in the Rules Division charter.

Thematics Division Membership

  • Members may not be members of Rules Division.
  • Members must maintain an active hub status.

Thematics Division Resources

Interpersonal Division

Interpersonal Division Duties

  • Act as arbitrator in interpersonal disputes that players feel unable or uncomfortable performing themselves.
  • Investigate incidents of behavior that is non-conducive to the health of the Hub at large.
  • Counsel individuals, both offenders on how to correct their behavior and those affected by the behavior.
  • Moderate the IC and OOC channels for inappropriate behavior.
  • Act as intermediaries between members of the community and staff, especially when those members feel unable or uncomfortable communicating directly.

Interpersonal Division Powers

  • Temporary bans/mutes (not to exceed 1 month) from /r/Runnerhub, related subreddits and official Discord communications as applicable. Requires unanimity.
  • Temporary bans/mutes (not to exceed 1 month) from official Discord communications. Requires two member agreement if available, one if no others available.
  • Recommend permanent bans to the Advisory Board, providing documentation to support. Requires agreement of both Division Heads.
  • Ability to move players from Discord Voice Channels by GM request or in cases of public disturbance.
  • Ability to remove specifically offensive or inflammatory posts in the public Discord with extreme discretion in mind. (Racially motivated posts, Bigoted posts, etc). Followed by an ID ticket of the incident and possibly further action.
  • Oversees “Character Sheet Audits” and issues or relays any related decision based on the findings of an audit.

Interpersonal Division Balance

  • AB may request documentation for any decisions made.
  • AB may, with unanimity, override an ID ruling. With the exception of a ruling that involve(s/d) a current sitting AB member, instead it would then fall to the uninvolved AB members plus the current Division Heads (With the exception of the ID Heads).

Interpersonal Division Membership

  • Interpersonal Division must always have 2 active Division Heads, as a precautionary measure in case investigation or action must be taken against one.
  • Members of Interpersonal Division may not, while active members of ID, serve on the Advisory Board.

Interpersonal Division Resources

Character Creation Division

Character Creation Division Duties

  • Review Character Sheets for use on the Hub, with the intent to ensure legal and thematic consistency.
  • Be a friendly first contact for new members.

Character Creation Division Powers

  • Approve or Deny characters.
  • Alert Interpersonal Division of potential problem applicants.
  • Complex and above: Review stasis characters for returning players
  • Sheet Head: Audit characters.

Character Creation Division Balance

  • Rules Division may approach Character Creation Division over breaches of rules.
  • Thematics Division may approach Character Creation Division over thematic inconsistencies.
  • Any member of the community, but in particular GM’s, may approach Character Creation Division over noticed issues on recently Approved characters.
  • As per usual, any member of the community who feels they have been mistreated by Character Creation Division may approach Interpersonal Division if the problem is not resolvable internally.

Character Creation Division Membership

  • Members may be part of any other division.
  • Members must perform at least 1 (one) review per month, with the exception of those who have informed the Sheet Head of their absence.

Character Creation Division Resources

Upkeep Division

Upkeep Division Duties

  • Management of the technical elements of the Hub subreddits.
  • Technical management (but not moderation) of the Discord servers. Upkeep reserves the right to remove spambots and the like from Discord.
  • Management of the Runnerhub Wiki.
  • Access control to all Runnerhub administrative tools (subreddits, Discord, etc).
  • Providing a second opinion in audits for player misconduct on character sheets.
  • Running the Advisory Board Election.

Upkeep Division Powers

  • Upkeep Division may test and implement new tools or technical platforms for use by the Runnerhub.

Upkeep Division Balance

  • Anyone may request Upkeep documentation on recent changes.
  • Upkeep Division exists solely for the purpose of OOC maintenance of the Hub and is not involved in any sort of issues that affect narrative matters on the Hub. This means that Upkeep Division does not do any of the following:
    • Creation of in-game rules.
    • Creation of narrative elements on the Hub (Fluff postings such as Media, Notoriety thread postings, etc).
    • Any other issue that directly affects Hub narrative elements that is not listed here.
  • While Upkeep Division runs the Advisory Board election, Upkeep Division is a neutral nonpolitical body and does not make decisions on matters related to Runnerhub politics.
    • For example, Upkeep Division may remove administrator access to an individual as per AB or ID, but Upkeep Division may not on its own make the decision to remove an administrator from another division.

Upkeep Division Membership

  • May be a member of any other division

Upkeep Division Resources

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