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Welcome to the Runnerhub Wiki, the wiki for Runnerhub, an online collaborative storytelling community for our Shadowrun Living Campaign! Most of the information relevant to playing Shadowrun on the Runnerhub can be found on this site, including both general Shadowrun universe knowledge and Runnerhub-specific material.

If you are new to the Shadowrun universe, check out our page on Shadowrun background information. Once you're ready to roll up a character and start playing, head over to the New Player Orientation page.

Because we are a global community, run postings on the Runnerhub are posted in UTC, and a calendar of upcoming runs can be found here. Make sure to reference the calendar so that you can easily schedule your games to avoid time conflicts due to time zone differences between regions.

If you find any bugs or issues with this wiki, please open a ticket with Upkeep Division and we'll do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. It's our sincere hope that you'll find the wiki reasonably straightforward to use and that we've made it possible for you to enjoy the Runnerhub without delay.

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Below is a collection of various fluff pieces - articles which describe or relate to information primarily about the world of Shadowrun, rather than its mechanics as a roleplaying game. These articles will ideally help you, the player, understand the world and allow you to make a character which fits into it and knows things about the Sixth World.

GM Resources
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