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Player AARs

Like real deniable ops, it's important to give feedback on how a run went. Players can fill out an After Action Report. They are typically written in character, and give players a chance to continue character development. Players are not the only ones who fill these out, but the ones done by GMs happen behind the scenes in the GM-only land of /r/Shadowsea.

Why is this important?

Why are AARs important? Really?

Not only do they share with the whole 'Hub what happened in the weekly AAR thread, they also providing information for the Ministry of Media to generate news articles from. Names may be fudged to protect the Metaplot, and sometimes what players do might affect the whole setting. And sometimes not. Keep in mind the following when writing an AAR:

  • If a character does horrifying things, expect to get some blow back. Approach darker topics tastefully. A blow-by-blow description of an intense interrogation scene is unnecessary.
  • Looting defeated enemies is generally a bad idea. GMs will do their best to reward players appropriately.
  • If a player feels that a run has crossed a line, bring it up with ID in a private message. Describe what happened as accurately as possible; ID will investigate and have a talk with the GM if needed.
  • Remember that the goal of the Hub is to have fun.

AAR Template

This template is based on the post and instructions here. It can be copy-pasted into a Google Doc or Reddit comment and filled out as needed. Below the text block is a guide to what should go in each section. AARs should go in the topmost link in these search results.




*Run:* [Name of Job](Permalink of Job)


**Run Time:** 

**Mission Rewards:**

**Mission Expenses**: 


**Session Quotes:**
  • Link to the Reddit accounts of each player.
  • The name of the character that was on the run.
  • Who was running the job? Link the Reddit account of the GM.
  • The run title. Please link the run post as above, since it will create a hyperlink to the run post.
  • This is the meat and potatoes of any given AAR. Try to go into detail regarding the interesting moments of the run, as well as an overview of the process. Specific details of each event are not needed, this should mostly be a play-by-play of the actions the team took. Try to keep this in character.
Run Time
  • Should be in the same format as the job post, UTC and ISO 8601.
Mission Rewards
  • This should cover anything the runners received for completing the run. Karma, Nuyen, Contacts, etc.
Mission Expenses
  • Try to cover here what karma and nuyen was spent, as well as asset expenditures like burnt SINs, consumed ammo, contact bribes, equipment acquisitions, etc.
  • This is where the infamous ranking goes, from 1-10 and 1 being the worst. Try to be honest. If there is any place to place issues with the run, or mistakes that were made, it's gonna be in here. Try to cover how you felt about the GM as well, they love to hear feedback on how they can improve the experience. Please follow Wheaton's Law here too: Don't be a Dick.
Session Quotes
  • This is where to put any amusing quotes from the run. Try to put these in a little context, unless they are better out of context.

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