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If one thing comes to mind when it comes to ghouls, it’s eating metahuman flesh. A second thing that comes to mind is Special Order 162. A piece of UCAS legislation from 2053, the aim of the act was founding a ghoul enclave in Cabrini Green, in the city of Chicago, though the act didn’t last long in the political climate of the time and Knight Errant’s pulled out from the enclave which led to a nerve gas attack by the Humanis Policlub.[1]

So what does old UCAS political drek have to do with a gang? For the 162s, it’s everything. The 162s are a ghoul gang, named after the special order. The symbol for the gang is three blood-red talon scratches with the number 162 overlaid onto them, and the blood red color continues throughout the gang’s motif, along with a bit of brown here and there.[2]

History/Current Events

The 162s originally appeared in a few cities, including Chicago, around the early-mid 2060s.[3] The gang has miraculously survived several ghoul cullings, mainly through expansion by infection and Infected tenaciousness. Even back in the early days, the gang’s claim to infamy was being allied with Tamanous. Currently the gang is in an upswing, with more bodies and weapons joining the Seattle gang at the very least. The Infected terrorist group Fear The Dark is possibly funding the gang to gain more members, but this is not yet proven.[4]


As mentioned before, the gang functions as vassal gang for Tamanous. The gang operates in the Redmond Barrens, as the ghoul population can remain (relatively) stable there due to all the gunfire and infections, and since no one in the sprawl really cares if some poor SINless slot gets bitten and ghouled. Hunting in packs, the gang snatches prey in night raids to hand over to Tamanous for parts if the victims are healthy, and as a bonus, they get to feed on anything or anyone else that Tamanous doesn’t need or want.[5] The gang also has a sort of relationship with the Disassemblers due to ghoul diet needs, even though the two try to expand their own operations with Tamanous in opposition to the other.[6]


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