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The Spikes are a Troll-only biker gang and the second largest go-gang in Seattle [1]. Armed with large guns, motorcycles, and a serious vendetta against the Ancients [2], they patrol south from Tacoma along I-5 and claim most of it as their turf. Giant trolls on monster motorcycles can be very persuasive when asking for money, so their rule frequently goes uncontested. Spikes hate elves. To earn your way into the gang, you have to go kill an elf - any elf will do [3].

Their colors are brown and gold and their logo is a crudely drawn elf head with Xs over its eyes and a spike through it [1].


For a long time, the Spikes were fueled exclusively by racism and hatred of elves. Their leader, the enormous and charismatic Lord Torgo, hated elves obsessively and drove the gang into a permanent and unending war with the Ancients. While a powerful and direct leader, he inspired lots of irritation - his myopic focus on the Ancients was getting trolls killed while not making anyone money. He got caught up in a raid and was sentenced to 10 years in isolation at a Lone Star detention facility [2]. When Torgo went to prison, a faction that was interested in no longer repeatedly losing to the Ancients staged a coup and a troll named Flip took over. At just fifty members, they started in dealing drugs, operating protection rackets, and hire themselves out to be muscle, with a eye on bigger dreams.

A few year later, Lord Torgo died in prison [3]. While the Spikes haven’t exactly made peace with the Ancients, they have turned their attention to nuyen-productive to fund their bikes and obsessive party antics when they aren’t brawling. Unlike many fiercely independent gangs, the Spikes are eager to work for any syndicate that wants to pay. A minotaur, BTO (Babe the Ox) took over the gang, but not all of the Spikes are happy with the leadership change[3]. Compared to Torgo, BTO is calm, reasoned, and disciplined - just the type of Trog to grow a gang in the big leagues, but maybe not the tough guy the Spikes have grown to expect.

Operations & Territory

The Spikes primary area of operation is in Tacoma and I-5 south of downtown [Seattle 2072 183]. The Twisted Tusk, a Tacoma biker bar, is one of the primary hangouts of the Spikes [4].


  • The Ancients are bitter, hated rivals who will be killed on site [4]
  • The Laesa, being elves, are worth killing, but aren’t in all out war with the Spikes. They frequently will work with the ancients to fight the Spikes [5].


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