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Blood Brothers


The Blood Brothers are an African-ethnic gang operating out of Auburn. Despite the name, they have many women in the crew. They are known for their high-class style - think pristine suites, fancy cars, flashy jewelry, and expensive shades. Don’t let their polish imply a weakness that isn’t there - these guys are gangers through and through and will crack your head just as as fast as an Ancient [1]. They recruit from Seattle’s disaffected black population.

They’re led by an ork woman named Malvinia. Rumored to practice Voudoun and always accompanied by a gaggle of bodyguards, Malvinia has cultivated a fearful reputation. Some observers have noted that her aura looks mundane, indicating she’s a fake or powerful enough to throw off the scent [1].


This crew deals BTLS, runs brothels and call-girls, and operates a small-scale gambling operation[1]. They occasionally take work as highly socially capable bodyguards and muscle for Black activists, sports figures, or other shady celebrities [2].

Like other ethnic gangs, the Blood Brothers have an extensive network in the Seattle prison system and relationships with other prison gangs [2].


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