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The Eighty-Eights


The Eighty-Eights are the third triad in Seattle, occupying a middle spot between the Yellow Lotus and the Octagon in terms of size. Their origin is unknown, but they intentionally distance themselves from traditional triad behavior, in particular they embrace and encourage cyberware and augmentation. [1] [2] [3]


Their origins are murky and unclear, though it’s known that they claim issue with the other triads, and have accused both the Lotus and the Octagon of trying to ‘enslave’ them in a larger unified Triad, and this is known to have caused tensions to rise as a few potentials (Known as Blue Lanterns) of the other triads have ‘defected’ to the Eighty-eights. [2]



Rick Wu

Rick is Chinese-american, a 3rd generation man who believes the classic mysticism and cultural mores of the Triads are holding the organizations back. He also doesn’t hold himself in the same way a Lodgemaster usually does. Instead of being a ‘humble shop owner’ by day, he styles himself as a sort of criminal CEO, and dresses and acts in a way befitting such a person. [1] [2] [3]

Ruibai Dong

Ruibai is the ‘Incense Master’ of the Eighty-Eights. The quote marks are because he’s not actually awakened - he’s a technomancer. Ruibai’s responsible for the tech-savvy direction the 88s are taking, and he encourages Rick to keep the ‘style’ of the Eighty-Eights as a sort of criminal franchise and not an ‘old fashioned’ Chinese gang. [1] [2]


Their main areas of operation are Everett, Bellevue, and some areas of Puyallup. [1] [2] [3]

Naval Station Everett

Though they obviously do not own the Naval Station, the Eighty-Eights control the majority of the vice peddling that inevitably occurs at such a military installation. They’ve managed to keep the Yakuza off their ‘turf’ by happy dint of the UCAS Military Police being much more suspicious about Japanese people than Chinese. [4]


They have no specific vice or good they can claim to excel at, but what makes them further unique is their gang ties - They claim tribute from a number of asian gangs throughout the sprawl, and their hierarchy is more akin to a franchise or business than the usual triad structure. [1] [2] [3]

The Eighty-eights don’t just embrace technology, they embrace matrix operations and technomancers as part of their method to better compete with both the other triads and the other syndicates. However, they are notably weak on actual magical talent and often have to rely on gang member magicians when they require such ability [1] [2]

Diplomatic Relations

The Eighty-eights have multiple gangs that pay tribute to them, but the largest is the Tigers - the largest all-asian gang in Seattle. This gang has about 50 members, all of whom are martial artists, some adepts, and is notable for its upper lieutenants - Dragon’s Eyes, Tiger Claw, and their leader Tiger’s Breath. Dragon Eyes is even rumored to be a drake or eastern dragon.

Through unknown means, the Eighty-Eights have convinced the gang (or at least the rank and file) that upon Triad victory in the metroplex, the gang’s dead will be resurrected. As a result, the gang’s normal members is quite fanatical. [3]


The Eighty-Eights, like the other two triads in Seattle, have ties to a secret society among the Triads. They have ties to a different one though, the ‘Sai Fan’. [1]


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