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The Laésa

The Laesa are a small elven syndicate located in Tarislar.


The Laesa were originally a part of the Rinelle ke'Tesrae [R],[1],[2],[3]. They opposed the democratic direction that the new council of princes took after they toppled the old one. After it became clear that they had no chance of changing the direction and the Tir continued to hunt them as terrorists they fled together with other refugees to Seattle. Here they were welcomed by the community in Tarislar, who were mostly elves as well and settled in beneath the Sinsearach Tribe[S] with whom they had prior connections since they supplied them when they rebelled against the Tir.

Once settled in Seattle the group finally began to call themselves the Laesa. Around this time they lost their political leaning and started to operate as a syndicate. A number of Sinsearach Smuggler and Talislegger joined them and helped lay the foundation while they simultaneously also began to swallow a lot of the smaller elven gangs and recruited some of the younger higher ups from the Ancients. They also started to reinforce Tarislar and make it a safer place by acting as its de facto enforcers.


The Laesa are primarily a smuggling syndicate. They are best known for their name giving drug Laes and its watered down version Lael for which they are the principal supplier of these drugs into Seattle. They also smuggle elven wines, drugs, people and Telesma. The Telesma are mostly provided by the Sinsearach Tribe. They are primarily active in the pacific north east region while in Seattle their home turf is Tarislar, however they have smaller operations in Downtown. [3],[4] The population of Tarislar likes them and is protective of them. [3]

Some of the less scrupulous members opened high class brothels where people can have a night with an elven beauty, safe in the knowledge that the prostitute will remember nothing the next morning because of the dose of Laes the prostitute takes. [3]


The Laesa are a rather small syndicate and lack the resources to go directly against the big players on the scene. [5] They know that and rely more on negotiations and contacts.

Members of the Syndicate are called Laésasa. The Laésasa are all elven and non-elves are barred access. Members speak Sperethiel among each other as a form of code language. Carromeleg, an elven martial arts, is taught extensively within their ranks. Otherwise the Laésa are a diverse group otherwise with few common denominators allowing them to operate subtly. [1]

Thanks to the prevalence of using Laes among the Laesa not much more is known about their structure.


The Laesa and Ancients don't like each other but are currently in a begrudging peace. Both claim Tarislar as their turf and rely on the resources provided from there. This is a major point of conflict which is not helped by the fact that some young ancients joined the Laesa. [2],[3] Nonetheless there are efforts to get along with each other. They work together against the Spikes or other external threats and according to rumors Green Lucifer managed to turn the relationship more productive. [5]

The Laesa are working well together with the Kumon’go, a Seoulpa Ring that operates in Seattle. [5]

They also have negotiated the Tarislar contract for KE and work together with them to keep the peace. [5]

There are also ties to Telestrian. A Telestrian company has the sole rights to grow and refine Laés and a Widow of an executive VP for another Telestrian company is also confirmed to have joined the syndicate [1],[6]

It is also claimed that they have contacts and members inside the Tir Tairngire government, the Salish-Sidhe council and numerous unnamed strategic positions. [5]

There are open fights with the spikes. [5]


Laesa is often called the elven mafia, but there is not much that really supports that in the rest of the texts. They seem to use Laes regularly after jobs so that it can't be traced back.


The Laesa call themself ‚ÄúThe Forgotten‚ÄĚ and it is never really explained why but one of the easiest explanations is that they are elves that feel forgotten by the change towards more democracy and more meta inclusiveness. This is claimed by the Freelancer who wrote the 4E sections about them in the 6th world podcast about them. [7] His claims also include that if the restaurant or shop has a copious amount of elven kitsch there is a good chance the Laesa are involved. This is not supported by the books.

R: The Rinelle ke’Tesrae were a resistance group in Tir Tairngire against the council of princes and were essential to the change of the Tir to a democracy. There were different factions in it and it stands to reason that the majority of the Laesa were from the Black Sun group who wanted to purify Tir Tairngaire from the non elves.

S: The Sinsearach Tribe is an elven tribe in the Salish-Sidhe council. Most have no Indian roots but became NAN members when they opened their tribes to metahumans. A large part of the Sinsearach Tribe also split of to form Tir Tairngire in 2035


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