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The Ancients


Originally an elf go-gang based in Seattle was founded by political outcasts from Tir Tairngire with ties to Prince Aithne Oakforest. The Ancients represent the portion of the elven counterculture that ignores the elven convention that wisdom and age should lead and be honored. They don’t do anything to change the elven superiority complex though. The wisdom of a past age is not wisdom in the modern world, and so much has changed, ever since the Awakening, that they believe all supposed knowledge from the past must be questioned. [1]

The ties between the Tir and the Ancients had become well enough known to be a liability. They broke ties with Tir after enemies of the Prince tried to destroy them from the inside on the surface. This was the attempted Elven Fire coup. However, they are tied with the Prince as strongly as ever which is only known to Sting and Green Lucifer. [2]

The Ancients have members in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, and Miami. They also have ties overseas to England, France, Germany, and Spain. Ironically, the Ancients also have a group operating out of Tir Tairngire. The gang has exploded in size as its membership skyrocketed, rising from 725-925 in both North America and Europe (100-200 in Seattle) in the year 2058 to approximately 15,000 members in both North America and Europe (350 in Seattle) as of 2072.

“The only thing funnier than an elf up from Tir Tairngire is an elf from the wilds who attempts to disguise his origins” a common and ironic joke the Ancients say considering many of their members are outcasts the Prince has sent to them usually in exchange to keep from a death sentence [3]. They are large enough to avoid working with or for corporations. [4] In Seattle the Ancient are regarded as a force of nature and are equipped as well as most private armies. [5] The gang symbol is a modified “anarchy A” symbol. [6]


The Ancients are organized along military lines. At the top is the general and after him are the colonels (regions), the captains (the cities), lieutenants (5-10 squads) and last the squad leader.

Current General - Belial, Challenged Sting to settle the matter of leadership by chal’han a formal elven ritual challenge [7] dubbed the "Scavenger Hunt”.

Previous General - Sting Top officer in the Ancients for twenty years who replaced Wasp with co-captain Green Lucifer until Belial took over. [8] He believed Elven Fire is splinter group within Ancients of members who began before her leadership that is related to their mercenary activities and weakening of Tir Tairngire ties. [9]

2nd In Command - Green Lucifer - aka Alejandro Kyliseam The lieutenant for the Seattle operations was Green Lucifer, who is now working for the Ancients all over the West Coast. Suspects the real motives behind Elven Fire is that they were a separate plot backed by the same Princes enemies that support him that were running at the same time. But he cannot divulge that info without admitting he is a double agent with ties to Tir Tairngire backing as well. He says he believes it was an assassination plot for Elven Fire to replace leadership. He fears Elven Fire knows or will find out he Secretly killed Wasp during a gang war to attain leadership position and is a double agent for a Tir Tairngire coupe. [9]

Regional leaders

Colonels [11]

  • Green Lucifer (West coast)
  • Lucky Liam (Northeast)
  • Ironwing (Southwest)
  • Spitfire (South) - She’s a Cuban-American with a flaming temper and more cyberware than any one woman should have. She’s rumored to have personally killed three undercover agents the CAS inserted into a New Orleans chapter and then sent their heads back to the Gang Enforcement Task Force in Atlanta via FedEx
  • Bombshell (midwest)
  • Jolly Roger (British Isles)
  • Masque (western europe)
  • Sparafucile (mediterranean)
  • Schattenengel (Easter Europe and misc)
  • Firethorn is the general of the Ancients. He’s a temperamental redheaded mage, a true bastard, and coldly professional when he keeps his temper. He’s an egotistical jerk with a severe elven-superiority complex and enough Talent to make him really dangerous. He commands the absolute loyalty of his men and women, which he holds through cunning, strength, and a large dose of fear. He’s also, supposedly, the only general the Ancients have ever had. [11]

Street Soldiers:

Falchion & Viper - Though they do what they are told within the structure of the Ancients they are independent thinkers. [10]


Currently the Ancients have nine regions spread across North America and Europe

North America
  • Northeast - Washington FDC, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Montreal, and several other sprawls.
  • MidWest - Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and Cheyenne.
  • South - Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and New Orleans.
  • Southwest - Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas.
  • West - Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Portland
  • United Kingdom - Belfast, London, Glasgow, Dublin, and Cardiff.
  • Western Europe - Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Madrid.
  • Mediterranean
  • Eastern Europe (tenuous at best)

Gang Life

The Ancients have rigid initiatory rituals that mimic the Tir Rite of Progression. New recruits participate in events such as "Razor Biking" and "Head Hurling". The recruits that survive the initiatory rites become members. “Ancients didn’t die of old age” [4] They are brash and violent and not one is trying to see how old they can be before they get geeked. They wear black and green leather jackets with dangling chains and fingerless, studded gloves. Most also wear clothing and weapons appropriate for bike combat. Some Ancients sport green and black mohawks.

The gang symbol is a modified version of the anarchy symbol (a stylized capital A with a circle around it), with the specific modification unique to each regional gang. They are an exceptionally well trained gang, frequently display military style precision and are able to get SOTA military equipment for operations which gives them a distinct signature [6]. Ancients may have the best hardware however they are not known for having cyberware. [12]

The Ancients have ties to a variety of other criminal organizations. In the West, they have (mutually beneficial) dealings with the Koshari and the First Nations gang, as well as several other large NAN criminal organizations. They don’t work well with most of the syndicates, especially the anti-meta Yakuza. The exception seems to be the Seoulpa Rings, especially Seattle’s Komun’go, with whom the Ancients appear to have some strategic alliances. [17]


Currently they have an estimated 15,000 members in 2072 AD, of which 350 are in Seattle. They are involved in smuggling, drug dealing arms dealing, secured courier services, hijacking, and talislegging. providing armed escorts to truck convoys or preying on those that don’t utilize their services. They’ve been expanding into hiring out units as mercs-for-hire, an almost legitimate enterprise some branches have actually applied for and received business licenses to work as private security or mercenaries. [17]

In the Pacific Northwest they control smuggling operations between Salem, Portland and Seattle. They’ve developed some connections within various military and border groups, especially those up and down the I-5 corridor (PCC, Cal-Free, Tir Tairngire, Salish, and UCAS). They’ve also begun to license themselves as legitimate businesses. They tend to know the back routes and the right people to bribe, and they utilize hackers. [11] The Ancients are a staple in the Portland shadows every bit as much as in Seattle. [13] They also specialize in pro-elven/pro-metahuman political activities.

They have developed an efficient widespread drug and BTL distribution network in the West and the MidWest. Recently they have gotten neck deep into the Tempo drug trade on the West Coast. They have legitimately crossed the line from protection racket to actual protection by providing “security” for some all-elven enclaves and small neighborhoods. The Ancients are one of the strongest mid-level black-market arms dealers in North America, although they sell quite a bit of inventory to smaller gangs and organizations for distribution. If you need a couple of Ares Alphas, see your fixer or the local gang-banger on the corner. If you need a few pallets, see the local Ancients’ captain. [17]

Diplomatic Relations

The Ancients have had multiple turf wars with the Emerald Dogs (who are backed by the Yakuza) and the Meat Junkies. They also frequently butt heads with the Humanis Policlub. Feuds exist between the Ancients and the Cutters - the second large gang of Seattle. They have an all-out war with the Spikes, an all Troll-gang of fanatical Elf-haters. Leadership is always expected to establish Ancients dominance over the Spikes [21] The Spikes and the Ancients have a rivalry as old as any in the Sprawl, and any time they can spill a little Spike blood the elves are happy. [14]

Ork Underground not as universally despised by the Ancients as the Spikes or Humanis, the Skraacha guards aren’t going to start shooting at folks wearing Ancients colors the same way Humanis or Spikes would. [15]

The Halloweeners bear a grudge against the Ancients for being nearly exterminated in a gang war in 2069.

The Ancients are in competition with the Laésa elven syndicate and many disaffected young Ancients have been leaving the gang for the syndicate.

Elven Fire is a rival power faction to the Ancients made up of some former members as well as still current members who are keeping their true sentiments a secret. [10] Though the street gang still had the High Prince’s favor, the Ancients had fallen out of favor with the equivalent of the Tir’s foreign intelligence service because of .. .. attempts to diversify the Ancients power base into more traditional, mercenary, concerns. It was the plotters intention to replace the Ancients in Seattle with another organization that would serve a similar function, but be loyal to the High Princes enemies. [16]

Bright aka Rook’s plan was to take down Sting and Green Lucifer for polluting the Ancients by diversifying then replacing them with a new gang under his own leadership. They don’t know the name of the new gang but it will not be Elven Fire. We do not know who supports Bright from Tir Tairngire. [17] Bright, St. John, & Dumont would orchestrate the creation of a fictitious Ancients splinter group, Elven Fire, set up as a group of extreme radicals, would begin attacking Ancients enemies...with so many enemies arrayed against them, the Ancients would surely fall.” [18]

Prince Evan Parris - Tir Prince long time Duke and Telestrian Industries company man. His son Rook is trying to run the Ancients out of Seattle. He was Tir SpecOps known as “Blackwing” [8]

The Yakuza know very little about the current Ancients situation beyond that a gunman wearing Ancients colors killed six of their men and the shadowrunner they were meeting at Witches’ Circle. [19] The Whispering Nights is the only yakuza clan operating the Loveland area. [20]


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