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Matrix Programs

This page is intended to provide a compilation of the various Matrix programs available in Shadowrun (combining both Core and Data Trails), and list them off in order by logical category. In the context of a run, it can be easy to forget what specific programs do what, so this page is intended to be a quick reference to remind one of the programs available at their disposal; this page is not intended to replace having read and having an understanding of the Matrix rules from the core rulebook.

Matrix Actions

Matrix actions go hand-in-hand with Matrix software, so here is a handy reference chart for Matrix and Resonance actions.

Matrix Software

Matrix software exists to improve the ability of a Matrix-enabled device to perform on the Matrix. It is important to note that, while any Matrix-enabled device can perform Matrix actions, only cyberdecks (not Living Personas), RCCs, and drones may run Matrix programs. Cyberdecks and RCCs can run up to [Device Rating] programs at a time, and drones can run [(Device Rating) / 2] programs at a time. Matrix programs and Autosofts both take up the same program slots on RCCs and drones.

A/S/D/F Boosters

  • Decryption: +1 Attack
  • Stealth: +1 to Sleaze
  • Toolbox: +1 Data Processing
  • Encryption: +1 Firewall

Situational A/S/D/F Boosters

Note: These programs increase your Matrix attributes, which increases your limit; they do not give a dice pool bonus!

  • Crash: +2 Data Processing when attempting a Reboot Device action
  • Edit: +2 Data Processing for the Edit File action
  • Paintjob: +2 Attack for the Erase Mark action
  • Exploit: +2 Sleaze when attempting a Hack on the Fly action
  • Swerve: +1 Firewall attribute for resisting Reboot Device attempts
  • Track: +2 Data Processing for the Trace User action. Alternately, if the target is running Sneak, Track negates the +2 dice pool bonus from that program. Note that the program delivers one of the listed benefits, not both.
  • Smoke-and-Mirrors: +1 to +5 (user choice) to Sleaze with equivalent amount of noise added to any tests performed with the deck. Noise also affects Trace Icon tests performed against the deck. This program has no effect against convergence. Please see the relevant House Rules entry for Hub-specific rulings.

Utility Dice Pool Boosters

  • Sneak: +2 dice pool bonus to defend against Trace User actions. Additionally, if you are converged on you while this program is running, they don’t get your physical location, although you’re still hit with all the other bad stuff that happens when you're converged on.


  • Baby Monitor: Current Overwatch Score is always visible
  • Fly on a Wall: While this program is running, and the decker is performing no actions other than Matrix Perception tests, the Overwatch Score only increases by 1D6 per half-hour (rolled in secret by the gamemaster as normal). The program requires a Hide action in order to activate properly, and it does not assist in any way in preventing any other icon from noticing the decker.


  • Cat's Paw: On a successful Data Spike action, instead of doing damage, the program generates a negative dice pool modifier equal to two plus the number of marks the user has on their target. Marks added or removed after using Cat’s Paw will also modify the penalty accordingly.
  • Tantrum: If even a single box of Matrix Damage is scored, the program does no damage from the Data Spike; instead, the targeted user experiences Nausea for three Combat Turns. Effective against all technomancers, as well as cold sim or hot sim deckers, but it does nothing to users working in the Matrix in AR, IC, and agents.
  • Tarball: +2 Attack and +1 dice pool to Crash Program actions. This bonus is for Crash Program attempts only. This affects a random program rather than chosen one.
  • Biofeedback: When your attack causes Matrix damage, the target is hit with an equal amount of Stun (if the target is using cold-sim) or Physical (if the target is using hot-sim) biofeedback damage. This program also applies to damage caused by failed Attack actions against you. Biofeedback damage is resisted with Willpower + Firewall. This program only works if the target is biological in nature (a security spider, for instance).
  • Blackout: This is a kinder version of Biofeedback. It works the same way, but only causes Stun damage, even if the target is using hot-sim.
  • Hammer: Whenever you cause Matrix damage with an action, inflict +2 DV worth of Matrix Damage. This does not apply against targets that take damage from failing an Attack action against you.
  • Lockdown: When you cause damage to a persona, he or she is link-locked until you stop running this program or they successfully Jack Out.
  • Mugger: Bonus damage from marks is increased by 1 DV per mark.

Damage Mitigation

  • Armor: +2 dice pool to resist Matrix damage
  • Biofeedback Filter: +2 dice pool to resist biofeedback damage
  • Guard: Reduces the extra damage you take from marks by 1 DV per mark
  • Shell: +1 dice pool to resist Matrix and biofeedback damage


  • Cloudless: In addition to saving a file, it allows the user to use a successful Edit File action to move a file off the Matrix into the memory of a single designated device. This test is an Opposed Test, using the normal rules for Edit File. The Public grid has a dice pool of 6, local grids a dice pool of 8, and global grids a dice pool of 10 for the purposes of this test.
  • Shredder: +2 data processing for deleting files with the Edit File action. Recovering a file that has been Shredded (or destroyed by a Data Bomb, for that matter) requires constant access to the host or grid the file was originally on, and a Computer (File Recovery) + Logic [Mental] (18, 1 week) Extended Test.
  • Nuke-from-Orbit: If used to delete a file (the Edit File action should be used), this program ensures that no one will ever be able to recover the file from the Matrix. Any Overwatch Score generated from the Opposed Test is doubled. All copies of the file are considered to be gone from the Matrix; offline backups and the Resonance realms are the only options for getting the file back.

Data Management

  • Search: +2 to Matrix Search when looking for specific data on host. No bonus outside of hosts.
  • Browse: Cuts the time required to perform a Matrix Search action in half.
  • Evaluate: With constant updates from a series of Black BBS that specialize in monitoring paydata auctions, this program calculates how much a certain amount of paydata might be worth, in order to allow the decker to only take an amount that would limit the amount of heat they would generate in stealing a little extra while on the job.

Data Bombs

  • Defuse: +4 dice pool to resist damage from a Data Bomb.
  • Demolition: adds 1 to the rating of any Data Bomb you set while this is running.
  • Detonator: With delicate monitoring, this cyberprogram is able to determine how often a file is accessed, and it sets a data bomb to go off after it has been affected a set number of times. To use this program, a decker attempts a Set Data Bomb action; if successful, they can then select how many actions can be executed with the file before the bomb goes off. They can also choose whether the Data Bomb does Matrix damage or just deletes the file. Similar to a Data Bomb, a Detonator can be detected with a Matrix Perception Test and defused with a Disarm Data Bomb action. Notoriously difficult to spot, Detonator-enabled data bombs are considered to have a Device Rating of 3 and a Sleaze attribute equal to [Remaining actions before detonation – 1] for the purposes of opposing Matrix Perception tests.


  • Virtual Machine: Your deck can run two additional programs, but whenever your persona takes Matrix damage, it takes an additional box of Matrix damage that cannot be resisted.
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap allows for hidden commands to be input into the device after the next reboot. This cyberprogram allows for a variety of tasks to be set up in the boot record by way of a Format Device action rather than just setting the device up to no longer function.
  • Signal Scrub: Grants Rating 2 noise reduction.
  • Configurator: Stores 1 alternative configuration for your deck (both attributes and programs), even if this program gets swapped out.
  • Fork: You can perform a single Matrix action on two targets with this program. You make a single test, with modifiers from each target both counting toward your dice pool. Each of the targets defend with their own dice pools. Determine the result of the actions separately against each target. Since this is only a single roll, you can re-roll failures, break the limit, or burn edge against both targets with only one point of edge.
  • Wrapper: This program overrides the Matrix protocols for icons. While this program is running, your icons can be anything that you want them to be when you use the Change Icon action.
  • Hitchhiker: This program allows a decker to bring another individual (another decker or a non-decker) along with them into a Foundation. See the Foundations page for further information.

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