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Staff Code of Conduct

Staff, and especially division heads, are representatives of the community and are held to a higher standard of conduct than a regular member of the community.

Expectation of Decorum

Staff members, and especially Division Heads, should keep their authority as a representative in mind as they interact with the community. Being yourself, having fun, participating in memes and jokes is encouraged; but your behavior should be wherever possible a model that other members can look up to.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Expressing displeasure with other departments, your own, or the Hub in general through official or correct channels; generally in PMs, the staff server, or via ID tickets
  • Encouraging others to express their problems and concerns in the proper channels
  • Not participating in hate speech of any kind
  • Not harassing anyone
  • Attempting to de-escalate, rather than respond and escalate, personal issues
  • Not creating the perception that you are using your power as a staff member for personal gain or to harm others

Expectation of Reasonably Maintaining Relationships

Staff members, and especially Division Heads, must attempt to separate their individual differences from their role in the community; if a staff member finds themselves unable to perform their duties due to numerous personal issues, and establishes a pattern of being unable to maintain professional relationships, they will be guided to seek improvement and resolution or, in a worst case scenario, be required to step down from their role.

Expectations of Performance

Staff members, and especially Division Heads, must perform their duties. This includes being present, actively participating in your division's tasks, and communicating with your team if you are going to be unable to perform them. In the case of Division Heads, this means delegating a stand in if they will be unable to perform their duties. Staff members should do their best to model the best practices of their division.

Examples include, but aren't limited to:

  • Rules Members researching rules before making declarative statements of them, inviting clarification if they make an error, and politely remedying any errors they see
  • Thematics Members researching the lore before making declarative statements of it, inviting clarification if they make an error, and politely remedying any errors they see
  • Upkeep Members being responsible stewards of Hub shared resources and technology
  • Interpersonal Members acting as a model for positive relationships, mediation, and healthy dispute resolution in all channels
  • Character Creation Division Members participating in character creation advice, guiding Hub members new and old through the process, and taking steps to validate that your recommendations are legal and sound.

Remember that as a staff member, your words carry extra weight. Take care with what you say when discussing your department’s purview.

Real Life is More Important

All staff members are volunteers with real lives which come first and the code of conduct is to be understood in that context. The most important thing is to do your best, humbly seek help if you notice shortcomings in your own skill sets or behavior, and communicate if you won't be able to perform those duties.

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