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The Story So Far...

So you’re new around here, and you want to know the history of the Hub, eh? There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get started. The story begins with the governor of Seattle, and the turmoil that followed his death. In Hub canon, Kenneth Brackhaven was never elected to the position of Seattle governor. That honour went to one Martin Pierce, who was assassinated in the lead up to the 2078 election. Pierce was expected to win the election, and with his death a number of surprise candidates emerged.

Rebecca Delacroix and Andrew Mercer were the two front-runners. Delacroix was an Ares Macrotechnology figurehead running on a platform of reducing crime, while Mercer campaigned on promises to provide for the little guy, promoting a “SINs for the SINless” plan. They were followed by two others. Mitzy Harlan, a Dryad reality-trid star who recorded her entire campaign with a simrig, and Melns, a dragon with mysterious motives.

The shadow community was heavily involved in influencing the election, and due to the shadows’ distrust of dragons (it’s in the rules, after all), Melns was forced to concede. Mercer was assassinated, only for it to be revealed that it was a body double, but nonetheless never recovered from the event. Delacroix pulled ahead as Seattle came close to the precipice, with crime reaching unprecedented levels, her message of utilitarian authority rang true for many citizens. She won in a landslide, but was revealed by Harlan in a live broadcast right out of a soap opera to have rigged the election. Harlan swooped in and took the governor position, to the surprise of all but the shadows who had helped her get there.

Things died down in the shadows for a little while after that, but a few months later saw Seattle heating up once again. A cargo ship, the Agatha-Maersk, ran adrift off the coast of Seattle. Pirates, shadowrunners, corporate vultures and city authorities flocked to deal with the situation, and so the city’s eye was drawn away from the war bubbling under its streets. The Ork Underground was suffering from a major power struggle. The Skraacha, the unofficial ganger “neighbourhood watch” of the Underground, had become fractured. A splinter group calling itself the “True Skraacha” promoted violence and independence from the greater Seattle Metroplex, and began to clash with city authorities.

The leader of this new movement was Thra’ag Druukthil, a revolutionary who preached the inevitability of violence over the oppression of metahumans in the Underground. Under his influence, a series of bombings took place among protests that brought the violence spilling onto the streets of Seattle. Riots erupted as revolutionaries, corporate security contractors, and scared citizens clashed over the bloodshed. Mitzy Harlan, having lost faith in Knight Errant and Lone Star’s abilities, turned to shadowrunners to deal with the problem.

Through their intervention, Thra’ag was revealed to have been a former human and member of Humanis, who had gone through a late-stage “goblinization”, becoming an Ork, which he used to infiltrate the Skraacha. Thra’ag was killed, and EVO corporation stepped in alongside the Mothers of Metahumanity to expand their influence in the underground via charity efforts. EVO even recruited talented individuals into their ranks, and provided limited SINs to those ‘lucky’ few. Knight Errant retained its hold on the Metroplex security contract, and despite the estimated 200 (SINner) deaths resulting from the riots, Seattle was calm again.

But not for long, at least not for the Seattle shadows. Melns, the dragon whose chances at the Seattle governorship were thwarted by Hub runners, returned with a plan for revenge. Using an elite security company, Monarch, as a weapon, Melns waged war on the Hub. The Royal Hotel, a Hub-run building that provided safehouses and hangouts for Hub runners, was bombed by Monarch. Several Hub runners were killed, their bodies went missing, and warnings about a “hunting season” started popping up all over the data haven.

As time went on, more and more runners began to go missing, and others reported close encounters with corporate black-bagging teams. The Hub began to fight back, discovering the involvement of Monarch, and crippling their Seattle operations in their own retaliatory bombing. Eventually, Menls’ involvement was brought to light, and the Hub was faced with the gargantuan task of killing a dragon.

What exactly happened next is hotly debated, but Melns was drawn out into the open, and was weakened significantly by an enormous ritual by the Hub’s many mages, and any magical contacts that would come forward to help. The ritual and subsequent assault on the dragon cost many lives, but he was eventually defeated. Whether he was killed or not is unknown, as his body was spotted being carried away by two dracoforms a short while later. Regardless, the hunting season had come to an end.

Once more the city became quiet again. Over the next few months, Seattle revelled in the ‘State of the Art Summit’, which brought leaders in cutting edge cyberware, bioware, geneware and advanced robotics from all over the world to Seattle. Money was poured into the shadows as a result, and soon after there was a brief period of seemingly all-out war between AAA corporations Ares, NeoNET, EVO, MCT and Wuxing. The violence did not last, however, and soon a series of Corporate Court interventions brought the war to a standstill.

But the corporations are ever restless, and always looking for ways to make a buck. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, newly named the world’s #1 rated AAA megacorporation, was looking to repurpose mining assets pulled from the Tsimshian Nation, and had their eyes on the lava fields in Puyallup. MCT formulated a plan to attain lesser mining rights in Redmond, with the intention of causing “accidental” environmental side effects for the bordering Salish-Shidhe Council. By doing so, they planned to use the resulting political pressure to force Seattle to allow them to move their mine to Puyallup instead, a location they previously had not been able to reach due to bureaucratic red tape.

With the help of NeoNET and Shiawase Corporation, who had their own interests in Redmond, MCT created a smokescreen. Using Governor Harlan as a puppet, the ‘Redmond Restoration Act’ was announced, a plan to bring an influx of support, jobs, and wealth into the Redmond district. Supplies were shipped into Redmond by the truckload, with the Metroplex Guard stepping in to help keep order as it happened. Masses of SINless were displaced as corporate construction efforts were underway, many being moved into temporary housing and slums along the Snohomish and Renton borders. The Redmond criminal underworld went haywire, with territories and black market pipelines being disrupted all over the district. Meanwhile MCT quietly constructed their mine, and successfully declared extraterritoriality in the process.

These efforts quickly met resistance from the eco-terrorist organisation TerraFirst, as well as Redmond mayor Sonya Scholl, who was initially strong-armed into supporting the RRA. Shadowrunners became involved, discovering that the temporary housing SINless were being taken to were effectively work camps. A joint TerraFirst/shadowrunner raid on an MCT facility brought proof of MCT’s plans into the shadows, and an effort was formed to destroy the mining operation before political pressure came to a head. The MCT engineer responsible for the facility’s design was extracted, taken into the facility itself by a shadowrunner team amidst a TerraFirst raid, and was forced to sabotage the mining equipment. The result caused the equipment to malfunction and detonate, and MCT’s plans were thwarted in one fell swoop.

As Governor Harlan and her band of corporate and government stooges scrambled to cover up their involvement in the previous events, Seattle failed to notice a sinister plot unfolding within the city. Darrington Correctional facility, a high security prison in the Everett district, was the source of many mysterious, yet seemingly unconnected events. First, the head of security at the facility was murdered by Halloweeners outside a Stuffer Shack on Halloween, and was replaced by Amanda Green, an ex-green beret of the UCAS military. After which, strange things began to happen in and around the prison.

Several high profile leaders in organised crime were transported to the prison, and as is to be expected, violence broke out within the walls a short while later. The riots were pacified, and all seemed calm when the prison went into lockdown with seemingly little reason. News footage showed Darrington prison guards behaving strangely on the roofs of the prison, and Lone Star Security Services sent representatives to find out what was happening there. Money was once again being pumped into the shadows at an alarming rate, and runners found jobs frequently connecting with the events surrounding Darrington. A number of Hub runners decided to investigate what was really happening, and eventually a group of shadowrunners astrally scouted the prison, discovering something dire.

Darrington was found to have been infested with insect spirits,. Amanda Green had converted to worship a Wasp Spirit Totem, and had used the prison inmates and staff to create a heavily isolated, protected hive. The shadowrunners attempted to let the world know, but their message was largely ignored as a prank. That is until the hive erupted in retaliation. Seattle was swarmed with wasp spirits, and for a time the military and corporate security within the city were caught unaware. The attacks were devastating. The wasps targeted key locations such as the Aztechnology pyramid, the UCAS naval fleet off the coast, and most importantly the governor’s mansion. Governor Mitzy Harlan was killed in the ensuing chaos, and for a time Seattle was leaderless. Eventually, however, a joint operation by the UCAS military, Ares Macrotechnology and Aztechnology locked off and stormed Darrington, effectively eliminating the bug menace, and creating the Darrington Quarantine Zone.

Natoko Munakata, Seattle’s Commissioner of Public Works, took the position of interim governor, and was able to keep the city relatively stable until a special election could be held. Two front runners emerged: Nikola Taul, the mayor of Downtown, and Corrine Potter, who began as a campaign manager for Howard Cannon, and took over his campaign after his death. Despite Potter’s disadvantage as a relatively unknown candidate, she managed to eke out a victory over Taul, who was seen by most to be the favorite. Only time will tell how our new governor intends to lead Seattle.

The damage from the last few months remains, however, and for many Seattleites the danger was far too close for comfort. Where Seattle will go from here, and how it will rebuild and recover is the big question on everyone’s minds. We’ll know soon enough.

…And that’s the story so far.

Welcome to Runnerhub, chummer.

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