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This page is a listing of some useful reference links for Shadowrun. Please be aware that, except for the Quick Start Rules, these are unofficial sources and should never be used as reference without access to the official books as well.

Shadowrun 5 Rules Summations

  • Quick Start Rules - This contains all the basic rules to play Shadowrun 5E. Not as comprehensive as the core rulebook, but still a good resource.
  • The Shadowrun 5 Superbook - A compilation of various rules, spells, powers, and gear from across all sourcebooks. A very good resource for all the general mechanics of the game, minus all the fluff.

Quick Reference Documents

  • Quick References (various) - Various summaries of rules, grouped by relevant subtype.
  • Drugs Spreadsheet - A spreedsheet of all the drugs in the game and their effects with all their source references. Written and maintained by reddit user /u/Alcyius.
  • Rigging Cheat Sheet - A cheat sheet for rigging rules based on one by Hardcore Mode and modified to be compliant with Hub House Rules
  • Decker/Techno Math Sheets - A set of sheets for Technomancers, Deckers, and general Matrix users that track a big pile of conditional details including but not limited to drugs, drug interactions, 'ware, cyberdeck programs, Noise, Teamwork, wonky Qualities, and more. Created by Ulminati and most useful if copied to your own Google Drive account as needed.


  • Decking Flowchart - A flowchart that can help you decide which actions you need to take to achieve the result you are aiming for while decking.

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