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Red Hot Nukes

Official Canon

General Information

The Red Hot Nukes have had a troubled history on the Hub for years. An all-dwarven go-gang, they make their name through explosions, and big ones; grenades, rocket launchers, bombs, you name something that explodes, they probably use it. The Nukes’ logo is simply a red/gray mushroom cloud, a not-subtle logo for a not-subtle gang. The gang dabbles in all sorts of explosion-related work to make money, among other jobs like protection rackets and scams.


Their leader, an African-American dwarf named Grinder, used to be a shadowrunner in the 2050s before founding the gang not long after getting out of the game. Rumors about the founding include hiding from something or someone and starting the gang for protection; or countering some unknown threat or event that has yet to reveal itself, or any number of increasingly out there theories. Grinder is a known adept, with a penchant for using Divination with firecrackers and reading the patterns to see the future. [3]


Their territory has been a bit inconsistent over the years. What’s known is that their main operations throughout the 2050s and 60s were around Hollywood and the parts of Route 202 north of Touristville [1]; later information about their territory puts them at Route 202 east of Touristville and no longer in Hollywood, at least by the late 2070s and 2080. [2]

Hub Canon


The Nukes’ troubles and eventual fate began around late 2077. While details of exactly what caused it are somewhat lost to history at this time, what is known is that Satchel, the Runnerhub’s contact in the gang for acquiring explosives and explosive-related gear, vanished suddenly after going to meet some new contacts to sell them some ‘party favors’. The dwarf vanished and was never seen again, while his two bodyguards were killed in particularly brutal fashion. [4]


The gang, despite Grinder’s influence (or perhaps caused due to his own paranoia), fell apart after Satchel’s death, and the remnants of the gang scattered, joined other gangs, or became just another unknown statistic of the streets. In the past year, however, the streets began speaking of a resurgence of the gang with Grinder at the head again, and they made their not-so-subtle return around the middle of 2079. Only time will tell if the new Nukes will hold together, or if they’re doomed to fall apart yet again.


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