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What is Runnerhub?

Runnerhub is an online collaborative storytelling community for Shadowrun, centered around /r/Runnerhub on Reddit and dedicated to bringing GMs and players together to create some amazing stories.

A True Living World

Our community takes a unique approach to the tabletop roleplaying game experience, which we call the "Living World" game format.

Runnerhub's format is based on the idea of a large scale roleplaying game distributed over a large number of GMs where players can take their character sheet and play on any number of tables with the same character, which comes from the popular Shadowrun Missions campaign format for convention play that was created by Catalyst Games. However, unlike Shadowrun Missions, we took that idea a step further and create a Shadowrun world that is constantly changing and reacting to the characters who live in it.

An Evolving Story

On the Runnerhub, we don't believe in taking players through the same pre-scripted stories; you will never be walked through the same narrative scenario twice on the Runnerhub. Not only are all of our games dynamically created by our GMs to create a new experience every time, but we also constantly have ongoing events behind the scene, with overarching plotlines that are prone to affect the whole world, and the characters in it. Our goal is to create a Sixth World that lives and breathes with the stories of the characters who live in it.

Players Matter

The Runnerhub is a collaborative effort; the stories that come about on the Runnerhub are affected by player choices and decisions. We aren't a distanced group of writers creating a world for some indefinite group of players; GMs write storylines and events based on the things that happen within our world. The events that happen on one run can affect and impact others in the world, and change the course of stories that are made on the Runnerhub.

Getting Involved

We have a pool of GMs who regularly post jobs on /r/Runnerhub for players to apply for as their character, and as of this writing we have over 2,000 subscribers on our subreddit involved in this living campaign.

Sound interesting? Want to get involved? We'd love to have you! Take a look at our new player orientation page and we'll walk you through everything you need to know to get started!

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