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405 Hellhounds


The 405 Hellhounds are one of the more well-known gangs in Bellevue. A violent, mainly human, thrill/go-gang, their name comes from the fact they prowl Route 405, and the namesake paracritter. Flying red and orange colors on both their outfits and their bikes, and a flaming hellhound head for a logo, the gang is a common sight for people driving the 405, and a terrifying one.


The gang has survived on the Bellevue streets for decades, and one of the more well-known leaders over the years was Eddie Tango. Leading the gang throughout the 50s and 60s, Eddie is the reason the gang is known as the 405 Hellhounds. Eddie owned two hellhounds raised from a young age, treating them like both watchdogs and beloved pets.[1] At some point, Eddie either stepped down as leader or was killed (events are unclear), but the gang continued on without him, even keeping the name. It is not known who the current leader is.


The gang mainly makes money by moving goods along the 405, though a lot of the earnings goes to bullets and bike modifications. In the last couple of years they’ve moved into the sex trade, both as protection for Yakuza bunrakus, as well as their own small operations.[2]

Where the gang really gets their rep isn’t in how they make money, but how they get their kicks. The gang is one of the primary reasons why APCs to move wageslaves are a common sight on the 405. Members of the gang often go out to harass commuters, or even directly attack some vehicles. The initiation into the gang even involves taking down a vehicle. Knight Errant sometimes puts out a larger presence on the 405 to stop these assaults, mainly on weekends, though their efforts don’t work as well as they’d like, and vehicle attacks remain common occurrences. [3]


Primarily based in Bellevue, the gang stretches along the entire 405. Occasionally the Fort Lewis military police will get into firefights with the Hellhounds, as while they have jurisdiction on the I-5 in Fort Lewis, they also do some patrols along Route 405[4],[5].


As a go-gang, the gang regularly clashes with other gangs like the Leather Devils, who also ride along the 405.[2]


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