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Welcome to Seattle

Hoi chummers, welcome to the sprawl. New in town? Lifetime native but just getting into the shadows? Local and a veteran but just hitting the hub host? Well, whichever you are, take a seat and have a listen. This is solid paydata for anyone coming into this host.

Seattle’s a city on the edge omae, and that’s the way the citizens like it. We’re shadowrunner mecca, we’re the place to be, scan? What other city you gonna have people bragging about knowing a ‘runner via a few degrees of separation? We’ve got every AAA working here (Even SK, the wrought-iron krauts) and tons of AA and As too. We’ve got every political party and law enforcement agency from the UCAS here. We got the Mafia, the Yaks, Triads, the Vory, the Seoulpa Rings, we even got our little homegrown band of elves the Laesa. We got more gangs than you can toss a grenade at, and some of em are big enough you might just have heard of ‘em outside our borders. In short omae, we are positively vibrating with thugs, suits, and every brand of criminal both obvious and hidden between. And all of ‘em need people that don’t exist to go do things they can’t be seen doing. That means you, for the meathead types.

First off, the big basics. Seattle’s the sole UCAS turf this side of the rockies, from Everett up north down to the Puyallup barrens down south. North to South West to East, it’s the districts of Everett, Snohomish, Downtown, Bellevue, Redmond, Auburn, Tacoma, Renton, Puyallup. Nine districts, each its own damn city in its own right, with its own culture and its own rules to work in. But before I get into the districts, we’re going to get across the basics. Bear with me, and you’ll come out wiser and more street smart for it.



Let’s start with how some of you got here. You either flew, drove, or sailed. Of course, this info’s also gonna be useful if you need to get back out.


Seattle’s got more than its fair share of airports. SeaTac comes to mind of course, but there’s also the strip at Ft Lewis if you used to be a jarhead, and that’s not even getting into the variety of unlabeled and off the grid strips up in Snoho or down in Puyallup. Protip: Don’t use SeaTac. You’re just paying for the hassle of a burnt SIN. [1]


Well, there’s roads. But all of ‘em have checkpoints with the SSC and that’s bad news for our types. Main routes are North, South and East. North and South have got the security but also a lot of daily traffic so it’s not as bad as it could be slipping over ‘em. Eastern road officially occurs on the Redmond-Renton border, and that means sec there is pretty damn lax. So if you gotta drive, use that road. Past just cars and roads, there’s the SanFran maglev, though you’re peeping some pretty high sec there since it goes through elf country - sorry, I mean Tir Tairngire. And all this assumes you care about using actual roads. There’s miles and miles of border technically, and most if it is passable if you know the right sort of wheels to get you past it - and you can deal with the possible critters out there. [2]


Well, we’ve got a whole damn ocean to the west. Pretty useful tool to get folks over here. Don’t be a chump and use the ferries or anything official, that’s just more SIN Checks and hassle. Get to know a real good smuggler and use the backpaths they’ll know, like the San Juan strait or Case Inlet. [3]


Now that’s covered getting in and out. Let’s talk getting around shall we?


Don’t discount it just cuz there’s homeless bums on the bus, omae. Automated buses fill the downtown streets, and they’re pretty common in the nicer areas like Bellevue, Renton and some of Tacoma. They’ll even go to Touristville in Redmond or Puyallup city since there’s anti-tamper measures on the outside to keep petty vandals away. It’s even free inside Downtown, and all of 2 nuyen a ride outside the district. Downtown’s also got the monorail for a faster experience if you don’t mind being limited to the landmarks. [4]


Cars! The UCASian dream. And with cars comes gridguide. Especially Downtown - it’s actively the law to use it at all times, not that we much care for the law most times. Still wise to know if you’re just trying to grab a bite to eat. Of course once you branch out from downtown it gets less and less prevalent - or even serviceable as an option. Don’t own a car? Kind of a bad idea champ, but you do you. In that case, taxi services. EmeraldCab, YellowCab, GridCab, to name a few. Any number of pay-for-ride services out there, even limo services for those of you with more nuyen than sense. Moving on, there’s also a little gem called KeyCar - cars are just parked around at meters. Pay the fee, you get the car! Costs about 15 a month to be on the roster. But these are all legal measures, and we want stuff that’ll let us carry our guns around right? Well, you want GhostRide. Lot of bored riggers drive their cars around as taxis for the right crowd, if you don’t mind trusting you and your doss to some unknown. Protip: have your fixer vet the incoming rigger if you can. [4]


You’d be surprised here, but there’s a number of air taxi services. Emerald Air, Quetzal Shuttle, FedBoeing Air Carriers to name a few. It’ll run you about 100 to start, more if you’re bringing friends, but for that you get a crosstown hop at speed. Not bad eh chummer? [4]


Honestly? Kind of a wash (heheheh) here. The ferries or a smuggler are your only real options unless you own a boat. [4]

The Government

So having talked about how to get in, out and around, let’s talk the folks in "charge" - the government and its lackeys. Don’t laugh - these guys pay big nuyen to have dirty little secrets found, aired, or slammed back in the closet. Seattle’s got the best legal system in the UCAS, and the corps take notice of that, you scan? Never look down on a source of income. [5]

So something to note here - Seattle is a state, right? But it’s also a sprawl. So here’s the deal - it’s got two senators, a buncha house reps, and a governor like any other state. That’s the big boys in charge. But you’ve also got district mayors - the guy in charge of Renton ain’t the same as the guy in charge of Bellevue, and they both answer to the governor. So let’s do a run down.

The Governor used to be a fella named Martin Pierce, before he got geeked out of the blue just before the 2078 election. There was uh, a bit of a fluffup there - more on that in our 'Hub history post- but the winner was a dryad named Mitzy Harlan. She bit it about a year ago - seriously go read that datafile there chummer I ain’t gonna explain it again - and we got Corinne Potter in the most recent election. [6]

Seattle’s got 11 departments in its Cabinet. Admin, Business, Info, Health n Services, Justice, Military, Public Works, Race Relations, Resources, State, and Treasury. You’re as likely to be hired by any of em as not by the way, even the weird ones like Resources - after all, land rights are big biz. [5].

Below them is the Metroplex Congress, but they’re a bit of a boring lot. We’ve also got our little piece of the UCAS pie in our house reps and senators. 1 Republican, 1 Democrat for the senators, 2 Republicans, 2 Technocrats, 1 Democrat and 1 New Century for our house. Eh? Their names? You got a commlink omae you look it up, c’mon now. [7]

Gonna summarize the district stuff here, I only got so much space in this upload and there’s a lot more to talk about. I’ll do the per district writeup later, for now here’s the political movers. [8]

  • Auburn: The Mayor is Tyrone Monzo and his big enemy is Henry Bortle of the Auburn council.
  • Bellevue: Your mayor here is Jon Blake. Scuttlebutt says he was SK before he got into politics.
  • Downtown: Nikola Taul’s the mayor, but she’s smarting from her gubernatorial loss.
  • Everett: Matthew Hilcox wears the hat, and he sure hates the navy for a guy in charge of the location of a frag-off naval base.
  • Ft Lewis: Whodathunkit, but the military has control here.
  • Outremer: Outies are kinda the forgotten children of the sprawl, and that’s the way they like it.
  • Puyallup: Lon Campa’s the mayor here, poor slitch. The syndicates hate him but he’s somehow still alive.
  • Redmond: Good old Sonya Scholl, hero of the little man. She’s been the mayor here for years, and she’s still as plucky as her first day. I blame BTLs myself, but who knows?
  • Renton: Jeremy Lucas just took the hat a few years ago and he thinks he can do good by it, if FedBoeing will let him.
  • Tacoma: Oh boy what a mess. William Duffy’s the mayor, but don’t let that fool you. The syndicates own this town. The gianelli’s own 3 city councilors and half the judges, the yaks own two of the councilors, and the fraggin vory have the other two in their pocket.
  • The OU: Our most recent district, and the one with no mayor yet. Infighting for the top dog and all that.

The Corps

I could write a whole damn book on the corps and their claws in this sprawl, but we’ll make this real quick as I’m sure you’ve all got better places to be and things to be doing.

Seattle leases a lot of its vital services to corps. KE’s got law enforcement (that means they own the contract for the city), Lone Star runs the prisons, City Health Medical runs public health (though let’s be real most folk run Docwagon or CrashCart but hey, public healthcare’s always there), Eta Engineering runs sanitation, Spinglobal runs the public grid, Franklin Associates runs fire , Docwagon runs emergency medical response (See? Told you!), Gaeatronics runs the power plants, MCT runs gridguide, and Shiawase gets the potluck of ‘public works’. [9]

There’s also this little group called the United Corporate Council - its like a round table of the big boys in Seattle where they all get to have a say, nominally, in how the city operates.

Ares, Athabaskan Oil, Aztechnology, Brackhaven Investments, Eastern Tiger, Eta Engineering, FedBoeing, Gaeatronics, Microdeck, MCT, Regency Megamedia, Renraku, Shiawase, Telestrian, UniOmni, and Wuxing all have a seat on this "august" body. As does the Corp Court itself with a rep. You’ll notice a few of the big 10 don’t show up there - this town isn’t just the playground for the big boys after all. [10]

Now I can already hear you whining. “That’s hardly anything!” What, you want me to write whole damn paragraphs on each damn corp in Seattle? You and I both ain’t got time for that drek. Do some in depth research omae, earn that big kids host invite.

The Districts

Okay folks, the real meat of it all. You want the skinny on all the places you’ll be hanging around, not all that fancy big picture stuff right? Here we go. Your own personal guide through the districts.


The lights! The sounds! The action! Home to the corps, the fat-cats, the rich and wealthy. And of course a veritable army of plebs out away from the glittering skyline. Let’s talk facts. Downtown is the crown jewel of the emerald city, and that means the security and corp presence here is sky high. Mandatory GridGuide, mandatory SIN broadcasting, the whole nine yards. That said, it’s still a pit of crime and opportunity, so don’t get too scared just because you’re some lunk with more mass in his muscles than his mind. Just use your head and you’ll be fine. [11]

Downtown Darkness

The real juice starts here. Downtown’s the home to a lot of players big and small. Here’s your paydata on ‘em. [12]

  • The Finnigans are pretty much top dog around here, though it’s by a thread. They run the docks in downtown and have a whole suite of various vices they peddle, and its this income that’s kept them on top of the Mafia overall. You could, if you were brave, even say they’re the alphas of the whole organized crime scene for the sprawl for the moment. But that can change any time, so don’t take it as gospel.
  • The other major player here are the Yakuza, specifically the Shotozumi-gumi. Directly headed by Oyabun Hanzo himself, the yaks prefer the soft approach. They’ve got a hand in the smuggling scene but their real power is in "protection" from the various pockets of control they have in the district. You’d be surprised how often a place you go to eat has yak money in its coffers.
  • Of course, when two dogs fight sometimes a smaller one can grab a bone or two scan? In this case, it’s the Vory. A guy named Gregory “The Red Stare” Orlov runs a big fat gunrunning market right under the nose of the eternal mafia-yak conflict. You need a gun in Downtown fast? Go find Orlov. Just don’t try and haggle.
  • There’s always, always gangs around. The ones you’ll find scurrying around downtown are the Disassemblers, the Halloweeners, and the Troll Killers. The Disassemblers rock grey and white with a skull motif, and they’re bad news. Organleggers to the last, and in bed so deep with Tamanous it’s hard to tell where the gang ends and Tam starts. The Weeners rep orange and black, and they’re bloody nuts. They love fire, fire, and more fire, but you can’t deny they’re free spirits I guess, if crazy. The Killers are a new face on the scene, with their red and green flags. They’re humanis scum really, another front for metahuman violence against, as the name implies, trolls and orks.


Welcome to the rich man’s land. You won’t find a whole lotta slums here, it’s all micro-arcos and luxury APCs here. Bellevue is where the rich and powerful that work in Downtown come to sleep, and you better believe the security is also on the same level. Tread carefully and be smart - people may tolerate you where they work, but they damn well won’t enjoy you drekking the place they lay their heads. Let’s get down to the rundown. [13]

Belleveue Badness

Bellevue’s "underworld" is a bit odd, because again, this is the rich man’s district. That said, there’s still always crime. [14]

  • The syndicate presence here is nearly entirely the Ciarnellos, one of the mafia families. They run every vice from BTL slinging to prison smuggling.
  • There’s gangs here too, mostly on the east side closer to Redmond. The main ones to watch for are the Lake Acids, the 405 Hellhounds, and the Leather Devils. The Acids are this weird cult that used to deal Tempo, but after that all got busted they rebranded as the champions of the disenfranchised forgotten parts of Bellevue residents - aka the orks and trolls that live over in the drek zones near the border. The Hellhounds, as their name implies, prowl the 405 highway, where they enjoy random acts of vehicular violence. The Leather Devils are...unique. They’re like the 405s but they also run male prostitution and enjoy wearing provocative leather outfits. Oh, and there’s also the Nova Rich. These frags are just bored corp brats using their parents money to be dark and hedonistic assholes who play at being a gang.


Ahh, the Tacoma Aroma. That one thing basically sums this city up. It’s a working class town for working class folks. Home of the Tacoma Docks, this place sees a loooot of industry and such. It’s a blue collar town through and through, and boy howdy is the underworld here sizzling. And of course, that means lots of work. [15]

Tacoma Underworld


  • The Shotozumi-gumi holds sway here, though they do it via a corporate mask, called Nightrunner Security. The CEO is one of the gumi’s higher ups.
  • The Gianelli mafia family calls Tacoma its turf, but it’s fighting for it. The main area of control is around old Tony ‘The Chef’’s restaurant, creatively called Gianelli’s.
  • The Kumon’go is one of two extant Seoulpa rings in the city, and they keep their hold here in Tacoma via poison dagger and vicious claw.
  • It’s hard to tell, but the Octagon triad has its stronghold in the subdistrict of Little Asia. Don’t go there if you’re Japanese. Trust me, just don’t. [43]


Everett is defined by two things, omae. The naval yard and the odd dichotomy it has between high tech corp property and slumtown ghettos. The former drives most of its business and is an indelible zone of influence and activity, both good and bad for us types. The latter is a symptom of the strange economic vulnerability it possesses - no one’s sure if Everett’s the next barrens or not, but whatever happens there’s profit to be made. Oh, and we can’t forget the Fed Boeing yards, one of the other major economic powerhouses in the area. Let’s hit the underbelly, where there’s always intrigue. [17], [18], [19]

Everett Evils


  • The Ciarnellos once again run most of the casinos in the eponymous casino corner, but they’ve lost turf recently. They still have fingers in the drug trade though.
  • The Kanaga-Gumi have influence here (and even their own casino), but rather irritatingly for the Shotozumi-rengo they’re a part of, the actual yaks peddling BTLs here are California Yakuza. This means a lot of yak-on-yak conflict. Good nuyen.
  • The 88s Triad runs the Naval yard flesh trade, but not much else around here. They have their niche, it seems.


If Bellevue is where the rich sleep, Renton is where the white collar sleep. It’s the white bread all-UCASian suburb, or so the locals like to act and pretend. What this really means, if you can’t figure it out, is that Metahumans are not welcome here. This place is a Humanis stronghold and has been for years. It’s not even got a proper underbelly really, that’s how freaky and ‘white bread racist’ this place is. [21]

Renton Rundown


  • The Finnigans and Shotozumi have a presence, but not much of one worth noting. The real presence in Renton are two different gangs.
  • The Blood Mountain Boys are a gang of neo-tribals (or at least they pretend to be) and their focus is Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.
  • The Night Hunters on the other hand are psychopaths. It’s not even a proper ‘gang’ just a name any heavily augmented techno-fetishist anti-meta asshole takes up when they go ‘mutant hunting’. The worst of them even get throat augs to howl at each other like fraggin wolves.


If Tacoma has the aroma, Auburn has the Hum. If Tacoma has the docks, Auburn has the factories. This is industry town, blue collar to the core. There is at least one factory somewhere in the district running no matter what day, and what hour. It’s how the ‘hum’ got its name. That blue collar mindset makes the place real insular though. Auburnites don’t like to talk to outsiders much, so have a care. [23]

Auburn Awfulness


  • There isn’t much to speak of here either. Ciarnellos have the mob presence here covered, reeling to try and grab their old turf back from losses they took in the decades since the glory days. No one else really has any major fingers. Yet.


Snohomish is the sprawl’s breadbasket. Out here, there’s farmland. Greenery! Agribusiness and good old boys living off the land and feeding their fellow humans. And preferably no one else, if they had their way. Snohomish is even more racist than Renton, with metaracist ‘training facilities’ hidden amongst the farms, corporate blacksties, and the other shady bits that dot the landscape. And if that wasn't enough, there’s a magical antique market here of all things. [25]

Snohomish Shadows


  • First off let’s talk Humanis. They’ve got a real big presence here, not helped by the fact that old scumball Brackhaven’s got a family home here. Humanis has infiltrated nearly every level of Snohomish society, and you better believe they’re the biggest lawbreakers around - not that they ever see the inside of a court.
  • The Finnigans have a hold here too. Angelo Luposcelli runs their operations here, and he’s a big fan of his local men being augmented. They run guns, drugs, and the keeping of safehouses. A lot of the former two go to humanis (big surprise), but the safehouses are the big draw for runners
  • There’s gangs here too. First Nations, Rusted Stilettos, Crimson Crush, and the Ancients. More on these folks in later district areas, as - surprise! - they’re all here in addition to their main grounds. Funny that. The First Nations at the very least are getting supplies from the SSC.

Fort Lewis

Cold, clean, and devoid of any real enjoyment in life. Am I talking about the military or a corp? Hard to tell! This time though I mean the military, and their stomping grounds in Seattle, Fort Lewis. The fort’s actually pretty clean and lush at times - the military doesn’t hold with a lot of the drek KE will. After all, KE has a bottom line they have to stay above, the military can define its own bottom line from taxpayer dollars. That said, there’s still crime of course. It’s just much better kept under the rug. Let’s have a view under it shall we? [27]

Fort Lewis Crimes


  • The big thing here is that most actual crime is done via middlemen. NCOs or Officers who have a pipeline out can make good nuyen feeding vice into the barracks,so to speak. That said, the Mafia runs drugs. Specifically the Finnegans as usual. The Triads run prostitution. Both syndicates run a bit of ‘midnight shop’ style, where the actual location you’ll want to go changes by the week - or even day - as the brass cracks down (or is made to crack down despite being customers themselves)


Oh boy. Take a deep deep breath omae. Smell that? It’s desperation. It’s violence. It’s crime and hard life and gang wars. It’s Redmond, chummer. Welcome to the Barrens. The nicest place you’ll find here is Touristville, where corp brats can pretend to live in the streets for a night and be seen as a tough for their friends. But it’s still as I mention above got a government, and that government still fights to try and improve this hellhole. We’re gonna talk about the crime scene, and I’ll even avoid the joke of “Crime? Yes” that comes to mind for Redmond. [29]

Redmond Ragers


  • There’s a few syndicate ops here, mostly Mafia and Yaks doing a little dealing. But the real power in Redmond is gangs.
  • The Brain Eaters operate in Touristville. They wear black over white, and every last one wears a red Fez. Like the goofy hat, yes. The’re a tech gang and they have some pretty hot trix talent.
  • The Crimson Crush run out of Central Redmond. They’re all orks to the man, and they wear red. Lots of it. They’re vicious as dogs, but they care for the folks that live in their turf, which buys them a lot of goodwill amongst said folk.
  • The Red Hot Nukes lurk a bit east of Touristville. Dwarves only, grey and red colors. If you need boomboom, you go to the Nukes. Simple and easy eh?
  • The Rusted Stilettos operate from Glow City (yes, they’re nuts). They run Black and blood-red. They do a bit of BTLs, a bit of smuggling, and they offer protection to anyone brave or desperate enough to live in Glow City.
  • The Death Heads terrorize the 520 freeway, black and chrome colors. They’re a newer gang that like going fast and like running goods across the redmond SSC border. You’ll never see them without their bikes.
  • The Spiders have their HQ in Brain Heaven. Colors are black or brown with red web patterns or tats. They’re real focused on fighting ‘evil magics’, which usually means toxics or bugs.

It isn’t a part of the underworld per se, but it bears talking about the Body Mall here in Redmond. It’s where you go if you need augs and you dont care from where and you don’t care who puts it in. Just watch who you let put a knife in you. [31]


Welcome to the other barrens. It’s not quite as full of crime and filth and poverty, though it replaces that with a fragton of ash and actual barren wastes. It’s a place of contrasts. Pristine lava flows from the old Rainier eruption next to abandoned tenement blocks retaken over by squatters. The oddly beautiful streets of Tarislar, bastion of the elven refugees, and down the road a few klicks is Loveland, home of vice and debauchery for sale. It’s a little better than Redmond, but that’s like being a little more alive than a corpse. Let’s talk deets.[32]

Puyallup Problems


  • The Gianellis make this place their home. Oddly enough their don, Joseph, doesn't run the place. That’s Enzo Gianelli, his nephew’s job. They’re tough little dreks and they fight hard to keep this place their turf.
  • Their main rivals are the Kenran-kai, the bastard children of the Shotozumi. Full of punks from two past gumis that either got destroyed or put down and funneled in, the Kenran are pretty open for yaks - they’ll take metas in their ranks, which gives them the edge they need to keep even with the Gianellis.
  • The third syndicate presence here are the Laesa. It’s all elves, and they’re mysterious fraggers. Far as folk can tell they run high end escort services, where the gimmick is your joygirl or boy takes a dose of mindwipe drug at the end so all the crazy drek you did or they saw goes away. It pays well and they do some smuggling out of the Tir as well. Beyond that, not a whole lot is known.
  • Speaking of elves, you can’t talk Puyallup crime without The Ancients. They’re a go-gang on steroids, rumor has it they’re more a militia than a gang nowadays. If you see green bikes, green hair, and pointy ears, watch yourself and keep a low head around the ash wastes.
  • It might not be a gang or syndicate, but crime here in Puyallup has a shopping mall. Accurately named the Crime Mall, this mishmash of bazaar, street market, and black market clearinghouse will sell you pretty much anything your little black heart desires for a price. Just don’t try and take a 5 finger discount - you’ll end up with a 7.62 discount instead.

Oh, and I should probably talk about Tarislar a bit too. It’s a little enclave down at the very southern edge of Seattle, founded by elves fleeing the Night of Rage back in the 20s and 30s. It’s got a bit of all metas, but its predominantly elven. The laesa and Ancients both patrol, and they even got a KE contract - not that the pawns come out very often. If you’re an elf, or friends with a few, you might just find a hiding spot down there comes pretty easy. [34]


The foggy, overcast isles! People tend to forget Outremer’s a thing a lot of the time - you’d be surprised how many native seattleites even think it’s part of the SSC or something. But no, those little islands out there are part of our glorious metroplex. There’s five of them, specifically. Bainbridge, Vashon, Fox, Mcneil, and Anderson. Oh, and if you ask the locals, they’re hardly part of Seattle anyways - so both sides tend to want to forget about the other. I bet you saw a name there you recognized and you’d be correct. Vashon the island is where Vashon Island the Shiawase subsidiary is located. Shocker. Bainbridge runs the show for the islands as a whole though, since MCT made the place a corp complex for the rich to live away from smog and plebs. [35]

Outremer Outsiders

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  • Crime on Bainbridge is a one op shop. The Yaks own this place due to the MCT ties. There’s even a weird pecking order where how high up in the towers you live is based on your rank in the yakuza.
  • Over on Vashon there’s a bit of a mix. The Finnigans run some gambling. The Shotozumi have some bunraku parlours, because you can’t go anywhere without bunraku parlours in this sprawl. The Yellow Lotus triad run a few general dens of debauchery where chips, joygirls and drugs can be yours. All of this is in the sole urban area of the island, the the yaks offer services to the Shiawase wageslaves as well.
  • Fox Island is Amerind and proud. The Koshari run biz here - that’s the Amerind mafia for those of you who don’t know. There’s a few amerind gangs too - the First Nations and Sly Devils have a bit of rivalry here. The Nations work smuggling, but the Devils work the docks.
  • McNeil is a prison island, and as one might expect, that means mafia. Nick ‘The Surgeon’ Sasso runs business for the Finnigans. He’s an actual surgeon too, or was. Got messed up saving Eterina O’Malley and earning the Family’s favor.
  • Anderson has no real crime scene save for a lot of us runners doing jobs for rich bitter old biddies. You ever get hired to steal a horse statue that’s been stolen back and forth 8 times in a single year? It’s that kind of place.

The Ork Underground

It’s currently in vogue amongst ‘society’ to just call it ‘The Seattle Underground’, but don’t ever forget its actual name chummer. This place has seen more violence caused in recent years that you can imagine, all stemming from the vote to turn it into an actual district. Now it’s in a strange in between - it’s still the safe haven and community it used to be, but there’s corporate and government pushbodies here trying to ‘make it a real place’. Some folks want that. Some folks hate it. No matter what though, if you’ve got tusks you’re as safe as you can be down here. They don’t hold with selling out their fellows. If you lack tusks, be a lot more wary. Some ‘streets’ are safe as pie. Some are liable to see you dead for your ears. And if you’re a dwarf, be very wary. Dwarf/Ork tensions were the reason this place went from “Seattle underground’ to ‘ork underground’ in the first place, and all those dwarves coming down here with deeds and land claims now that prop 23 passed, booting orks out from their squats, is not helping matters. [41]

Underground Underworld


  • Crime down here is either the Seoulpa rings, or one of two gangs. The Skraacha take on the role of ‘gang as community protectors’ but they still take protection money and they still rough up the ‘wrong’ metas who dare come down here, and the Bot’Kham are the outright predatory gang, only keeping their sights off the natives for fear of Skraacha retaliation.

The End

Well chummer, that about covers it. You’ve heard about the government, you’ve heard how to get around, you’ve heard about the broad corp scenario, and I’ve gone and given you a look into each of the districts. Hope it’s been helpful, otherwise why are you reading this far down? See you on the flipside.

And remember, watch your back,shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never make a deal with a dragon. Welcome to seattle omae, city of dreams. And ditches.


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  • [11] - Emerald Shadows Pg 13
  • [12] - Emerald Shadows Pg 14-15
  • [13] - Emerald Shadows Pg 18
  • [14] - Emerald Shadows Pg 19-20
  • [15] - Emerald Shadows Pg 23
  • [16] - Emerald Shadows Pg 24-25
  • [17] - Emerald Shadows Pg 30
  • [18] - Emerald Shadows Pg 32
  • [19] - Emerald Shadows Pg 33
  • [20] - Emerald Shadows Pg 30-31
  • [21] - Emerald Shadows Pg 34
  • [22] - Emerald Shadows Pg 35-36
  • [23] - Emerald Shadows Pg 39
  • [24] - Emerald Shadows Pg 40
  • [25] - Emerald Shadows Pg 45
  • [26] - Emerald Shadows Pg 47-48
  • [27] - Emerald Shadows Pg 52
  • [28] - Emerald Shadows Pg 53-54
  • [29] - Emerald Shadows Pg 57
  • [30] - Emerald Shadows Pg 58-59
  • [31] - Emerald Shadows Pg 59
  • [32] - Emerald Shadows Pg 62
  • [33] - Emerald Shadows Pg 63-65
  • [34] - Emerald Shadows Pg 66
  • [35] - Emerald Shadows Pg 72
  • [36] - Emerald Shadows Pg 73
  • [37] - Emerald Shadows Pg 75
  • [38] - Emerald Shadows Pg 77-78
  • [39] - Emerald Shadows Pg 80
  • [40] - Emerald Shadows Pg 81
  • [41] - Emerald Shadows Pg 83-84
  • [42] - Emerald Shadows Pg 85
  • [43] - Runnerhub Wiki: Octagon

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