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Rules Division Policy

Why a Rules Division?

If you have a rules question, concern or unclear situation that can’t be answered using the Shadowrun 5E core rulebook and official supplements, that’s a case for the Rules Division.

The rules division is there to give answers to such questions. If such a case comes up, don’t ask other players or GMs, because there is no guarantee that their interpretation is in line with the official Runnerhub ruling. Only the Rules Division can give a reliable answer to such questions.

You can reach the Rules Division by submitting a rules ticket. How you do that is described below.

However, before you submit a ticket make sure that your question can’t be answered by the official Shadowrun 5E material and hasn’t been covered in the Runnerhub House Rules already . The Rules Division is not there to answer your general rules questions, but to give definitive answers to issues that can’t be resolved with the official Shadowrun 5E material.

Please note that Rules Division won’t be able to provide answers on the spot. If an issue comes up during a game, the GM of that game has full authority to make a temporary ruling himself. This ruling is only valid for that specific game and won’t necessarily be the same as the official Runnerhub ruling.

Submitting tickets

How to submit a rules ticket

  • Fill out the Runnerhub Rules Ticket Submission form.
  • This detailed description must contain the following:
    • The rule in question, and why it is an issue (preferably including page references to relevant sections in the official material).
    • Whether this is an issue that directly affects your characters or has come up in play.
    • Your own thoughts on how to interpret the rule.

What happens after I submit a ticket?

  • It will automatically be added to Rules Division's own internal list of submitted tickets.
  • The members of the Rules Division will then discuss the issue and come up with a definitive interpretation.
  • Once a conclusion has been reached, the new ruling will be passed on to Upkeep Division and added to the RunnerHub house rules page on the wiki.
  • All changes to the house rules will also be publicized in an update post on /r/RunnerHub.

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