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Runnerhub Wiki Style Guide

Our goal here at the Runnerhub wiki is to maintain a consistent style between all pages, so everyone who is editing the wiki needs to be on the same page as to how formatting on this wiki should look. This page does not cover the basics of the syntax of how to use this wiki's markup (consult google if you are unsure of how the various syntax works), but rather the subjective use of formatting on the wiki to keep everything consistently formatted between all the different collaborators.

As it is the biggest and primary page on this wiki, all our wiki formatting for this wiki is based around the format present on the House Rules page. If there are any doubts or anything not mentioned here, format your work in the same way it is done as the House Rules page.


While there are numerous heading styles available on the PMWiki platform, the following are the heading codes we use on Runnerhub Wiki.

Page Titles
  • Pages by default do not have titles. At the very start of any page you create, please make a title using the following markup:
!Page Title

Page Title

Primary Section Headings
  • For the very utmost defining section titles of a page other than the page title, use the following markup:
!!Primary Section Title

Primary Section Title

  • These headers span a divider line across the whole page, so they are intended for use as the backbone of the structure dividing up the sections of information in a page, or in those cases where the subjects they divide are almost-but-not-quite different-enough to have separate wiki pages.
Secondary Section Headings
  • For a header that is underlined but does not span a divider across the whole page, use the following markup:
!!!!{+Secondary Section Heading+}

Secondary Section Heading

  • These are used to divide up the information found within primary sections into smaller sections of relevant information. These headings are used when dividing up information about a topic that is different enough to need divided headings, but all still falls under the purview of the primary section title.
Tertiary Section Headings
  • For a header that is underlined but does not span a divider across the whole page, and also gets nested under a secondary section heading in the TOC, use the following markup:
!!!!!{+Tertiary Section Heading+}
Tertiary Section Heading
  • This heading is for those times when you want to have another secondary section heading, but you have have so much nested information that you want a section to get nested within a secondary section in the page Table of Contents.
  • Avoid using this style of heading unless absolutely necessary for clarity of page navigation.
Subsection Headings
  • For a bolded but not underlined heading, use the following markup:
!!!!!!%color=#bfbfbf%'''Subsection Heading'''
Subsection Heading
  • These are what I like to call "bullet point headings". They're the smallest level of heading, and are used for dividing up primary or secondary sections into tiny morsels of information much akin to the primary 'bullet points' of the section. Note how these headers are used on this very page— that's how you should be using them :)


Tables are annoying, just like on any wiki, so there's a lot of leeway in making them, but there are some general guidelines on how they should look, which I'll walk through after giving an example:

||border=4 frame=hsides width=30%
|| '''Value''' || '''Cost''' ||
|| ''1'' || ''100¥'' ||
|| ''2'' || ''200¥'' ||
  • border=4: This sets the border thickness for the table frames. For consistency, this should always be set to 4.
  • frame=hsides: This sets the table frames to only be vertically open on the sides, and framed on the insides. Just leave this value constant between all tables that you make unless there's some special and explainable reason not to for the specific situation. Please note that on Contacts pages, the contact information table uses vsides.
  • width=30%: Change the width value to something reasonable for the individual table. The bigger the table, the higher the width percent should be. Just be aware that this variable is based on the window size of the page, so you should do your best to make the value something reasonable for mobile (portrait) and ultrawide viewers of the page.
  • Table headers/data descriptors (e.g. "cost, "value", "availability", "time", etc.) should be in bold.
  • The actual contents in a table (e.g. actual information, not just titles of things) should be in italics.

For a more complex example of how a table should look, check out the formatting on the table for repairing damaged items on the House Rules page.

New Pages

When creating a new page, it should be nested under the relevant section of information.

Let's use the House Rules page as an example for this:



As you can see, the House Rules page is nested under the Rules section. Note that such nesting only goes one level deep, and recursive nesting isn't a thing.

The current available sections to nest under are as follows:

  • NewPlayers
  • Rules
  • Resources
  • Contacts
  • Fluff
  • GM
  • Wiki

If you think that none of the available sections meet the needs of the page you are creating to nest under or would like to recommend a new section to be added, please contact Neon and we can get it figured out :)


Unless it is vitally important to have a large image on a page, please upload a thumbnail for displaying images on pages. You can upload a larger version of the image and link to it if you would like, however it is important that you upload and use a separate thumbnail image, not just scale the image down in size using wiki format tools. The reasoning behind this is that images are the single largest part of a page on this website, in terms of filesize, so the easiest way to save bandwidth (which I have to pay for if it exceeds a certain usage) is to use the smallest sizes of images possible when possible.

Thumbnails should follow the following guidelines:

  • The thumbnail should not have to be scaled down at all in order to appropriately fit on the page it is being uploaded to.
  • The thumbnail should be in the .jpg format (unless it is a vector image, in which case a png will be smaller).
  • The thumbnail should be at least at 80% compression when you size-down and save the image you are turning into a thumbnail.

Contact Pages

  • The template page that all contact pages should follow is the page for Johnny Cab.
    • Please copy the format for that page and edit as appropriate when creating a new contact page.
  • Make sure to include (:notoc:) in a separate line at the top of every contact page to disable to table of contents from appearing on the page. The table of contents on this site throws off the formatting for the right-hand sidebar contact information.


  • When possible, encapsulate dicepool notations in [@preformatted text@]

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