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Once a small-time gang who got a big break, the Ragers are, or rather were, one of the more prominent gangs in Tacoma. Primarily metahuman, with a focus on orks and trolls with some dwarves and a few changelings, the gang takes their name from the Night of Rage. [1] Flying a solemn black and grey coloring, the gang has taken a few hits over the years, and are on the verge of vanishing.


Early 2060s

As mentioned before, the Ragers name comes from the Night of Rage. Despite a large number of the members having nothing to do with the event due to age, the name struck a chord with the gangers. Their leader over the years was HardRain, though not much is known about him. [2] Throughout the 2060s, the gang held territory on the Tacoma docks, controlling some smuggling and protection business in the area. A large part of what the gang did was beat down humans on their turf, however, under the excuse of never forgetting the Night of Rage, and other similar ideas. The gang would end up fighting against both the Yakuza and the Mafia; the former for their racist beliefs, the latter because the gang didn’t trust the Bigio family, who were trying to ally with the Ragers. [1] The Vory would eventually make overtures to the gang as well, with mixed results. [3]

Late 2060s to 2070s

Where the Ragers hit a large break was when tempo became one of the more popular drugs in Seattle. During the Tempo Crisis, the Ragers suddenly went from small-time to a known pusher of tempo in Tacoma. There were many theories about where the Ragers were getting their product, ranging from the Seoulpa Rings, Mafia to even the Yakuza, despite their hatred. [2] The Ragers had already established a working relationship with the Gianelli mafia family after years of fighting to avoid being wiped out, and part of the Ragers would end up working with the Bilotkiy Vory as well, though there were always some disagreements about that. [4], [2] There were even a few rumors that some of the Ragers let info slip about Tempo shipments to one of the shestiorkas of the Vory. [5] The suppliers turned out to be the Komun’go Ring, though this information came to light after the Tempo Crisis ended. [6] Until that point, though, a lieutenant named Caine ran the tempo operations in Tacoma. [2]

Current Day

Today the Ragers are a shell of their former self. With the leaders presumably in jail or dead after the Tempo Crisis was resolved, as no information about them has been heard for some time, remnants of the gang have stuck around getting their thrills from knocking over businesses, beating in human heads, and the like. Their smuggling and protection businesses aren’t as strong, and recently they’ve clashed with the Spikes in a sort of vandalism turf war. [7] It remains to be seen how long the gang will last without a known leadership or the connections they had back during the early 2070s, and it seems unlikely they’ll make any sort of resurgence.


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