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Blood Mountain Boys


A neo-primitive gang, the Blood Mountain Boys revel in the old ways. From their leather gear, tribal tattoos, ritual scarification, and elaborate warpaint, they do their best to look tough and represent there Amerindian heritage. Their colors are red and brown [1]. Befitting their respect for the old ways, they’re one of the most enduring gangs in the Renton area, having operated from prior to 2050 [2].

Their leader is Necrosis, a tough and vicious human who has a remarkable mind for long scale planning. He goes to great lengths to ensure his gang doesn’t step on the toes of the Yaks or Mafia [2].

While displaying the urban-tribal aesthetic, they don’t have a lot of Awakened in their ranks. Most tend to die off in gang fights or are put down by gang lieutenants looking to avoid a challenge [3].

Territory & Operations

The Blood Mountain Boys ride in Renton and Intercity 169, making their cash from the BTL trade, smuggling for a bigger syndicate, or protection rackets [1],[2]. While they sell BTLs, the chips are too high tech for the gang’s aesthetic and are banned from use - they much prefer to party hard on non-digital drugs and alcohol [1].


  • The Kumon’go Seoulpa Ring have Blood Mountain Boys as a subordinate gang in Snohomish and north Redmond [4][5].
  • Knight-Errant ostensibly hates all gangs, but is particularly on the hunt for the Blood Mountain Boys. Lone Star’s failure to address this nuisance is a straightforward opportunity for KE to earn kudos in the eyes of the public [3].


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