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The Disassemblers are gang located in southern Downtown in Seattle.[1] They are primarily organleggers. They are one of the gangs that work for Tamanous.

Their colors are white and grey and their symbol is a grinning skull and they tend to tattoo it on their face.[1] Their members are primarily orks and trolls with a few humans and dwarfs.[3]

The Gang originally formed from a few small time organlegger and body-snatcher, but grew quickly. They grew by selling body parts to Tamanous which in turn gave them better gear and helped the Disassemblers to a better distribution network.[3] Their merchandise is acquired from all forms of life. They get them from random passersby, from casualties of gang wars, from hospitals and from People they were paid to kill.[2],[3]

They are the front-line of Tamanous in Seattle together with the 162.[3] The Disassemblers and 162 are in a rivalry to become the exclusive partner of Tamanous.[2]

There are numerous rumors about that the Initiation in the gang requires eating raw flesh which the initiates are told is Meta-Human flesh[1] . This might point to them being a Wendigo cult.


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