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"Hoi Lads. It’s been quite a while since we had a data dump here on the board, mostly we leave you to yourself for resources, and I’m not one to tell you how to work. For the greenhorns out there though, sometimes we drop a datafile like the one below. The shadows aren’t a forgiving place to learn a lesson, and some of our own are willing to share their knowledge. I’ve gotten in touch with some of those veterans to share their perspectives on certain elements of the shadows. Read on, you might learn something."

  • WhiteGhost

Honor Among Thieves

Written by Ōgi aiming to cover what it means to have a code that you live by and how to interact when you have such individuals on your team.

Remember That You're (Meta)Human

In The shadows, augging yourself can be the only option to keeping your edge. Sometimes it's a necessary evil to replace what you've lost. Sometimes, you just want to have the latest trick in your toolkit to make the job easier. Whatever your reason, augmentations can make you more than human, all for the low, low price of your sanity.

One of the hub's own Street Samurai has some advice on not crossing that line which separates professionals from cold psychotic killing machines.


While you lot use the matrix every day, not many of you live there. Even fewer of you know about how deep the rabbit hole goes. One of our resident hubbites and gifted hacker, Spook is going to give you a rundown on parts of the grid that most people are still fuzzy on. As always: Pay attention, it might save your life.

La Belle Néo-Révolution

A look at France in 2080, courtesy of Jackpoint's Sysop Bull, with contributions from Sim-Eon and Is0bel75.

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