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Earning GMP

General Merit Points (GMP) are the system of currency that is used on Runnerhub. GMP can be earned for various forms of participation on Runnerhub.

One point of GMP can be exchanged for:

  • 1 Karma
  • 3000 ¥

You are free to choose whether you would like to receive either karma or nuyen for each point that is awarded to a character. GMP may only be redeemed on characters with at least one run under their belt. GMP does not count toward career karma for the purpose of gaining street cred.

When earned, GMP may be banked for use at a later date. If you choose to bank your GMP, you must leave a note stating that you are putting your GMP in the bank as soon as you receive the GMP, and you must then link back to where the GMP was earned whenever you choose to redeem the GMP. It is solely your responsibility to keep track of how much GMP you have, and undocumented GMP cannot be reclaimed at a later date.

An acceptable method of tracking your GMP is via a spreadsheet with clear delineation where the GMP was awarded from.

The Executive Board and Division Heads have the sole responsibility of awarding GMP to individuals. This is typically done via private message or public posting.

How to Earn GMP

If you are interested in earning more karma or nuyen, there are many ways for players and GMs to earn a little extra karma or nuyen.

GMP may earned by doing any of the following:

  • Work for the Runnerhub Wiki.
  • Creation of minor tools to help the Hub (only if they are used)
  • Hosting a run according to the Runnerhub GM guide (found on this Wiki's Home page). - Range from 4 to 8GMP base with bonuses adding up to 12GMP max
    • Additional GMP is available for:
      • +1 GMP - Each person who has not been on a run (player, not character) in 2 weeks or more.
      • +1 GMP - Each person who has had less than 5 games as a player on the hub.
      • +1 GMP - If this is the person’s first game on the hub.
      • +2 GMP - If the run was a meta run.
  • Major Tools for the Hub
  • Major Hub projects like current subreddit construction or maintenance.
  • Completion of bounties on the Bounty Board

Divisional Duties

When performing duties as a member of staff you also receive GMP. Below are the following rewards per division.

Character Creation Division:

  • 2 GMP per month
  • 1 GMP per Peer Review or Sheet Checked

Interpersonal Division:

  • 5 GMP monthly stipend.

For further explanation of the Interpersonal Division positions please consult the ID Structure and Expectations Document

Thematics Division:

  • 4 GMP Monthly Stipend
  • 4 GMP for Interview
  • 2 GMP for reviewing a Run Outline
  • 1 GMP for reviewing an AAR or News Article
  • A certain amount of GMP determined by the TD Head for the completion of odd jobs.

Upkeep Division:

  • GMP bonuses are granted on a case by case basis by the Upking/Upqueen
  • Funding of a critical service required for the functionality of the Runnerhub.
  • 4 GMP a month stipend if active.

Rules Division:

  • Staff are paid a stipend 2 GMP for regular activity.
  • During periods of increased workload RD Head may award bonus GMP.

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