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The First Nations are a large All-Amerindian gang in Seattle participating in every type of vice and crime in the area. With only around 130 members in the mid late 2050s, they have grown massively in size and power to over 2000 members in 2071 and continue to grow aggressively today[12], [13]. Their gang colors are blue in obvious Amerindian stylings [3].

The First Nations are led by a Salish elf called Blood-of-the-Buffalo [3]. Blood-of-the-Buffalo, known to be a powerful shaman, has repeatedly publicly stated that he wants to make the First Nations the premier Amerindian gang in North America, seeing them as Native American analogues to the Ancients[13] [19]. He has done a phenomenal job of recruiting from all over the NAN and integrating the wild patchwork of tribes and customs into one ethnic syndicate[13]. Blood-of-the-Buffalo’s second in command is the lead shaman of the gang, Walks-with-Spirits[3].

The First Nations is dependent on having a huge membership and lots of guns to go with it. They actively recruit members with military experience and will send members to join the military so they can bring that experience back to the gang[13]. This method has been successful enough that the First Nation is known to have members who have served in the Salish Rangers [11], [13].


In the 2050’s, the First Nations were a small gang allied with the Shotozumi-rengo and working off of Council island. The Shotozumi had promised the budding First Nations leadership the role as their primary BTL dealer in Seattle if they proved themselves. Their belabored efforts were never enough which led the First Nations to break ties with the Shotozumi-rengo [7][12].

At the end of 2071, the gang joined the Komun’go and Haida Dogmen to form a single entity. They unified and consolidated their power and resources to take over the local area. In the relationship, the First Nations are the street level assets - drug dealers and distributors for the Komun’go drugs and merchandise [4].

In the gang wars that grew from the fight for control over Tempo distribution in Seattle, the First Nations gang took the brunt of the losses. As the face of Tempo in the criminal underworld, everyone knew that is where you should hit first [5]. This initial power struggle for territorial control escalated when the Shotozumi, Shigeda-gumi, Kenran-kai, and their associated subordinate gangs all declared war on the First Nations and their Komun’go backers [6]. While not in open war today, the relationship is still one of passionate hatred.



Historically, the First Nation’s turf was the docks north of the Arcology. They have expanded rapidly and, through their partnership with the Komun’go and Dogmen, now have multinational operations.

Everett & Council Island

The home turf of the First Nations. The First Nations fully control all drug and BTL trade in these regions. The KondOrchid Shipping Depot in Everett was a primary contact point for First Nation Tempo distributors [16], [17], [19].


The First Nations are aggressively expanded into north Redmond and the Verge after severing their relationship with the Shotozumi-rengo [3].The First Nations have a strong presence in Touristville and have fought off the Crimson Crush to take that territory[1]]. While this was initially thought to be linked to the ‘Dogmen’ smuggling operation or other relationships with the Koshari, it was likely due to take control of the unpatrolled Z-zone that would allow the import of Tempo [3] [18],.


The First Nations have a presence in downtown Seattle [15],.



The First nations are expanding aggressively south into the PCC and the Denver sprawl [13]. The First Nations and their Dogmen partners have around 50 people smuggling into Denver and running some vice parlors [21],.


The First Nations have been expanding into the Cheyenne sprawl. While it is calm now, a war between the Lakota Mafia, the Ancients, and the First Nations is brewing [23]. A primary hangout spot for the gang is Phoenix’s Tavern, on the outskirts of south Cheyenne, just along I-25 inside the sprawl limits. Be warned: no anglos allowed [24].


The First Nations are a large, full service gang working in drugs, BTLs, weapons, petty crime, and protection rackets. Additionally, they dabble in the organlegging trade, selling organs acquired from Overlake and Cougar Mountain hospitals back into the Seattle Metroplex [14],. This supports the Komun’go’s organlegging business and, in return, are well-financed and equipped from this relationship. Many First Nations members are getting second-hand cyber- and bio-ware from syndicate connections and are equipped with increasingly better weapons, armor, and technology [13].

Diplomatic Relations

The Komun’go are highly intertwined with the Seattle Amerindian population and have hired the first nations for protection gigs and several small-time smuggling operations [3]. The emissary of the First Nations to the Kumon’go is the shaman Sally Littletree [10]

The Yakuza hate the Komun’go with a fiery passion and the First nation as a byproduct. Hanzo Shotozumi was very unhappy with the loss of control of the First Nations and their departure from selling BTLs to move Tempo [21]. While not in open war, they will go out of their way to damage or harm them when given the opportunity.

The Ragers were primary competitors with the First Nations when dealing Tempo in the Tacoma area. They clashed frequently[21].

The Haida Dogmen are integral partners with the First Nations and the Komun’go, serving as their logistics and transportation arm. If First Nations product is crossing a border, it is usually with the help of the Dogmen [10].

The Ancients have mutually beneficial dealings with the First Nations. The First Nations sees them as allies and respects them at an ideological level[13].

The Koshari and First Nations are at war over encroachments into one another territories - the First Nations actively trying to expand south into the PCC while the Koshari are sending tendrils north in into the SSC [13]. The First Nation worked for the Koshari after their violent separation from the Yakuza [9].

The Scatterbrains, a very strange ‘prank’ gang operating out of the Everett dockyards are known by the First Nations and share some space, but have yet to step on one another’s toes [20],.

Fun Facts

The Cavalier Arms Urban Tribe Tomahawk is a very popular choice of sidearm in the First Nation gang [8]


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