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The Halloweeners


If there’s one gang that truly symbolizes Seattle, it would probably be the Halloweeners. Violent, psychotic, in it for the thrills and all the fire they can start, the Halloweeners are one of the quintessential thrill gangs of the sprawl. It’s not hard to recognize the gangers, as their style is mainly orange and black colors, and plenty of Halloween-style outfits, though bandannas or just Halloween masks tend to be the most common. Their logo also happens to be of a flaming pumpkin, fitting for a Halloween-themed gang. [1]


The gang got their starts as a regular thrill gang, with the original leader, Slash-And-Burn, leading the pack in the usual thrill gang nonsense. Eventually, the gang knocked over a Renraku executive, and Renraku responded by massacring the gang, leaving only Slash-And-Burn and a couple other members alive. After the massacre, the Halloweeners turned from a simple thrill gang into a gang designed to screw the corps over, as a middle finger to Renraku and all other corporations. [2]

The gang’s mission changed around the late 60s and early 70s. After getting into a war with the Ancients and getting their hoops kicked, Slash-And-Burn was killed, and the gang was leaderless until a new one stepped up to the forefront [3]. That leader would become known as Nightmare. Not much is really known about Nightmare. No one knows if they’re male or female, how old they are, where they came from, and so on.


Their initiation ritual was ‘burning in’, which consisted of breaking into a corporate building and standing in the middle of a flaming circle for up to 20 minutes. Supposedly this was to represent Slash-And-Burn surviving the massacre in the gang’s old hideout. [2] Ever since Nightmare took over after Slash-And-Burns death [3], the gang’s taken a more violent turn.


There’s all sorts of rumors about who Nightmare is. A bored corper, an undercover cop, Slash-and-Burn’s corpse walking about thanks to some spirit or just some HMHVV-infected person; you name it, the rumor’s there. And some of the stories about Nightmare are plain terrifying: ranging always being on fire and not being harmed; literally scaring people to death; or sucking their soul out, and not like how a vampire would do it [2]. Because of this, one particular rumor is that Nightmare is some sort of shadow spirit, or something worse than a shadow spirit. Much worse (though those rumors are hard to pin down and never really elaborate on what that something worse is). A few people in the know (and a few BTL-heads) also say Nightmare has his hands on some sort of magical artifact, a tarot card. What Nightmare wants with one of those is anyone’s guess, but whatever it is, it can’t be anything good. If it’s true he has his hands on one. No matter what, though, a few things are for certain: Nightmare is likely magical and particularly powerful, the gang’s getting more and more violent by the day, and Nightmare’s not going to be stepping down willingly any time soon.


Considering their main territory is downtown, they won’t be hard to spot among the wageslaves, or next to them beating some heads in. You can also find them at the Jackal’s Lantern, one of their main hideouts and a bar in Redmond. [1]


The gang is into more indiscriminate violence (though corpers still tend to come first, and elves are higher up on the list since the war with the Ancients), more fire in any form, and is even selling BTLs. The BTLs are focused on terror and violence, which fits Nightmare’s style. Rumors even put surface-to-air missiles in the gang’s hands, but those are generally being dismissed as just that, rumors. [4]


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