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The Yellow Lotus


The Yellow Lotus Triad in Seattle is the last remaining branch of the Yellow Lotus triad in Hong Kong, which was wiped out in a war with the Red Dragon Association. Some of the survivors came to Seattle, and since then it has become the most powerful triad in Seattle. Their main territory is the Downtown district, but they have influence in the Puyallup Barrens as well. [1],[2],[3],[4],[5]


The Yellow Lotus Triad in Hong Kong at one point was one of the three main triads in the city, alongside the Red Dragon Association and the Black Chrysanthemum. The Red Dragons went to war with the Yellow Lotus and destroyed their presence in hong kong entirely, which left the Lotus in seattle the last remaining branch. They proceeded to reach out to the survivors in Hong kong, who had rebranded as the Ten Thousand Lions, and the lodgemaster Zheng Li Kwan swore to bring the Lotus back to glory. [1],[5],[6]


Their main income is BTL dealing, especially ‘Kong Chips’ - mass produced BTLs from Hong Kong of potentially dangerous or lethal sub-par quality.

The other primary business of the Yellow Lotus is metahuman trafficking, shipping illegal chinese immigrants to Seattle and all but enslaving them in Barrens sweatshops to make knock off goods, or used in brothels, or simply sold to organleggers. [1],[2],[3],[4],[5]

The Yellow Lotus have near exclusive control of the smuggling of Crimson Orchid into Seattle. [8]


Zheng Li Kwan

Zheng is the Lodgemaster of the Yellow Lotus, who came from Hong Kong (having already had a reputation as an assassin and enforcer for the Lotus) to breathe new life into the failing, dying Seattle branch in 2051 and proceeded to nearly double its membership, largely by focusing recruitment on Orks and other metahumans.

He’s a strong believer in the traditional triad practices, and is said to be a powerful physical adept despite his age, a master of secret Triad martial arts able to kick doors down with his bare feet, bend steel with a finger, or kill with a touch. [1],[5]

He is supposedly still a Sheung Fa (A member sent out to help other branches) of the Ten Thousand Lions of Hong Kong [10]

Su Chen

Su Chen is the Incense Master for the Lotus. He’s a Taoist mage, and has Kwan’s ear and trust. He’s notable for scheduling all rituals and tai chi practices (which he leads personally) for before dawn or after sunset, and it is rare to see him during sunlight hours. Because of this, some say he is a vampire. [2],[5]

Notable Territory

Icarus Descending

Location: Harrison St & Dexter Ave N, Downtown

One of the premier (and first) elven restaurants in Seattle, this downtown locale specializes and is famed for both its seafood and vegetable dishes, and its ‘raw foods’ menu - a selection of items served up without being heated. The dishes command a price equal to their quality, however.

The owner, Daniel Fong, is a member of the Yellow Lotus. The restaurant employs multiple other members of the Triad for waiters and cooks as well, especially after an assassination attempt on Fong by the now defunct Nishidon-gumi in 2070. [3]

Lee Chee Garden

Location: 5th Ave W & Elliot Ave, Downtown)

Lee Chee is a small Chinese restaurant that offers an all soy, all vegetarian menu. It offers takeout, and the prices are cheap, though the food isn’t exactly the best.

Its primary purpose is as a money laundering front for the Yellow Lotus, from where they sell BTLs and drugs. [4]


Much like their original parent branch in Hong Kong, the Yellow Lotus continue to have ties in the Hai San, a secret society within the Triads comprised of the Hakka (sometimes called the Han) ethnic subgroup [7]

Wuxing is rumoured to be closely involved with the Yellow Lotus, and the Lotus uses quite a few Wuxing-branded weapons. [9]

The Yellow Lotus have a small presence in Auburn as well, though their attempts to undercut the Yakuza-dominated vice market in the district has largely been unsuccessful. [11]


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