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Night Hunters


If you ask any metahuman living in Renton about the Night Hunters, regardless of what they actually say, there’s an undertone of fear in their words. The reason for this is obvious: the Night Hunters embody the worst of humanity, one of the first few things to come to mind when it comes to metaracism in Seattle.


The Night Hunters aren’t a single gang, but a collection of splinter groups using the same name[1]. The common symbol all the Night Hunter splinter gangs have is of silver talons slashing across a moon, fitting for those who think of themselves as beasts. And they’ll proudly display it through tattoos, patches, or in AR. Not that you’ll always see the symbol until it’s too late. They’ll also generally be sporting things like colored mohawks and techno-fetishist looks to strike more fear in metahumans.

No matter what differences the gangs might have, they all have the same goal in mind: terrorizing metahumans. All-human, all-cybered, all-uber-violent, their name comes from the fact that they stalk the streets of Renton at night, targeting metahumans out at that time. They hunt in packs, capturing unfortunate metahumans and torturing them to sate their love of violence and their hatred for anything not human. And their hunting style often involves being augged up enough to howl outside the range of most human and metahuman hearing, aside from their own pack members.


If they sound like animals, that’s because that’s part of their philosophy, some sick and twisted version of transhumanism. And the hunting is not just for sport, the Night Hunters make a lot of money off of the BTL trade in Renton, recording the torture with simrigs and pushing them to the people depraved enough to be into those kinds of chips. They also make money acting as dumb muscle, dealing drugs alongside BTLs, selling what their victims had on them, and selling the bodies of the unfortunate who the gangers decide to kill when they’re done with the torture[2].


One last important thing to note is that they have heavy ties with Humanis. The policlub can easily deny their affiliations, but there’s plenty of backroom support for the gangers since Renton is prime Humanis turf. Community watches, sometimes the police, they’ll be willing to look the other way when it comes to the Night Hunters.

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