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The Rusted Stilettos


Headquartered in Glow City, the Rusted Stilettos are one of the Seattle Sprawl’s more violent gangs, which is saying something due to how violent some of the gangs are.

A primarily ork and troll gang with nothing much to lose, the Stilettos are, to a one, mutated due to living in the radiation from the reactor, their lives destined to end sooner than most [1].

The gang’s colors and logo are primarily a rusty red and black, with a radiation symbol in the middle and several stilettos protruding from it. Nothing is known about the gang’s leadership.


The radiation addles their minds, but the wares they peddle help with that, as the Rusted Stilettos are the main supplier of BTLs to the poor souls living in Glow City. None of the syndicates in the sprawl want to take their chances in Glow City, which leaves the market open to a Stiletto monopoly. Apart from BTLs, the gang makes a surprising amount of pay from protection, smuggling, and community raids [2].


The gang’s territory is mainly in the area around Glow City, but they branch out to the west around Route 202, which often puts the Stilettos in conflict with the Red Hot Nukes.


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