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Rules / CCD-Charter

CCD Division Charter

CCD Duties

The Character Creation Division exists to perform two major duties as part of the operations and maintenance of the Hub. These are as follows:

  • Review character sheets to ensure their thematic and mechanical legality
  • Act as a friendly first point of contact on the Hub

To this end, each member of CCD must consider themselves a sort of Guide, tasked with making newcomers feel welcomed while helping them to integrate in to the community and ensuring that the characters they submit to the hub are mechanically and thematically sound, and appropriate for the Hub in terms of taste and legality.

CCD Documentation Standards

There will exist a need for CCD to have living documentation in order to maintain accurate guidance for its members that evolves with the current nature of the house rules. In the interests of preventing delays, issues, or charter compliance errors in the future, this documentation will not exist as part of the charter, but will be made available to the public either on a page on the Wiki, or through whatever system is chosen in the future to replace the Wiki.

This documentation should consist of common clarifications for CCD discretion topics, current guidelines for sheet checkers to follow, GMP payment structures, and other topics that the Division Head feels are relevant for the basic operation of the division, within the bounds of CCD’s area of responsibility.

CCD Member Roles


Reviews fresh character submissions.

Cannot stamp a sheet as approved without receiving a peer review from either the CCD Division Head, or a Complex Checker.

Will be promoted to a Standard Checker after 5 sheets without major issues at the Division Head’s discretion.


Reviews fresh character submissions, or character resubmissions.

Can stamp a sheet without the need for a peer review, although peer reviews will still be done by either the CCD Division Head or a Complex Checker in order to maintain quality.

Can be promoted to a Complex checker if they maintain high levels of activity, and demonstrate a good understanding of thematics, mechanics, and interpersonal skills.


As Standard, with the additional role of performing Audits and Peer Reviews on other sheets.

Due to the nature of Audits, they will be granted access to ShadowSea in order to have access to AARs.

Peer Reviews are considered equivalent to 1 normal review for purposes of GMP and Activity.

Will be granted the posts permission on r/hubchargen to support the Division Head.

Division Head

As Complex, with the additional role of being a final word on CCD policy, maintaining CCD internal tools for tracking GMP and sheets, and liaising with other divisions and finally handles recruitment.

CCD Chat Guidelines

CCD's chat channel on the Staff Server is to be considered a great resource for shoring up mechanical or thematic concerns, or just for getting a second opinion. Members are heavily encouraged to make use of this resource as much as they need; Shadowrun is older than a lot of people on the Hub. There's too much lore for anyone to know all of it, and the mechanics don't always make sense. We're here to help.

CCD Chat is also where all current links to CCD Documentation will be stored primarily.

Review Types

Standard Review

Probationary and Up

A typical new character submission. The sheet checker will ensure that there are no major legality concerns either on thematic or mechanical grounds, working with the applicant to correct any that are identified, and will also engage in a basic mechanical functionality review to ensure a pleasant play experience once live. Nobody likes playing a Decker without Software.

Resubmission Review

Standard and Up

In accordance to the current Resubmission Rules (which will be maintained separately of the charter on the house rules wiki to permit updates over time) a character may be placed up on Hubchargen for a second pass of review.

Peer Review

Complex and Up

In essence a second pass of a Standard or Resubmission Review, Peer Reviews are conducted by Complex Checkers and the Division Head in order to ensure quality of reviews is being maintained. They will check for any issues that were missed and need to be resolved, or identify places where a checker is not following the guidelines.

All Probationary members of CCD will have a Peer Review of their work done for each sheet they review. It is up to the Division Head’s discretion to determine frequency of Peer Reviews otherwise, to be contained in a Guidelines document outside of this charter and pinned in CCD Chat. The Division Head is also free to request or perform spot checks outside their established pattern.

Character Audit

Complex and Up

For characters that are returning following a long period of absence (typically 1 year), or those where a GM or member of staff has identified discrepancies in a sheet's records, CCD will engage in a formal Audit by going through all AARs in ShadowSea where the character in question has been referenced and verifying changes.

In the event of a Voluntary Audit, once this process is done CCD will reach out to the individual and work with them to correct any legality issues that have arisen in the interim, or help them rebuild according to AAR logs if necessary.

In the event of an Involuntary Audit brought on by multiple verified reports of player cheating, once this process is done CCD will hand its findings over to ID for further processing. Should fault be discovered on the player's part, and the issues not readily fixable, the character will be immediately retired and any punishments will be handled as deemed appropriate by Interpersonal and/or The Advisory Board.

CCD Review Process

  1. Review list of open submissions, flairing any new postings as appropriate and making sure unclaimed sheets have all the information necessary for a review. CCD members will have the authority to pass over sheets that they feel they cannot properly review, be it due to interpersonal, mechanical, or thematic grounds. They are encouraged to announce having done so in CCD Chat, or if the interpersonal matter is sensitive, to the Division Head.
  2. Pick a sheet to review. The CCD Member will make a post on the submission thread and modify the flair as appropriate in order to clearly mark to other members of CCD and the submitter that the sheet is under review.
  3. Follow the CCD Sheet Checker Guidelines, which will exist in a living document available in a pinned message in CCD Chat. These guidelines will cover current expectations, rule or thematic clarifications that are frequent, as well as minor details that are commonly missed.
  4. Once the review is complete, the CCD member will ask the submitter if they are comfortable with the sheet as it stands.
  5. If the Submitter is comfortable, the CCD member will set the flair, and post a comment that marks the sheet as Approved and rolls the starting cash ([ [xd6*xxx] ]+u/rollme as example of syntax)
  6. Once the sheet is marked approved, the CCD Member will submit it for peer review via the tool that is currently in use and maintained by CCD.

If at any point a sheet checker becomes uncomfortable with the sheet they have taken, they are allowed to request that another member of CCD take over the process for them.

Likewise, if a Submitter ever becomes uncomfortable with their sheet checker's conduct for whatever reason, they are both permitted and encouraged to request another reviewer from the CCD Division Head, and to explain their grievances so the issue may be resolved to everyone’s benefit. If they are uncomfortable revealing the nature of the issue to the CCD Division Head, it is requested that they reach out to the Interpersonal Division, but again this is not required.

Declining Sheets

At certain points it may be necessary to formally Decline a sheet outright due to extremely offensive content, incompatibility with the Hub, extensive thematic inconsistencies that the submitter cannot or will not resolve, or other major issues. CCD members are encouraged to reach out to others in CCD chat before taking this step in order to ensure that it is reasonable to decline at that time.

In the event that a Submitter feels they were declined without sufficient grounds, they are able to Appeal the decision. This Appeal will be reviewed either by CCD Division Head, or in the event the decline was given by the Division Head, a group of active CCD Complex Checkers.

CCD Recruitment Process and Member Expectations

Recruitment for CCD will be handled by the Division Head, who will have the authority to make changes to the process as they see fit in order to best match their management style. They may choose to conduct interviews in whatever form seems best, as long as it takes into consideration the following fitness criteria:

  1. Interpersonal Skills
  2. Mechanical Understanding of Shadowrun
  3. Thematic Understanding of Shadowrun
  4. Research Skills
  5. Willingness to Ask Questions
  6. Familiarity with the Hub's Culture

Additionally, there is a hard requirement that any candidate applying to CCD have three (3) Runs on the 'Hub at a minimum. This is to give time for a member to get a feel for how the community operates, ensure they intend to remain a part of the community, and most importantly to allow the community to get a feel for them.

Interpersonal skills are quite possibly the most important facet of being a member of CCD, as members of the division are often times the first point of contact that newcomers will have, and the nature of their duties requires more interaction with other members of the community. Being able to conduct oneself professionally in sheet reviews is important, but so too is being able to engage in the community without bullying, insulting, or intentionally offending others.

Activity will be tracked via a tool, typically a spreadsheet, which allows the Division Head to do so in a simple fashion. There is a minimum of 1 review (any type) per month to be considered active in the division, although consistently doing the bare minimum may still result in removal if there are active candidates applying.

Members who need to go inactive due to non-hub obligations must inform the current Division Head. Inactive members will not be expected to perform CCD related duties, although if the absence is for a long duration (3+ months) or this is being abused, members may still be removed at the Division Head’s discretion.

In the event that a member of CCD is actively seated on the Advisory Board, they will be permitted a grace period as if they were inactive.

Division Head Transfer Process

After their year-long term, or earlier if they are no longer able to perform their duties for whatever reason, it is the responsibility of the exiting Division Head to:

  1. Inform Upkeep of their successor’s name so that Discord roles may be assigned
  2. Create a list of all current members of CCD by their Reddit Name to be passed forward to the new division head.
  3. Note which members of CCD are currently considered inactive, and pass this information on to their successor. This should include their reason for being inactive, and the timespan which they have been inactive for.
  4. Remove all active moderators from r/Hubchargen except for the successor and themselves.
  5. Set the successor’s roles to Full Permissions for the subreddit.
  6. Remove themselves from the moderator position.
  7. Ensure that all Google-based Documentation & Tools (spreadsheets, documents, etc) is configured so that it may be copied.

Once this is complete, the new Division Head will:

  1. Make copies of all Documentation & Tools that CCD relies on to operate.
  2. Remove the Pinned Messages in CCD Staff Chat which contains the active links to CCD internal Documentation & Tools and replace them with new iterations that point to the current copies.
  3. Re-add all active members of CCD to r/Hubchargen with the following roles:
    1. Flair
    2. Mail
    3. COMPLEX ONLY: Posts
  4. Update all User Flairs on r/Hubchargen as appropriate based on current roles
  5. Once the process is complete on both ends, make a formal announcement on the RunnerHub Main Discord announcing the peaceful exchange of power.

At this time, there will be no formal process for selecting a successor. Historically, this has been done by having the former Division Head pick their own successor from the currently active, non-probationary members in CCD, but there should be no reason why a more democratic option should not be available in the future if a departing Division Head so desires.

In the event of an unexpected event causing the Division Head to no longer be able to fulfill their duties (e.g. Death, Grievous Injury, or Disappearance) then their successor will be selected by the Advisory Board from the currently active, non-probationary members of the division.

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