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Rules / AB-Charter


  • Elections are held every six months and are overseen by Upkeep Division Head. Anyone with Shadowsea Access can nominate and vote.
  • Members may serve consecutive terms.
  • Members must have Shadowsea Access.
  • Members may not be in Interpersonal Division.
  • 2 or more members may not be members of any single division. (In the event that this is impossible, the person(s) with the least amount of votes will be given the option to leave the division or will be skipped until a candidate not within the division is selected.)
  • Members may not be Division Heads.
  • Should a member of ID or a Division Head be elected, they are required to suspend their position until they are no longer on AB.


  • Advisory Board is seen as the public ‘face’ of the Hub.
    • This means that they are responsible for any official communication with Reddit Moderation, other living communities and non-Runnerhub parties.
    • This can be used to organize/take part in cross-community events like the Extra Life Fundraiser
  • Moderation of interdivisional conflicts
    • In the event of a conflict in policy (non-ID issues) between divisions that can’t be resolved, the involved parties may request AB to arbitrate the situation.
    • Explanation: In case of unclear rulings, rulings that conflict between divisions and disagreements between divisions, a member of AB is allowed to moderate between parties and try to figure out a compromise. In case of a contentious change anywhere on the Runnerhub Wiki (meaning rules/thematics/organization changes) and if no compromise could be found, AB can organize a vote between members of both/all divisions to find a majority solution. This requires a 2/3 AB member vote to be established.
  • Advising Division Heads
    • A Division Head unclear about what they can or can not establish as rules can ask AB for advice on how to proceed. This is in fact an AB duty and not an Interpersonal one. However, moderation between individuals, including Division Heads, is the role of ID.
    • Should it be unclear if this falls under AB or ID duty, a team of both is required.
  • Regular Advisory Board and Division Heads meetings to discuss current issues.
  • Any Advisory Board change or decision making should be recorded on r/hubexecutiveboard


  • Any member of the Advisory Board can mute a member of the community for a good reason (spam, hostile behaviour). This is limited to one hour and has to be reported stating a reason in the moderation-reports channel on Shadowsea.
  • Advisory Board can draft a State of the Hub Document.
    • Members of AB can document how they see the state of the hub at the current time.
    • AB can ask Division Heads questions about their divisions to get their status in the community. For example:
      • Current projects
      • Activity Levels
      • Replacements
      • Charter Updates
      • Feedback towards Advisory Board
      • Further Plans
  • AB can set up Town Hall Meetings, official Runnerhub Meetings in which all members of Runnerhub can take part and discuss their issues. These can take the form of an AMA on Reddit or a meeting in voice chat.
    • This needs a 2/3 majority vote to be set up.
    • A member of AB and a member of ID must always be present.
  • Advisory Board can start an investigation into misconduct of any member of staff. Misconduct in this case specifically means abuse or misuse of staff positions. AB is not responsible for interpersonal conflicts.
    • Following these investigations, AB may replace any Division Head with another member of the same division through a 2/3 majority vote. 2 of 3 members of AB can also vote to remove another member of AB. They will be replaced with the next runner-up of the election.
    • AB may strongly suggest a course of action to a Division Head. Repeatedly refusing to follow this advice may be grounds for dismissal as Division Head.
      • This can include reversing rulings, charter changes that were not overseen and removal of members of a division from their division on the basis of an investigation.
      • To do so requires a 2/3 majority vote.
  • Advisory Board can also replace an inactive Division Head with another member of the same division through a 2/3 majority vote.
  • Advisory Board can, under the advisement of Interpersonal Division, permanently ban a member of Runnerhub from the community. This requires a unanimous vote.


  • The collective Division Heads may overturn any Advisory Board ejection or ban decision with a unanimous vote.
  • The collective Division Heads may with unanimity vote to remove members from Advisory Board, to be replaced by the next runner up in the previous Advisory Board election.
    • In the event of no remaining runners up from a previous election, an emergency election following all the normal election rules will be issued, but the term will simply be for the remainder of the current term.


  • Being a member of AB nets you 2 GMP per month for voluntary work.
  • r/ShadowSea
  • r/hubexecutiveboard
  • Discord:
    • Text: advisory-board
    • Voice: Advisory Board
    • Role: Advisory Board

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