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Upkeep Division: A Charter

This document is designed to set forth the framework under which Upkeep Division operates.


Upkeep Division exists to maintain all OOC infrastructure of the Runnerhub, except for interpersonal concerns. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Management of the technical elements of the Hub subreddits
  • Technical management (but not moderation) of the Discord servers. Upkeep reserves the right to remove spambots and the like from Discord.
  • Management of the Runnerhub Wiki
  • Access control to all Runnerhub administrative tools (subreddits, Discord, etc)
  • Providing a second opinion in audits for player misconduct on character sheets
  • Running the Advisory Board Election

Upkeep Division exists solely for the purpose of OOC maintenance of the Hub and is not involved in any sort of issues that affect narrative matters on the Hub. This means that Upkeep Division does not do any of the following:

  • Creation of in-game rules
  • Creation of narrative elements on the Hub (Fluff postings such as Media, Notoriety thread postings, etc)
  • Any other issue that directly affects Hub narrative elements that is not listed here

While Upkeep Division runs the Advisory Board election, Upkeep Division is a neutral nonpolitical body and does not make decisions on matters related to Runnerhub politics.

  • For example, Upkeep Division may remove administrator access to an individual as per AB or ID, but Upkeep Division may not on its own make the decision to remove an administrator from another division.
  • This clause does not affect Upkeep Division's own internal matters. Upkeep Division reserves the right to handle its own internal division structuring as appropriate.


Upkeep Division does not have any sort of member ranks. All members of Upkeep Division may act and speak with the full authority of Upkeep Division, with the exception of the abilities granted to the Upking/Upqueen. All members of Upkeep Division may request full access to all the resources available to Upkeep Division. As a courtesy, members of Upkeep Division should avoid interfering in the projects being handled by another member of Upkeep Division when possible, but any member of Upkeep Division has the full right to handle any Upkeep project.

All members of Upkeep Division are granted access to /r/Shadowsea for administrative purposes. Abuse of any administrative powers granted by Upkeep Division membership may result in termination from Upkeep Division.


As for any division on the Runnerhub, abuse of powers granted to Division Heads are subject to the review of Advisory Board as per the Advisory Board charter.

The Upking/Upqueen is responsible for recruitment and the management of Upkeep Division's member roster. The Upking/Upqueen has full discretion to add or remove players to Upkeep Division for any reason.

The Upking/Upqueen must provide oversight to the Advisory Board election. The Upking/Upqueen does not necessarily have to run the election themselves, but they must review the results and vouch for their impartiality and validity.

Due to the Upking/Upqueen's critical role in the political process of electing the Advisory Board, the Upking/Upqueen may not be nominated for or sit upon the Advisory Board.

  • If an Upking/Upqueen wants a chance to run for a position on the Advisory Board, they must cede their position as Upking/Upqueen prior to accepting any nomination to run for a position on the Advisory Board.


In order to maintain consistency in our political process, the election is to be carried out in a certain manner, as lined out in this document.

Any active GM or active member of Runnerhub staff may be nominated for a position on the Advisory Board. There are no term limits as to how many terms any particular player may serve on the Advisory Board.

Voting is conducted via OPAvote using the Scottish Single Transferable Vote. Individual codes will be generated via OPAvote and sent to each member of staff along with a link to vote. After voting has concluded, the results of the election (including a full count of the votes) will be posted publicly to /r/Shadowsea.

IVa. Election Mechanics

Each active GM and each active members of Runnerhub staff is granted a single vote to cast in the election. A full breakdown of the Scottish Single Transferable Vote can be found here or a video can be found here.

IVb. Timeline

Advisory Board elections occur once every six months on the Runnerhub, with two elections occurring each year. The timeline for each election is as follows:

Mid-Year Election
  • Nominations begin on May 22
  • Nominations end at the end of the day on June 5
  • Voting begins on June 6
  • Voting ends at 0001 UTC on June 26
  • Results are posted publicly to /r/Shadowsea by the end of the day on June 26
  • The new Advisory Board is transitioned into their seats within seven days of the results posting
End-Year Election
  • Nominations begin on November 21
  • Nominations end at the end of the day on December 5
  • Voting begins on December 6
  • Voting ends at 0001 UTC on December 26
  • Results are posted publicly to /r/Shadowsea by the end of the day on December 26
  • The new Advisory Board is transitioned into their seats within seven days of the results posting


Amendments to this charter may only be made if BOTH of the following conditions are met:

  1. The Upking/Upqueen is in agreement with the amendment being made to this charter
  2. The Advisory Board agrees to the amendment being made to this charter with a 3/5 majority vote

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