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DOfficer Maxwell Samuel

Maxwell Samuel
Quick Notes
OccupationAdministrative Peace Officer
AffiliationsLonestar Security Consultants
Game Rules
Personal Details
DescriptionSee Below
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 5 points; Each point is payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point.


A large Green Hobgoblin Max hates his job. He hates the desk. He hates the people he works with. He hates the promotion he lost because KE took over Seattle. He probably hates you. He does love your money. That money is probably the only thing that keeps him from turning you in.

  • Likes: Bribes, Revenge
  • Dislikes: Knight Errant, disciplinary action, Hoodlums, Drunks

Special Rules



  • Con
  • Clubs
  • Intimidation
  • Escape Artist
  • First Aid

Positive Qualities

  • First Impression
  • Guts
  • High Pain Tolerance
  • Out for Myself
  • Criminal SIN (See "Stick it to the Man")

Martial Arts

  • 52 Blocks
  • Fire Fight
  • Knight Errant Tactical (Lone Star Tactical obviously)
Doing Time

Lonestar doesn’t get real in depth with the details. But having their cells full looks good. Max can toss up to (Connection test)/2 people into their drunk tank. Minimum 1

  • These fools will be stripped of their gear when they are put in there
  • They will get no phone call
  • You will not be able to contact them while they are in there.
  • You will have to bring the fool to him.
  • However the fool will not be able to contact the outside world
  • Will also be under lock and key
  • They can be held for 24 hours before it begins to get incredibly questionable.

This will cost 2,000 nuyen. Gm’s are free to ask for more money if a particularly important/connected/influential individual is to be incarcerated Failure to meet reasonable demands can result in Max turning on you so as to not upset the individual. While, this can be used in a pvp situation. GM’s have final say on the details. Do not abuse this option or else the whole ability will be removed.

Fraggers taking our jobs

Max has a deep hatred for Knight Errant. They came into Seattle and ended up taking all the contracts. This landed Max in a fragging desk job working at some private sector security. Barely more than a clerk. Max has fairly detailed knowledge of everything KE.

  • You may buy answers on KE related questions
  • You may ask a number of questions equal to his Connection + loyalty per session.
  • GMs may roll his connection test to see how good he knows a certain subject. They are also encouraged to give plot relevant information even if that connection test is rolled poorly

Each question answered costs 100xQuestions asked example: first question 100, second question 200, third 300

Stick it to the Man

ou may do solo runs for this contact to increase his Loyalty as per normal. After increasing his Loyalty once you may “Really” stick it to the man. In addition you may “Really” stick it to the man. You can find a gm who is willing to do a group run. You will be the Johnson to do a big favor for Max. This will allow you to buy off your criminal sin(possible also excon if you have it). The run that you sponsor

  • The money you spend to hire other runners for assistance will count as gmp towards buying off your criminal sin.
  • Between the nuyen paid out, and your karma you have to spend 20 “gmp” to buyoff the quality
  • Other runners are free to assist you in a “favor for favor” situation. In which case you are still expected to spend the karma.
  • The threat level should be based roughly on how high the criminals street cred+pa+notoriety is.

Runners hired will receive karma as per the threat level of the run.

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