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Officer Maxwell Samuel

Maxwell Samuel
Quick Notes
AffiliationsKnight Errant
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 5 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


In Seattle, the law comes in three flavors for Shadowrunners: City, Federal and Correctional. The first is the Governor’s jackbooted thugs, tasked with enforcing order and keeping the wage slaves feeling safe.

Knight Errant was awarded the Law Enforcement contract in 2072 and set about cleaning up the streets. With the military backup of a AAA megacorp, the cops have access to vast amounts of military resources, from vehicles, to weapons, to surveillance tech.

Each officer goes through intense basic training, indoctrinating them into a well-oiled, loyal, crime fighting machine. This came as a shock to many of the criminal underworld which had been cultivating networks of Lone Star cops to look the other way. They soon learned KE aren’t traditional police. They aren’t on the side of the law, they’re on the side that pays them the most.

That fact is drilled into their head every day in training. They aren’t here to protect and serve. They are here to enforce and control. They don’t run programs to educate the youth, they don’t create registries for sex offenders, and they don’t care for preventing crimes. They get paid to fight it, and laws must be broken if they are to truly be enforced.

But, Knight Errant is a business after all. If officers start using too many resources, whether it’s a rigger that is losing too many drones, a mage blowing through too many reagents or HTR causing too much collateral damage, Internal Affair begins breathing down officer’s necks.

Internal Affairs are the boogiemen of KE, the number crunchers that know the game and where the profit is. For a Shadowrunner, they can be one of your best friends. And it just so happens the Runnerhub knows one.

Maxwell Samuel was mobilized to Seattle in 2079 to take control post-Infestation day. Knight Errant’s nose was bloodied, its public relations were in tatters and it needed the big guns. He was given a near impossible task, clean up KE's image and make the citizens remember how important it is to have Knight Errant protecting them. Having a few assets in the shadows he can pull on helps out his cause immensely.


  • High: Knight Errant Operations & Support
  • Medium: Security Corporations (Operations), Gear (Ares)
  • Low: Government (Operations), Gangs and Syndicates (Seattle)

Contact Powers

My Hands Are Tied

Maxwell cannot interfere in Federal or Corrections cases. He can't, and won't, help a character who is being pursued by security forces other than KE.


Officer Samuel can make evidence disappear. The cost in chips is determined using the Favors table on pg 389 of CRB, with the value determined by the maximum fines the evidence could generate upon conviction.


For a fee of 1 chip, Maxwell can be provided advance warning of a potential crime-in-progress committed by a runner team, and run enough interference to delay response times. Treat this as lowering by 1 the security rating of the neighborhood the team is working in - AAA becomes AA, etc. If the potential crime increases in severity or changes in nature, a second chip will be required to ensure Maxwell is kept informed.

They Resisted Arrest

For the price of six chips and a burnt SIN, a character that's been arrested can escape lockup and the consequences thereof. The burnt SIN will go on record as dying in custody after sustaining injuries, and this power cannot be used again until all six chips are paid off.

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