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AnneArchy (Remilia Auburn)

Quick Notes
ArchetypeSocial Media Activist
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 2 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Remilia always had a knack for networking, especially online, so when Charisma Associates approached her with a job offer to improve their viral marketing campaigns focusing on the youth market, she jumped at the chance.

Her work mainly involves encouraging eager university students to get motivated and get mad to change the world and help make it better through Horizon. She does this by plying her skills online, hitting the right university clubs, fringe groups and social media influencers and getting them out and about focusing on issues that Charisma Associates wants to influence.

This involves all sorts of things, such as Veganism, Wimp Liberation, anti-pollution, metahuman rights, etc. Common Denominator and other Horizon subsidiaries can cash in by selling bullhorns, electronic signs, T-Shirts and apparel, fringe magazines, etc.

In her 20% free time that is supposed to be focused on self-improvement, she focuses on getting some additional money to fund her next vacation. People who move in certain shadowy circles have found she can place conveniently timed social demonstrations in particular areas.


  • High: Social Media Networking, Viral Marketing, Law/Legal
  • Medium: Horizon Networking, Trideo Games, Corporate Structure
  • Low: Buying Programs (Skillsofts)

Contact Powers


This contact may set up a demonstration, protest, march, or advertising campaign as a distraction lasting at least an hour at a cost of ¥2000, with every additional ¥1000 adding another hour. It takes 24 hours to set up, though if the contact is paid double their rate, this can be as short as 12 hours. Payment is accepted in anonymous nuyen donations or in chips, though chips cannot be used if this contact is owed chips by the character making the request.

The distraction involves a number of people equal to a roll of 12 + Connection multiplied by 20.

Using this power counts as a Low Risk Favor, worth up to ¥5000.

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