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Quick Notes
AffiliationsChicago Shadows, Ex-Firewatch
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 5 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Juliette is a hard-nosed elf woman. Originally a member of Ares Firewatch, which fought the bugs in Chicago (don't ask her about it). She came to Seattle chasing prey, but due to interference she has lost the trail. Now is the time to rest, gather clues, and to grow her power base and begin the hunt anew. For now, Juliette uses her magical skills to run a talismonger shop, which she uses to build her connections into the shadows.

Rumor has it that she's changed since she came back from Chicago, but no one left alive knows her well enough to be sure, and she certainly isn't talking.


  • High: Enchanting(Artificing, Reagents), Bug Spirits, Local Bug Threats, Firewatch
  • Medium: Area Knowledge: Chicago, Local Magical Threats
  • Low: Ares Corporate Culture, Magical Theory

Contact Powers

30 Minute Guarantee

Talismongers can deliver up to ¥2,500 worth of reagents by drone anywhere in the city in 30 minutes or less, once per run. They can do this with no availability roll.

Desperate Measures

Melee weapons brought to her can be tempered into weapon foci at the normal price/karma. You must supply the item. The force is limited by her current connection rating. Through means she is unwilling to share, Juliette can ignore an object's resistance when making weapon foci. For a non-melee weapon the (foci)nuyen cost is tripled. You must supply the base item.

She is also capable of increasing the rating of an existing weapon focus, up to her connection rating in new force. You need to pay the nuyen (including multiplied nuyen for odd items) and karma cost of the difference.

Desperate Time

Juliette is willing to teach customers any of One Less, Slay, Slaughter, or Insecticide with any of the following targets:

  • [ant] [bee] [beetle] [centipede] [cicada] [firefly] [fly] [locust] [mosquito] [moth] [primal spider] [roach] [termite] [wasp]

Learning these spells always takes 2 days, and has no Nuyen cost.

Focus Your Mind

Talismongers ignore availability rolls when acquiring foci with force less than or equal to their connection or loyalty, whichever is lowest.

Spiritual Healing

Juliette offers a small range of healing services. While she will not come physically to you, for a cost she can be persuaded to have a spirit of man materialize and cast healing magics upon you. The cost is 1 chip.

She knows the Antidote, Cure Disease, Detox, and Heal spells, and will summon at most a Force 6 spirit. She rolls medium proficiency to summon the spirit. She will not send the spirit anywhere contested, and will never risk being traced magically.

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