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Quick Notes
AffiliationsRomeo, Chicago shadows, ex-Firewatch
Game Rules
Personal Details
DescriptionSee Text
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 7 points; Each point is payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point.

Purchase Rules


Juliette is a hard-nosed elf woman. Originally a member of Ares Firewatch, which fought the bugs in Chicago (don't ask her about it). She came to Seattle chasing prey, but due to interference she has lost the trail. Now is the time to rest, gather clues, and to grow her power base and begin the hunt anew.

  • Likes: Guns, ammo, Ares Corp, magic, cop dramas
  • Dislikes: Bugs, toxic magic, blood magic, talking about her past, relying on others.

Special Rules



  • Sorcery Group
  • Arcana

Martial Arts

  • Firefight
  • Knight Errant Tactical
  • Gun Kata
  • Lone Star Tactical
  • Neijia can be learned for only 2 karma from Juliette
Desperate Measures

Melee weapons brought to her can be tempered into weapon foci at the normal price/karma. You must supply the item. The force is limited by her current connection rating. Through means she is unwilling to share, Juliette can ignore an object's resistance when making weapon foci. For a non-melee weapon the (foci)nuyen cost is tripled. You must supply the base item. The force is limited by her current connection rating.

  • "Remember that weapon foci only give benefits when making a close combat attack with the item. Your cyberdeck or pistol can be a weapon foci, but you will only get a bonus when you are clubbing people with them."

She is also capable also increase the rating of any previously owned weapon foci, up to her connection rating in force. You need to pay the nuyen (including multiplied nuyen for odd items) and karma cost of the difference.

Desperate Time

For 2x the nuyen cost you may learn any non modular spell available to your tradition. Learning a spell from her takes no more than two days, and ignores tradition based lodge restrictions.

  • Modular spells being ones with a [ ] tag on them in the book, For example [element] Grenade. She will most likely be able to teach these spells. However this caveat is in here to prevent abuse. If you have a specific question about one, please send a message to TD.

For no Nuyen cost you may learn from her:

  • Insecticide: [ant] [beetle] [cicada] [firefly] [fly] [locust] [roach] [termite] [wasp]
Know Thy Enemy

If looking to increase her loyalty through a solo run, the gm in question must talk to me about it. Juliette has tracked, stalked, an slain a number of toxic, insect, and blood spirits, mages and adepts. As such you can collect information from her. She roll 15 dice for this skill. It is limited by her connection rating, as this is a new area for her to acclimate to. In addition to information the hits generate "group dice" that can be used like edge for any roll that is oriented around these things that the gm offers. Or you may spend all the remaining points to add to a single spell resistance or banishing test that involves one of the three mentioned traditions.

Oh Brave Hero

Members of the "Romeo and Juliette" may pickup Juliette at cost -1 and Loyalty +1.

Runs the Shadows

Juliette may be used a smuggling style contact. She rolls (Connection*2) + Loyalty [Connection] vs availability or gm threshold. She won't actually drive you places, but will help with things like gear, border information, travel plans and similar.

The Most Tragic Backstory

While this contact is available at chargen, CCD must sign off on doing so.

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