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Madam Soap

Madam Soap
Quick Notes
AffiliationsLanky Jack, Seattle Underworld, Seattle security companies
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 4 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Madame Soap is a kindly dwarf woman, and the corporate logo for a subsidiary of ETA Engineering. On the surface, they offer a service that is available to anyone: quick dispatch of trained cleaning staff to respond to emergencies like overflowing drekkers or magic gone wild.

Peel back the curtain and you'll see a more insidious side of the business. For certain trusted customers, they offer the "Black" services, which involve a team of 3-6 cleaners arriving on site, asking no questions, and removing things such as corpses, shell casings, blood splatters and witnesses.

Organized crime, gangs, certain corporate employees, and runners use this service to keep everything nice and quiet.


  • High: Cleaning Techniques, Housecleaning Protocols
  • Medium: Cleaning Contracts (Seattle)
  • Low: Building Security Procedures (Janitorial)

Contact Powers

Cleanup On Site

Cleaners vary their fee based on the scale of the mess to be cleaned, and costs double if they need to also remove astral signatures. They will also refuse service to a location which poses an active threat or has law enforcement onsite.

It costs ¥500 or 1 chip, base, to clean up a fistfight - little to no blood spatter, some minor property damage like broken chairs, and a few unconscious hostiles.

Cleanup of a sword fight costs ¥1,500 or 2 chips, base. This level of mess is essentially the same as a fistfight, save for more blood/fluid spatter or pools, and possibly a corpse.

Cleaning a gun fight costs ¥2,500 or 3 chips, base. Lots of blood, possibly a sucking chest wound, some bullet holes, shattered glass, etc. Keep in mind that Cleaners can't repair large-scale property damage, like craters or missing walls.

A ¥500 "rapid service" charge can be added to the base costs listed above, while each witness adds the cost of a dose of Laes. Corpses cost ¥500 per for removal.

Costs for body disposal may be entirely waived if the character making use of this service has Lanky Jack as a contact.

Dress The Part

For ¥2,000 per person, characters may pick up disguises from this contact in one of the following styles:

  • Maintenance
  • Sewer Worker
  • Landscaper
  • Housekeeping

Mark down which style is being acquired as a note on the gear entry. These disguises come as Ares Victory (Industrious) armor with a built-in Concealable Holster, and the Electrochromatic modification. Disguises provide a circumstance bonus to any Disguise tests where they would be relevant.

For an additional ¥500 per disguise, the armor can provide an additional circumstance bonus via the Lightly Worn modifier, which represents grease stains, tears, chemical smells, etc.

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