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Roy Hinkley

Roy Hinkley
Quick Notes
AffiliationsSeattle U administration office
Game Rules
Personal Details
DescriptionSee Text
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 4 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.

Purchase Rules

  • You must have at least a Rating 4 SIN to take this contact at character creation.
The Scholar-Meathead Scale

In order to find out where you fall on the scale:

  • See how many points from your attribute priority you have invested into body, reaction, strength, agility.
  • See how many points you have invested into willpower, logic, intuition, charisma.
  • Only count attribute points from your priority and karma (including attributes raised with karma in play), not magic, or augmentations. Roy only cares about raw mental aptitude.)

If your number is at least 2 higher in mental, Congrats, you're a scholar. If your physical is 2 points higher, you're a meathead.

  • If you are a scholar, contact cost is reduced by two.
  • If you are a meathead, contact cost is increased by two.


  • Likes: Research, accounting, puzzles, reading, writing, arithmetic
  • Dislikes: Meatheads, Butch, excuses, late students

Special Rules

College Admittance

If you have at least a national SIN or an R4 fake with a lifestyle of at least low attached, you may begin attending classes at Seattle U. Attending classes has a number of benefits after a month of having joined the college. This is required to pick up this contact. Should you ever lose this SIN, you will lose access to this contact until 2 weeks after you have acquired a replacement SIN. When you get this contact (or replace sins) you must pick 2 majors from the list below.

Regardless of your majors, you may pick up the following qualities at normal 2x karma costs:

  • College Education
  • Indomitable [Mental]
  • Technical School Education
  • Linguist
  • Speed Reading

You may buy off the following qualities:

  • Illiterate
  • Uneducated

All College related knowledge skills (don't try to be that guy) are considered to be learned as if you had a trainer without paying the nuyen.

Higher Learning

All mental attribute (Willpower, Logic, Intuition) improvement times are halved.

Picking Your Classes

When you pick up this contact you may choose two majors to take. You may take an additional major for 5,000 a month. During that month you gain access to that major. After you lose access, you keep anything you purchased, but you will just have to pay again if you wish to get something else from that major. The majors include:

  • Biotech
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Liberal arts

Biotech Major

  • Trainer [Biotech Group]

May pick up these qualities:

  • Animal Empathy
  • Aptitude:skill from group
  • Gifted Healer
  • Natural Immunity
  • Quick Healer

Electronics Major

  • Trainer [Electronics Group]
  • Trainer [Cracking Group]

May pick up these qualities:

  • Aptitude [skill from group]
  • Code Slinger
  • Natural Hardening
  • Overclocker
  • Spike Resistance

Engineering Major

  • Trainer [Engineering Group]

May pick up these qualities:

  • Aptitude [skill from group]
  • Gearhead
  • Jury Rigger
  • Steely Eyed Wheelman
  • Vehicle Empathy

Liberal Arts Major

  • Trainer [Acting Group]
  • Trainer [Artisan]
  • Artisan specializations only cost 3 karma instead of 7

May pick up these qualities:

  • Aptitude [Artisan]
  • Aptitude [skill from acting group]
  • Inspired
  • Jack of All Trades, Master of None
  • Perfect Time

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