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Jonathan "Butch" Cassidy, Jr.
Quick Notes
ArchetypeSensei (Unarmed Combat)
AffiliationsSeattle U (Athletics Coach)
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 2 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


If you took unrelenting focus, phenomenal genetics, world-class chemical enhancement, a million-nuyen smile, and blended them all together, the hulking chiseled amalgam that emerged would be Butch. A meteoric ascent on the Mr. Universe Bodybuilding (Non-Aug Division) circuit was derailed by a seething ex-lover on the board, leaving Butch to find a new career path. Back in Seattle, he became the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Seattle U and has helped transform their student-athletes into hulking beasts, lithe predators, or whatever else is needed for their success.

Butch spends nearly every waking moment dialed in on athletic performance – his own, his teams, and his independent personal training clients who come from all walks of life. Every aspect is subject to precise optimization – work out programs, nutrition, sleep, supplementation, mental state, and much more. While working for Seattle U pays the bills, his independent clients are the most interesting. Their unique needs and generally higher dedication to performance lets him craft exquisitely custom and hellish programs that bring out the best in them.

When he allows himself non-gym time, Butch loves to party. On any Friday night that isn’t game night, he can usually be found at one of the up-scale student night-clubs, lapping up attention and infatuation from any direction with gusto. Butch won’t drink alcohol – too much catabolic activity – but he always has a bag of goodies ready to help everyone have a good time.


  • High: Physical Training, Sports (Seattle U), Physiology / Kinesiology, Psychology (Sport)
  • Medium: Drugs (Performance Enhancing, Party), Pharmacology, Seattle U Administration, Partying
  • Low: Seattle U Student Body, Cooking, Acquiring Tickets (Sporting Events), Pick-Up Artist Techniques

Contact Powers


This contact reduces the cost of increasing the Skill, Skill Group, or Martial Art they train by 1 Karma, to a minimum of 1. This ability does not stack with other reductions. Additionally, characters with this contact may apply for a Solo Run that reduces the cost of the next rank of the Skill or Skill Group by half, or the cost of one martial art style or technique to zero. Solo Runs of this nature may only be completed once per month, and are subject to TD approval. TD approval means you need to contact TD about it and get approval.

Butch is an Unarmed Combat Sensei

I Wanna Be Like You

Every time Butch is used as a skill or attribute trainer, the character he trains may gain one of his specializations as a free Rank 1 Knowledge skill.

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