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Romeo Pachoute

Romeo Pachoute
Quick Notes
OccupationTalismonger, Keeper of Astral Secrets
AffiliationsJuliette, ?
Game Rules
Personal Details



  • Likes: Curiosities, mysteries, knowledge
  • Dislikes: Mistreating spirits and loa

Special Rules



  • Astral Combat
  • Assensing
  • Conjuration Group
  • Enchanting Group
  • Arcana
  • Astral-Oriented Knowledge Skills
Magic is in Everything

Romeo is a collector of curiosities and items of magical interest. Once per run, mages may purchase up to 30 reagents for their tradition, no matter the tradition. Voodoo practitioners, up to 50.

Odds and Ends

The various voodoo theme curiosities around are actually foci of differing flavors. He does not need to make availability rolls for foci force 1 or 2. With the exception of metamagic and power foci. Note that these are all in a voodoo motif, (you know the colors and trinkets). As such, voodoo practitioners pay 1 less karma to bind any foci he sells them. Romeo possess an immense knowledge of all things of the spirit world and metaplanes. In addition he has a fascination with magical curiosities. He may look to purchase odd items from players.

Let We and I Get to Know You

You may surrender an item of personal significance to him. Write an IC description of the item, and explain its significance to your character. This item does not need to be a mechanical Shadowrun 5e item. To invoke this rule, you must write a decent length piece on it and submit the work to TD. Doing so will let you reduce his cost by 1, or increase his loyalty by 1.

We and I have the Cure for What Ails You

[This rule is currently under review]

Some magical healing services are available. While he will not come physically to you, for a cost he can be persuaded to visit you astrally, have a spirit of man materialize and cast healing magics upon you. The exact cost is determined by the GM, and the amount necessary. He knows the Antidote, Cure Disease, Detox, and Heal spells, of which he can pack 2 when he brings forth a spirit. He will not go into hot places for this. GMs should feel free to alter his responsiveness so as to not ruin their plots. In addition abuse of this power should be noted in AARs with the potential to harm contact status.

We and I Made this Just for You

Romeo takes custom work orders for all (non metamagic) foci. You may, without rolling, purchase non voodoo oriented foci. These custom jobs take double the delivery time. In addition, increase the price by 25%.(double delivery time is before this increase)

Explore the Deeper Secrets

Initiates may purchase metamagic foci from him. However these will require a similar surrender of personal item. This item will become the foci. The item needs to be described as the rule. This custom work follows the same rules as the related rule.

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