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Quick Notes
OccupationMedical "Professional"
AffiliationsIndependently owned and operated
Game Rules
Personal Details
DescriptionSee Text
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 4 points; Each point is payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point.

Purchase Rules

  • If you have any of the Hub DocWagon contacts?, +1 cost
  • If you purchase any of the DocWagon contacts? after Proximal, -1 Loyalty
  • If you have a DocWagon contract, -1 loyalty
  • You may purchase his pickup service (effects as per basic DocWagon contract) for an additional 5000 nuyen a year. If you do, +1 loyalty


Proximal is an Ork doctor, whose degree comes from a nonreputable source and is behind a fogged plastic frame in his ambulance. A friend to those with less than stellar medical services available locally, he makes stops in several of the better areas of the barrens for checkups. He even is willing to do EMS pickups and or take them back to his clinic or deliver people breathing to better equipped facilities.

  • Likes: Money, easy days, being called doctor
  • Dislikes: DocWagon, Crash-Cart, being cut out of extraterritorial areas

Special Rules



  • First Aid
  • Biotech
  • Cybertechnology
  • Medicine
  • Pilot Ground Craft

Positive Qualities

  • Gifted Healer

Negative Qualities

  • Illness
Fix That Right Up

A visit to his clinic may take an hour or two to be seen for anything not critical, but he'll always be willing to patch you up right. You may visit his clinic to heal 5 physical boxes, plus a connection test. He has some stuff for stun too, and can set your stun track right too, but it'll take awhile to get down the triage list. As a note, you do not get the opportunity to roll damage recovery as normal in his clinic

We Still Make House Calls

A call to him will have him come out to you, stabilizing people, and healing up to 3 physical boxes per person he treats. This costs a minimum of 800 nuyen, and if figured as 500+100 per box healed +200 per person stabilized. Any drugs or medical equipment purchased through him that is within an hour of normal delivery time will show up with him. A connection test can be asked to regulate his availability in this instance

Well, I Gotta Get It Somewhere

Proximal will buy used ware for 10% per point of loyalty.

They Don't Need That Anymore

Proximal keeps a selection of "pre-loved" cyberware in his stockpile. As such he doesn't need to roll for used-grade cyberware of the following types:

  • Eyes(all non F mods)
  • Ears (all non F mods)
  • Olfactory Booster
  • Internal Air tanks
  • Cyberlimbs(Non F modifications and non commlink/cyberdecks)
Just as New

Maybe he doesn't even realize how he does it, maybe its an accident, maybe he swaps your stuff out while your asleep. When going in for maintenance you may have your "used" grade ware upgraded into "standard" grade.

  • You must pay the nuyen difference between the used and Standard ware
  • This also leaves the appropriate essence hole.

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