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William Kingston

Doctor Kingston
Quick Notes
ArchetypeArmed Medical Response Provider (DocWagon, None)
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 6 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.

William Kingston is not available at Character Generation


The only other occupant of the darkened warehouse in which you're meeting, Dr. Kingston is the kind of troll one would normally only see in trids: immaculately dressed and well-spoken, educated, polite. Mighty even for a Troll, his chair groans under the weight of not only his body, but his own cybernetic enhancements. Were he actually a doctor, one might even feel comforted by his solid presence and immovable calm.

Unfortunately, William Kingston does not yet have letters after his name; in fact, he's merely a surgical assistant. His connections within DocWagon are so valuable, though, that the smart move is to play along. And try not to flinch.


  • High: Corporate Culture (DocWagon), Corporate Procedures (DocWagon)
  • Medium: Medicine, Cybertechnology
  • Low: Armed Medical Response Corporations, Drugs

Contact Powers

Armed Medical Response Provider (Trait)

When creating an AMRP Contact, their corporate affiliation and augmentation specialty must be specified. Corporate affiliations may be any Armed Medical Response provider that exists in official Shadowrun lore, such as DocWagon, CrashCart, Medicarro, QuetzalCare, or BlueSix. The augmentation specialty must be a single type of augmentation; valid specialties are Cyberware, Bioware, Geneware, or Nanoware

Enhanced Medical Services

When an AMRP Contact is acquired, they provide - as part of their purchase cost - an R1 SIN for their corporate affiliation, and matching R1 license on the same SIN for any gear bought through the contact. Additionally, the SIN grants a discount on a subscription to the corporation's medical services according to the following table:


The granted SIN may be upgraded at a cost of one chip per level, to a maximum of 4, and not more than once per run. If the SIN is lost, for any reason, the contact which provided it is also lost, as are any associated benefits.

New Old Stock

Contacts with the AMRP Archetype gain the following Specializations at creation:

  • A High specialization in non-medical gear (weapons, armor, etc.) used by the medical response teams of their affiliated corporation.
  • A High specialization in acquiring augmentations which match their specialty.
  • A Medium specialization in other augmentations and medical gear.


AMRP corporations have waiting lists which can get their subscribers almost any item. Instead of rolling for Availability, characters with an AMRP Contact may choose to roll a Connection test and add the net hits to their entry on the waitlist. This power has the following limitations:

  • Characters may only be Waitlisted for one item at a time, and only for a type of gear that their AMRP Contact specializes in. This includes upgrades to existing 'ware.
  • Connection rolls may only be made once per real-time week, and Edge may not be used on the test.
  • Items are paid for in full when characters become Waitlisted, and are delivered once the delivery time has elapsed or the total number of hits on the Connection test exceeds the item's Availability by at least 1, whichever comes last.

William Kingston can be used to acquire any Cyberware, Bioware, Geneware, or Nanoware through the Waitlist.

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