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Edward Chaminski

Edward Chaminski
Quick Notes
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StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 2 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Now in the employ of Spinrad after the collapse of NeoNET, Chaminski is a bit of a programming savant who works best when left alone. So far it's worked out, earning the appreciation of his manager (and more than a few raises that haven't trickled down, not that Ed knows it). The odds are out on how long it'll be before Ed is pushed fully into the shadows.


  • High: Software Programming, Corporate Knowledge (NeoNET, Spinrad)
  • Medium: Host Design
  • Low: Business (Softsmarket, Skillsoft Network Policies), Gaming (MMOARPGs)

Contact Powers

Wrote These Myself

Characters who have this contact may purchase custom-written Activesofts, Knowsofts, and Linguasofts from this contact. Characters must, of course, prossess the appropriate 'ware to make use of the purchased software. Purchasing these custom programs does not require an Availability test, and costs are as follows:

  • Activesofts: ¥2,500 * Rating
  • Knowsofts: ¥1,000 * Rating
  • Linguasofts: ¥500 * Rating
  • Autosofts: ¥250 * Rating

Walled Garden

Characters who use a SIN, real or fake, that matches this contact's employer when purchasing a skillsoft network subscription receive a 25% discount to the nuyen cost of said subscription, so long as the character maintains a lifestyle of Medium or better.

If the character loses access to, or burns, the SIN associated with the discounted skillsoft network subscription(s), the subscription(s) bought using this power are immediately terminated with no refunds.

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