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Big Bob

Big Bob
Quick Notes
ArchetypeVehicle Dealer (Ground)
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 3 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Big Bob is a large and vast man, sized to fit his native CAS-born Texas. Clad in a white suit, complete with bolo tie and white Stetson, Big Bob's mouth can go a mile-a-minute even with his twangy Southern drawl. Despite his appearance, this seasoned salesman is fiercely intelligent and can out-hustle, out-negotiate, and outsmart damn near anyone on the streets. It's no surprise he's become the go-to in the shadow community for cheap vehicles their owners may, or may not, need to stay attached to.

Look no further than Big Bob's Used Vehicles! Y'all come on back and see us sometime; we do love repeat customers.


  • High: Vehicle & Mod Acquisition, Drone Acquisition, Vehicle Repair, Chop-Shopping Evidence, Rigger Cyberware
  • Medium: Chop-shop locations
  • Low: Rumors, Shadow Community, Smugglers

Contact Powers

Spray and Pray

Big Bob knows a lot of sympathetic chop shops around the city. If the fuzz is on the lookout for a vehicle, or the character needs a place to lay low, Big Bob can vouch the character into one of these facilities. After 30 minutes, the vehicle will have a new paint job and should be able to blend in with the crowd while the pawns chase their own tail.

If hot pursuit isn't broken off prior to arrival at the chop shop, leading the 5-0 to the location, the offending character permanently loses access to Big Bob and gains one Notoriety.

Vehicle Dealer (Trait)

At creation, Contacts with this Archetype must be assigned a vehicle type which they will have access to: Air, Ground, or Water

Big Bob's specialty is Ground vehicles.

Genuine High-Quality Recertified Vehicles

This contact sells their type of vehicle for half cost (discounts from Black Market Pipeline and Dealer Connection apply). These vehicles come with an altered stat-line:

  • -2 armor, -2 body
  • -1 to all vehicle stats besides armor and body
  • Manual Operation Only - No AR, VR, or Rigging Driving and no ability to connect to GridGuide
  • The vehicle's exterior is bare metal and cannot receive paint or any exterior coatings.

(All vehicle stats are minimum 1, except armor, which can be 0)

Repairs can be done on these aspects. The materials and effort/work will bring it up to the cost of a new vehicle. Repairs may be done in any order, and each feature repaired costs 20%, 15%, 10%, and then 5% of the vehicle's base cost (discounts from Black Market Pipeline and Dealer Connection apply).

Vehicle mods that would be affected by these deficiencies will not function until the respective aspect is repaired.

Big Bob, being a trustworthy sort, doesn't sell vehicles with tracking devices in them.

25 Mile Guarantee

This contact sells "disposable" vehicles at 15% to 25% of market cost. These vehicles are delivered with the keys in and engines running, and with the statline adjustments listed in the Genuine High-Quality Recertified Vehicles power, with Gremlins 2 to 4 (GM discretion). A critical glitch on the Gremlins test renders the vehicle permanently unusable.

If shut off, starting vehicles purchased through this power requires a successful Pilot test.

On the plus side, all of these vehicles come with Spoof Chips, Morphing License Plates, and GridGuide Override at no extra cost - just ask!

These vehicles must be disposed of by the end of the run.

Some Like It Hot

This contact will buy and dispose of vehicles, no questions asked. However, if the vehicle is "hot" - currently being sought after by the authorities - the money which would normally go the the character selling it instead pay to keep the vehicle from being found.

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